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Audio Recordings

Highlighted on this page are several audio recordings related to Dalton Trumbo and the blacklist. The first set of recordings are Trumbo’s testimony before the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) in October 1947. The second set of recordings are the soundtrack for the filmstrip “It Happened in Hollywood,” a satire produced by the National Council of Arts, Sciences and Professions, in either 1948 or 1949. This filmstrip humorously narrativized some of the events leading up to and taking place during the HUAC hearings. Unfortunately, the WCFTR does not have a copy of the filmstrip and efforts to find a copy have been unsuccessful.

HUAC Testimony - Part 1:

HUAC Testimony - Part 2:

HUAC Testimony - Part 3: 

Film Strip Recording - Part 1: 

Film Strip Recording - Part 2:

Film Strip Recording - Part 3: 

Film Strip Recording - Part 4: 


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