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Citizen Kane Film Title File


Citizen Kane scene still 

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Though rather slim, the Citizen Kane title file nevertheless is home to some of the most spectacular images in the General Stills Archive. The Kane file is particularly noteworthy for its diversity: it contain scene stills, publicity stills, and production stills from the famous film.

Orson Welles and Ray Collins in a still from Citizen Kane.Orson Welles in a publicity still for Citizen Kane.The crew wearing ventilator masks during the shooting of a snow scene. Orson Welles directs Agnes Moorehead on the Kane family homestead set.Production still. Original caption reads: "ORSON FILMS AN OPERA.  Directing from a wheelchair while an injured ankle heals, Orson Welles, right, is shown here overseeing rehearsals of an opera scene for his initial RKO Radio production, “Citizen Kane.”  Welles plays the title role in the picture, also produces and directs.  Seated left is Dorothy Comingore, the young 'unknown' Welles chose for a leading role in the film.  Crouched before the camera is Gregg Toland, director of photography, while the balanceHarry Shannon (Kane's father, left) and Agnes Moorehead (Mary Kane, right) in a portrait that may have originally been created for set decoration.