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Print Loans

Print Loans

Films in the collection of the WCFTR are non-circulating, reserved for use by researchers and educators on the premises of the WCFTR Film Archive. Films are not available for classroom use off-campus or for film societes. 

Prints from the collection are loaned to FIAF-member motion picture archives and, on a case-by-case basis, to other venues that meet the WCFTR's strict requirements for professional care, handling, and projection of archival films. The following policies apply to any approved print loan:

  1. Requests for films must be submitted at least thirty days before the proposed screening to the film archivist.
  2. The borrower must acknowledge full responsibility for replacing lost or damaged prints.
  3. The borrower must secure copyright clearance or public performance licenses from the appropriate rights holder(s) and furnish the WCFTR with written documentation of any and all clearances. Where applicable, the borrower must also obtain written permission from the donor of the film print.
  4. The borrower must take full responsibility for arranging all customs clearances for any film leaving the United States.
  5. The borrower will bear all transportation, insurance, and packaging costs, as well as costs of film expediters/forwarding agents. Borrowers will be asked to furnish a FedEx account number, and shipments must be made by air, not ground.
  6. Films must be returned promptly after screening, prepaid and insured for $600 per reel. A late fee will be assessed for any film returned later than one week after the last screening of that film (two weeks for films shown overseas). Late return of prints will be grounds for refusal of future loan requests.
  7. The participation of the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research must be acknowledged in all publicity, program notes, and any other publications generated by the film screenings.
  8. The standard loan fee will be $350/35mm feature and $225/16mm feature for one screening. Loan fees are payable in advance.

Please note: Requests will be evaluated by the film archivist on a case-by-case basis.