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TitleAlternative Title(s)Release YearProduction CompanyDistributorCountryFormatRuntimeCall Number
...All The Marbles1981MGMUSA16mm113FF 443-445
13 Frightened Girls1963William Castle PicturesColumbiaUSA16mm89FG 803-804
17761972ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm140FG 787-789
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea1954Walt Disney ProductionsBuena VistaUSAvideo120VBA 148-149
20,000 Years In Sing Sing1932First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm77FC 294-296
2001: A Space Odyssey1968MGMUSA; Great Britain16mm160FF 436-439
2069: A Sex OdysseyAch Jodel Mir Noch Einen1978Günther Köpf FilmproduktionBurbank International PicturesAustria35mm73HA 943-946
3 Into 2 Won'T Go1969Julian BlausteinUniversalGreat Britain16mm93FE 733-735
3:10 To Yuma1957ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm92DF 629-631
3+2Tri Plyus Dva1962Maksim Gorky StudioUSSR35mmHB 222-226
36 Hours1965Perlberg-Seaton ProductionsMGMUSA16mm115FF 617-619
4 Clowns1970Robert Youngson ProductionsTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm97FG 942-943
40 Carats1973Frankovich Productions, Inc.ColumbiaUSA16 mm109FG 858-860
42Nd Street1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm89FA 995-997
6 Day Bike RiderSix Day Bike Race1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm69FC 043-044
633 Squadron1964MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm101FF 881-883
A Bell For Adano1945Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm103FG 946-948
A Bride For Henry1937MonogramMonogramUSA16mm58 minFA 060-061
A Child Is Born1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm79 minFA 689-691
A Chump At Oxford1939Hal Roach Studios, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm63DF 603-604
A Damsel In Distress1937RKORKOUSA16mm98 minFC 766-768
A Dangerous Profession1949RKORKOUSA16mm79 minFC 783-784
A Date With The Falcon1941RKORKOUSA16mm63 minFC 785-786
A Day At The Races1937MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm105FH 014-015
A Day In The CountryPartie De Campagne1936Panthéon ProductionsFrance16mm40DC 919
A Delicate Balance1973American Film TheatreAmerican Film TheatreUSA16mm132 minFF 919-922
A Dispatch From Reuters1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm89 minFA 832-834
A Dog Of Flanders1935RKORKOUSA16mm72 minFC 817-818
A Double Life1947UniversalUniversalUSA16mm103 minFE 285-287
A Duel To The Deathnullnull35mmHB 996-HC 001
A Farewell To Arms1932ParamountParamountUSA16mm85 minFE 350-351
A Farewell To Arms1932ParamountParamountUSA16mm85 minFF 663-664
A Few Bullets MoreEl Hombre Que Mato A Billy El Nino1967Aitor Films; Kinesis FilmsGolden Eagle; RAF IndustriesSpain; Italy35mm85 minHA 109-113
A Fugitive From Justice1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm55 minFB 028-029
A GeishaGionbayashi1953DaieiNew YorkerJapan16mm85FF 292-294
A Gentleman Of Paris1927ParamountParamountUSA16mm75 minFE 165-166
A Girl In Every Port1952RKORKOUSA16mm85 minFC 996-997
A Girl Named Tamiko1962Hal Wallis ProductionsParamountUSA35mm110 minHA 845-850
A Girl Of The Limberlost1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm76FG 568-569
A Girl, A Guy, And A Gob1941RKORKOUSA16mm92 minFC 989-991
A Good Time With A Bad Girl1967nullSack Amusement EnterprisesUSA35mm61 minHA 410-412
A Hero'S TearsYing Hsiung You Lei1979Hsin HaiHsin HaiTaiwan16mmFG 506-507
A Heroic LegendShentiao Yinghsiung1980nullTaiwan16mmFG 386-387
