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The Hollywood Blacklist Collections include artifacts from nine of the Hollywood Ten and the legal team that represented them. All can be accessed through the UW Madison Libraries Catalog. Those of the Ten with full collections devoted to them include: 

  • Dalton Trumbo
  • Alvah Bessie: novelist, screenwriter, and literary and film critic who was blacklisted for his refusal to testify before HUAC; 
  • Herbert Biberman: stage and screen producer-director-writer who brought anti-trust litigation against the Hollywood studios to attempt to mitigate the blacklisting and was imprisoned for contempt of Congress;
  • Ring Lardner, Jr.: screenwriter who was imprisoned for refusing to testify before HUAC; 
  • Albert Maltz: novelist, playwright, and screenwriter who was imprisoned for refusing to testify to HUAC and was blacklisted so as to not receive credit for films such as Broken Arrow and The Robe and be fired from films such as Exodus and The Execution of Private Slovik
  • Samuel Ornitz: author and screenwriter who was imprisoned in 1950 after refusing to answer questions before HUAC. 

Artifacts from Lester Cole, John Howard Lawson, and Adrian Scott are also available across the collections. There is also a collection for Robert W. Kenny and Robert S. Morris, the two Los Angeles attorneys who served as counsel for the Hollywood Ten during appearances before HUAC and during subsequent civil suits against the studios to recover losses from the Blacklist. Collections devoted to other blacklisted artists include:

  • Millard Lampell
  • Howard Koch: writer of motion pictures such as Casablanca (1942) and Mission to Moscow (1943) who was included in Red Channels
  • Philip Stevenson: writer and editor on social justice and labor issues who was blacklisted for his refusal to testify before HUAC; 
  • Louis Pollock: motion picture and television writer-publicist whose work was blacklisted as a result of mistaken identity; 
  • Abraham Polonsky: screenwriter and filmmaker who was blacklisted in Hollywood after his refusal to testify before HUAC; 
  • Nedrick Young: screenwriter who was blacklisted for refusing to testify before HUAC and joined others in a lawsuit against the Motion Picture Producers' Association for damages incurred in their blacklisting.

Digital Documents

Ring Lardner, Jr. Termination from 20th Century Fox (1947)

Alvah Bessie Summons to HUAC (1947)

A flyer regarding the Hollywood Blacklist