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Highlights from the Subject Files

James Cagney washes a puppy, circa 1933. Click picture to view slideshow

Some of the Center's most arresting stills have been separated into Subject Files for exhibition purposes. Grouped into categories ranging from Pets to Publicity and from Nightlife to Homelife, the images stored in the Subject Files are few in number, but nevertheless rank among the Center's best.

Rudolph Valentino and his dogs. Original caption reads, "Rudolph Valentino has his hands full when he takes three of his favorite dogs for a mornings (sic) walk in the mountains surrounding his new estate in Beverley Hills, California. Left to right the dogs are: Mirtza, an Arabian greyhound, Centaur Pendragon, his Irish wolf-hound, and Shaitan, the great Dane pup. Mirtza and Centaur Pendragon make their screen debut with their master in 'Son of the Sheik' the new Valentino opus for United Artists"Maurice Chevalier and his (cross-eyed) cat.Silent cinema star Dorothy Phillips and her pet monkey, circa 1918.  Original caption reads, "This is one of the rare snapshots which a photographer gets only once in a peagreen moon. Dorothy Phillips, star of Allen Holubar’s “The Soul Seeker” is showing simian how a fade out is made with the frontal attachment to the camera. The monk is taking a canny amused interest in the prodeeding (sic)." (Holubar's film was released under the title A Soul for Sale.)Michael Caine, star of Alfie (1966), poses with suits made to promote the film.Boys compete in a Jackie Coogan (of The Kid fame) similarity contest, staged to promote Coogan's 1923 film, Long Live the King.Promotion for James Whale's The Man in the Iron Mask at the 1939 New York World's Fair.Guy Kibbee and 6-month old Shirley Anne Kibbee, circa 1932.A production still for 1925's Sun Up captures the on-set musical accompaniment typical of silent productions.Rear projection for an unknown film.Director Jacques Feyder and star Ramon Novarro on the set of the 1931 early sound feature Son of India (originally titled "Son of Rajah").  Original caption reads, "From his sound proof portable booth, via a horn on top of  it, the 'mixer' tells star Ramon Novarro and director Jacques Feyder what he thought of the quality of dialogue in the previous scene of Novarro’s new M-G-M picture, 'Son of Rajah.'"Fredric March and Janet Gaynor on the set of David Selznick's A Star is Born (1937).