A Kid For Two Farthings1955London Films Productions LtdLopert PicturesGreat Britain16mm96 minDD 599-601
A Kid From TibetHsi Tsang Hsiao Tzu1992nullHong Kong16mmFG 502-503
A Kiss In The Dark1949Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm88 minFB 383-385
A Likely StoryThe Fascinating Nuisance1947RKORKOUSA16mm89 minFD 238-240
A Lost Lady1934Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm61 minFB 472-473
A Man Of ImmortalityTa Hu Ying Lieh1981CMPCCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 464-466
A Message To Garcia1936Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm77 minFE952-953
A Midsummer Night'S Dream1935Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm132 minFB571-573
A Modern Hero1934Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm70 minFB 607-608
A Nest Of GentlefolkDvorianskoe Gnezdo1969MosfilmUSSRvideo106VBB 005-006
A Nest Of GentlefolkDvorianskoe Gnezdo1969MosfilmUSSR35mm106HB 163-168
A Night At The Ritz1935Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm62 minFB685-686
A Night Of Adventure1944RKORKOUSA16mm65FD 424-425
A Notorious Affair1930First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm70 minFB 710-711
A Piggy TaleWa Wa1991Lien YungCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 346-347
A Propos De Nice1930nullFrance16mm20 minDC 887
A Question Of Adultery1958Connaught Place, Raystro ProductionsNational Telefilm AssociatesGreat Britain35mm84 minHA 599-603
A Rage To Live1965MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm101 minFF 820-822
A Rescue From HadesHsin Mu Lien Chiu Mu1982Chi LiHsin YaTaiwan16mmFG 478-479
A Sense Of Loss1972Cine Vest, MaxpalCinema XUSA, Swtizerland16mm135FF 400-403
A Shot In The Dark1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm57FC 008-009
A Shot In The Dark1964MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm101FF 846-848
A Slave Of LoveRaba Lubvi1976MosfilmUSSRnull94
A Slight Case Of Murder1938First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm85FC 045-046
A Soldier'S Plaything1930Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm70FC 071-072
A Son RemembersKan En Sui Yeh1990CMPCCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 470-471
A Star Is Born1937Selznick International Pictures, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm111FF 056-058
A Stolen Life1946Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm107FC 118-120
A Streetcar Named Desire1952Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc; Charles K. Feldman GroupWarner Bros. Pictures, Inc.USA16 mm125FG 851-854
A Study In Scarlet1933KBS Prods.Twentieth Century-FoxGreat Britain16mm77FE 309-310
A Successful Calamity1932Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm72FC 144-145
A Summer To RememberSeryozha1960MosfilmUSSR35mm80GA 297-302
A Sweet Sickness1968Hollywood Film StudioUSA35mm65HA 673-675
A Tale Of Two Cities1958Rank Film OrganizationRank Film Distributors of AmericaGreat Britain16mm117FF 059-061
A Touch Of Larceny1960FoxwellParamountGreat Britain16mm93FE 992-993
A Touch Of ZenXia Nü1971International Film Company, Lian Bang, Union Film CompanyTaiwan35mmGA 683-701
A Very Honorable Guy1934First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm62 minFC 341-342
A Walk In The Sun1946Lewis Milestone ProductionsTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm117FG 599-601
A Watch For Joe1951nullUSA35mmHA 084-086
A Woman And Seven HusbandsFan Mu An Kao1990CMPCCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 452-453
