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Dalton Trumbo at the typewriter, circa 1940 Dalton Trumbo at the typewriter, circa 1940

Dalton Trumbo at the typewriter, circa 1940

The speeches and writings presented here are a sample of Trumbo’s efforts to speak out against and educate the public about the blacklist and its ramifications on society. Many of the written speeches are undated, unidentified, and are working drafts. The pamphlet Time of the Toad was published in 1949 and was used in part as a fundraiser to support the Hollywood Ten.

Digital Documents:

"Who is Robert Rich": article written for Frontier magazine about the effects of the blacklist (Box 40 Folder 6)

"Who is Robert Rich" - Part 2

"Who is Robert Rich" - Part 3

"Who is Robert Rich" - Part 4

Teacher's Union speech, delivered April 9, 1960 (Box 40 Folder 7) - Part 1

Teacher's Union speech - Part 2

Teacher's Union speech - Part 3

Teacher's Union speech - Part 4

Embassy Auditorium speech, (Box 40 Folder 7) - Part 1

Embassy Auditorium speech - Part 2

Embassy Auditorium speech - Part 3

Embassy Auditorium Speech - Part 4

Embassy Auditorium Speech - Part 5

Embassy Auditorium Speech - Part 6

Speech presented to ASP membership committee (Box 40 Folder 7)

Cleo Trumbo's speech following arrest of the Hollywood Ten (Box 40 Folder 7)

"My Own View of the CP": Dalton Trumbo article on his affiliation with the Communist Party (Box 40 Folder 9)

"Time of the Toad"- Part 1 (Box 40 Folder 9)

"Time of the Toad" - Part 2

"Time of the Toad" - Part 3

"Time of the Toad" - Part 4

"Time of the Toad" - Part 5

"Time of the Toad" - Part 6

"Time of the Toad" - Part 7

"Time of the Toad" -Part 8

"Time of the Toad" Part 9

"Time of the Toad" - Part 10

"Time of the Toad" - Part 11

"Time of the Toad" - Part 12

"Present State of the Blacklist"

"The White Market that is Black"

"Blacklisting Rules" (Box 40 Folder 9)

"Hollywood Victims" (Box 40 Folder 9)

Trumbo radio speech (Box 43 Folder 9)

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