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Reproduction Services

Reproduction Services

On-Site Research
Visitors may use self-service machines to copy most paper-based archival material, unless their physical condition or legal constraints prohibit it. We reserve the right to deny photocopying of materials for either reason above. Rare, fragile, and large-format items such as bound newspapers may not be photocopied.

Visitors may use self-service machines to copy most archival material or save images to a flash drive. Copies cost ($.07) per page. Wiscards are required for printing, non-UW Madison guests may obtain a guest copy card at the reference desk. Saving images to a flash drive is free. Photographs may not be scanned to a flash drive, but paper copying is allowed.

Please Note: The Archives now uses the Wiscard Go Print system for copying. Funds currently on the old cards can be transferred to the new Wiscard print payment cards by visiting room 348 Memorial Library, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday or by contacting New Wiscards will be available here once the system has been changed in our Library. See more information.

Additionally, we do allow the use of digital photography in the archives. Researchers wanting to take photos should bring their own equipment and must agree to our reference photography agreement before taking any photographs.

Researchers must sign a photography agreement form before taking any photographs (Photography Agreement, 98 KB, PDF).

Further information on the Wisconsin Historical Society's policies and procedures for purchasing copies of material can be found here.

Digital photography or reproduction of moving image materials by researchers is not allowed. 

The WCFTR cannot provide copies of moving image materials in our collection. Due to copyright laws and contractual agreements with our donors and depositors, archive holdings (including public domain titles) are available for on-site research viewing only.

The WCFTR is not a stock footage library and does not provide reproductions of film footage for this use.

Off-Site Research
Photocopies of papers or photographs, as well as photographic reproductions of stills, can be purchased, and limited research services can be provided to offsite patrons for a fee. For more information regarding research assistance, reproduction fees, and turn-around times, please contact

The WCFTR film and video collection is available for on-site research viewing only and does not circulate.