A Woman Of Experience1931RKO Pathé Pictures, Inc.RKO Pathé Distributing Corp.USA16mm71FE 056-057
A Woman Rebels1936RKORKOUSA16mm88FE 062-064
A Woman'S Man1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm70FA 398-399
A Woman'S Secret1949RKORKOUSA16mm85FE 065-067
A Yank In The R.A.F.1941Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm98FE 523-524
A Ying1990COS Film Co.COS Film Co.Taiwan16mmFG 337-339
Abbot And Costello In The Foreign Legion1950UniversalUniversalUSA16mm80 minFE 936-937
Abilene Town1946Guild Productions IncUnited ArtistsUSA16mm90 minFE 575-576
Above Suspicion1943MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm89FG 811-812
Abraham Lincoln1930Feature Productions, IncUnited ArtistsUSA16mm93 minFE 567-568
Accidents Will Happen1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm62 minFA 404-405
Ace Of Aces1933RKORKOUSA16mm74 minFC 460-461
Across The Bridge1957IFP LimitedGreat Britain16mm103 minFE 882-884
Across The Pacific1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm96 minFA 406-408
Act Of LoveUn Acte D'Amour1953Benagoss ProductionsUnited ArtistsFrance; USA16mm108 minutesFG 744-746
Action In Arabia1944RKORKOUSA16mm75 minFC 462-464
Action In The North Atlantic1943Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm126 minFA 409-412
Adam'S Rib1949MGMLoew's IncUSA16mm101 minFF 440-442
Adios Amigo1976Po' Boy ProductionsUSA35mm87 minHA 087-091
Adventure Girl1934The Van Beuren GroupRKOUSA16mm70 minFC 465-466
Adventure In Baltimore1949RKORKOUSA16mm89 minFC 467-469
Adventure In Iraq1943Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm64FA 413-414
Adventureland2009Miramax Films, Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, That is That ProductionsMiramax FilmsUSA35mm107 minutesHC 618-HC 624
Adventures Of Don Juan1948Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm110 minFA 415-417
Adventures Of Kitty O'Day1945MonogramMonogramUSA16mm63FA 027-028
Affair With A Stranger1953RKORKOUSA16mm87 minFC 472-474
Affectionately Yours1941First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm87 minFA 429-431
Africa Adventure1954RKO-PatheRKOUSA16mm64 minFC 477-478
After Tonight1933RKORKOUSA16mm71 minFC 479-480
Agent 8 3/41965Rank OrganisationContinental Distributing, Inc.United Kingdom16mm98FG 790-792
Aggie Appleby, Maker Of Men1933RKORKOUSA16mm73 minFC 483-484
Aguirre, The Wrath Of GodAguirre, Der Zorn Gottes1972Hessischer RundfunkNew Yorker FilmsGermany16mm95 minFF 243-245
Ah FeiYu Ma Tsai Tzu1983M.B.R. Film Co.; Ming I Film Co.Taiwan16mmFG 255-256
Air Force1943Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm124 minFA 432-434
Aite LichengMy Way1978Taiwan Film Production Co.Taiwan Film Production Co.Taiwan16mmFG 302-304
Alcatraz Island1938First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm61 minFA 435-436
Alexander Hamilton1931Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm71 minFA 437-438
Alexander Nevsky1938MosfilmSovexportfilmUSSR16mm112FG 944-945
Algiers1938Walter Wanger ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm95 minFE 089-091
Algiers1938Walter Wanger ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm95 minFE 352-354
Alias French Gertie1930RKORKOUSA16mm71 minFC 485-486
Alias Nick Beal1949ParamountParamountUSA16mm92FG 970-971
Alias The Doctor1932First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm62 minFA 439-440
Alibi Ike1935Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm73 minFA 441-442
Alice AdamsBooth Tarkington'S Alice Adams1935RKORKOUSA16mm93 minFC 487-489
All Quiet On The Western Front1930UniversalUniversalUnited States16mm152FH 172-173
All The King'S Men1950ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm109 minFF 717-719
All The Lovin' KinfolkKin Folk1970Daniel Cady and John Hayes ProductionClover FilmsUSA35mm84 minHA 441-444
All This, And Heaven Too1940First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm140 minFA 443-446
All Through The Night1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm107 minFA 447-449
Allegheny Uprising1939RKORKOUSA16mm81 minFC 490-491
Allotment Wives1945MonogramMonogramUSA16mm77 minFA 029-031
Almost A Gentleman1939RKORKOUSA16mm64 minFC 492-493
Aloha1931Rogell ProductionsTiffany ProductionsUSAvideo90 minVBA 704-705
Along The Rio Grande1941RKORKOUSA16mm64 minFC 494-495
Always A Bride1940First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm58 minFA 450-451
Always In My Heart1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm92 minFA 452-454
Always Leave Them LaughingThe Thief Of Broadway1949Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm108 minFA 455-457
Always Together1947Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm76FA 458-459
American Madness1932Columbia Pictures CorporationColumbiaUSA16 mm75FG 796-797
American Movie1999Northwestern Movie Company LLC; C-Hundred Film Corp; Bluemark ProductionsUSA35 mm105 minHC 086-091
An Alligator Named Daisy1955Group Film ProductionsGreat Britain16mm89FB 878
An American In Paris1951MGMLoew's IncorporatedUSAvideo113 minVBA 119-120
An American Romance1944MGMLoew's IncorporatedUSA16mm150 minFE 885-887
An Angel From Texas1940First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm69 minFA 462-463
An Autumn AfternoonSamma No Aji1962ShochikuJapan16mm113FF 332-334
Anatomy Of A Murder1959Carlyle Productions, Inc.ColumbiaUSA16mm160FH 214-217
Anchors Aweigh1945MGMLoew's IncorporatedUSAvideo138 minVBA 317-319
Anchors Aweigh1945MGMLoew's IncorporatedUSA16mm138 minFE 894-895
Anchors Aweigh1945MGMLoew's IncorporatedUSA16mm138 minFF 976-979
And If It'S Love?A Yesli Eto Liubov?1961Moscow Film StudiosUSSR35mm102 minHB 195-199
Andreika1958LenfilmUSSRvideoVBB 133-134
Andreika1958LenfilmUSSR35mmHB 292-299
Angel And The Badman1947Patnel ProductionsRepublicUSA16mm100 minFD 663-665
Angel Face1953RKORKOUSA16mm91 minFC 496-498
Angels With Dirty Faces1938First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm97 minFA 467-469
Animal Farm1955Louis de Rochemont AssociatesDistributors Corp. of AmericaGreat Britain; USA16mm73FG 955-956
Ann Vickers1933RKORKOUSA16mm72 minFC 499-500
Anna Karenina1953MosfilmUSSRvideoVBB 009-0ll
Anna Karenina1953MosfilmUSSR35mmHB 075-082
Anna Karenina1935MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm90FF 446-448
Anna'S SinIl Peccato Di Anna1952Giaguaro FilmAtlantis FilmsItaly35mm85HA092-096
Annabel Takes A Tour1938RKORKOUSA16mm67 minFC 501-502
Annapolis Salute1937RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFC 503-504
Anne Of Green Gables1934RKORKOUSA16mm79 minFC 505-506
Anne Of Windy Poplars1940RKORKOUSA16mm86 minFC 507-508
Annie Oakley1935RKORKOUSA16mm79 minFC 509-510
Another Dawn1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm75 minFA 470-471
Another FaceTwo Faces1935RKORKOUSA16mm70 minFC 511-512
Anthony Adverse1936Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm136 minFA 472-475
Any Gun Can PlayVado... L'Ammazzo E Torno1968Fida CinematograficaItaly35mm100HA 097-102
Any Gun Can PlayVado... L'Ammazo E Torno1967Fida CinematograficaGolden Eagle; RAF FilmsItaly35mm103 minHA 109-113
Anything Can Happen1952ParamountParamountUSA16mm105 minFF 629-631
Apartment For Peggy1948Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm96 minFF614-616
Appointment In Tokyo1945U.S. Army. Signal Corps. Pictorial Services; U.S. Army. Air Forces; U.S. Department of the NavyWarner BrothersUSA16mm52 minFA 476-477
April In Paris1952First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm101 minFE 736-738
April Showers1948First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm78 minFA 478-480
Arabella1967Cram FilmsUniversalItaly16mm105 minFE 818-820
Arctic Fury1949Plymouth ProductionsRKOUSA16mm61 minFC 513-514
Are Parents People?1925Famous PlayersParamountUSA16mmDC 883-884
Are These Our Children?1931RKORKOUSA16mm83 minFC 515-517
Arizona Legion1939RKORKOUSA16mm59 minFC 518-519
Arizona Roundup1942MonogramUSA16mmFA 034-035
Arizona Whirlwind1944MonogramMonogramUSA16mm59 minFA 036-037
Armored Car Robbery1950RKORKOUSA16mm67 minFC 525-526
Army Surgeon1942RKORKOUSA16mm63 minFC 527-528
Around The World1943RKORKOUSA16mm79 minFC 529-530
Around The World In 80 Days1956Michael Todd Co., Inc.United ArtistsUSAvideo175 minVBA 182-184
Around The World In Eighty Days1956Michael Todd Co., Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm175FG 805-808
Aroused1967Plaudit Productions; Ray JenkinsUSA35mm68 minHA 114-117
Arsenic And Old Lace1944First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm118 minFA 481-483
As The Earth Turns1934Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm73 minFA484-485
As You Like ItWilliam Shakespeare'S As You Like It1937Inter-Allied Film ProducersTwentieth Century-FoxGreat Britain; USA16mm97 minFE 768-769
As Young As We Are1956Paramount; William Alland ProductionsParamountUSA16mm76 minFE 750-751
At Sword'S Point1952RKORKOUSA16mmLewis AllenFC 531-532
At The Death House Door2008The Chicago Tribune; Kartemquin FilmsIndependent Film ChannelUSADVDVDA 014
Atlantic Flight1937MonogramMonogramUSA16mm59 minFA 038-039
Attention, TurtleVnimanie, Cherepakha!1970MosfilmUSSRvideoVBB 119-120
Attention, TurtleVnimanie; Cherepakha!1969MosfilmUSSR35 mmHB 262-272
Aunt With VioletsAl'Manakh Iunost' Tetka S Fialkami1969Gorky Film StudiosUSSR35mmGA 270-279
Avenging WarriorsJie Shi Ying Xiong1979Shaw BrothersHong Kong35mm110HB 759-763
Babbitt1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm74 minFA 486-487
Baby Face1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm71 minFA 488-489
Bachelor Bait1934RKORKOUSA16mm74 minFC 538-539
Bachelor Mother1939RKORKOUSA16mm81 minFC 540-541
Back In Circulation1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm82 minFA 490-491
Back Pay1930First NationalUSA16mm57 minFA 492-493
Back To Bataan1945RKORKOUSA16mm95 minFC 542-544
Back To The WallLe Dos Au Mur1958Société Nouvelle des Établissements GaumontEllis Films Inc.USA35mm93 minHA 122-126
Background To Danger1943Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm79 minFA 494-495
BackstairsDie Hintertreppe1921Henny Porten-FilmgesellschaftGermany16mm60 minFE 178
Bad Company1972Jaffilms, Inc.USA16mm93 minFF 733-735
Bad Day At Black Rock1955MGMLoew's Inc.USAvideo81 minVBA 383-384
Bad Day At Black Rock1955MGMLoew's Inc.USA35mm81 minHA 912-916
Bad Girls Don'T CryLa Notte Brava1959Ajace Film Compagnia CinematograficaItaly35mm93 minHA 133-137
Bad Lands1939RKORKOUSA16mm70 minFC 545-546
Bad Men Of Missouri1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm74 minFA 496-497
Badman'S Territory1946RKORKOUSA16mm97 minFC 547-549
Baffled!1972Arena Productions; ITC EntertainmentGreat Britain16mm90 minDD 250-252
Ballad Of A SoldierBallada O Soldate1959MosfilmUSSR35mm89 minGA 288-296
Banana ParadiseHsiangchiao Tientang1989SunnySunny OverseasTaiwan16mmFG 510-511
Banana ParadiseHsiangchiao Tientang1989SunnySunny OverseasTaiwan16mmFG 512
Bandit Ranger1942RKORKOUSA16mm65 minFC 552-553
Banjo1947RKORKOUSA16mm67 minFC 556-557
Barefoot Boy1938MonogramMonogramUSA16mm63 minFA 040-041
Barefoot Boy1938MonogramMonogramUSA16mm63FG 558-559
Battleground1950MGMLoew's Inc.USA35mm118 minHA 898-903
Battleship PotemkinBronenosets Potyomkin1925First Studio GoskinoUSSR16mm72FF 434-435
Beat The Band1947RKORKOUSA16mm67 minFC 558-559
Beat The Devil1954Santana Pictures, Inc.United ArtistsGreat Britain; USA16mm100FG 957-958
Beau Bandit1930RKOUSA16mm68 minFC 560-561
Beau Ideal1931RKORKOUSA16mm82 minFC 562-563
Beautiful But Broke1944ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm72 minFE 648-649
Beauty And The Boss1932Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm66 minFA 501-502
Beauty For The Asking1939RKORKOUSA16mm68 minFC 564-565
Because Of You1952Universal-InternationalUnversalUSA16mm95 minFE 945-946
Because You'Re Mine1952MGMLoew's Inc.USAvideo103 minVBA 388-389
Bed And SofaTret'Ia Meshchanskaya1927MosfilmUSSR16mmDC 872-873
Bed For Two1959Ellis FilmsFrance35mmHA 144-148
Bed Of Roses1933RKORKOUSA16mm70 minFC 566-567
Bedlam1946RKORKOUSA16mm78 minFC 568-569
Bedside1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm63 minFA 503-504
Before Dawn1933RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFC 570-571
Before The RevolutionPrima Della Rivoluzione1964Iride CinematograficaItaly16mm112 minFF 326-328
Beggars In Ermine1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm72 minFA 042-043
Behind Office DoorsPrivate Secretary1931RKORKOUSA16mm82 minFC 572-574
Behind The Headlines1937RKORKOUSA16mm58 minFC 575-576
Behind The Mask1946MonogramMonogramUSA16mm67 minFA 044-045
Behind The Rising Sun1943RKORKOUSA16mm88 minFC 577-579
Below The Sahara1953RKO PatheRKOUSA16mm65 minFC 580-581
Bengal Tiger1936Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm62 minFA 507-508
Benji1974Mulberry Square ProductionsMulberry Square ProductionsUSA35mm86HC 532-535
Berlin Express1948RKORKOUSA16mm86 minFC 582-584
Best Of The Badmen1951RKORKOUSA16mm83 minFC 585-587
Betrayal From The East1945RKORKOUSA16mm82 minFC 588-589
Betrayern.d.Golden EagleHong Kong35mmHB 764-768
Between Two Worlds1944Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm110 minFA 511-513
Beware1919Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mmFA 514-516
Beyond The Forest1949Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm95 minFA 517-519
Beyond The Rockies1932RKO PatheRKO PatheUSA16mm54 minFC 590-591
Beyond Victory1931RKO PatheRKO PatheUSA16mm69 minFC 592-593
Big Boy1930Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm68 minFA 520-522
Big Business Girl1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm72 minFA 523-524
Big City Blues1932Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm65 minFA 525-526
Big Hearted Herbert1934Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm60 minFA 527-528
Big Jim Mclain1952Wayne-Fellows ProductionsWarner BrothersUSA16mm90 minFE975-977
Bill And Coo1948RepublicRepublicUSAvideo61 minVBA 693
Billy Liar1963Vic FilmsContinental Distributing, Inc.United Kingdom16mm96DF 635-637
Bird Of Paradise1932King Vidor's ProductionRKOUSA16mm80 minFE 315-317
Birth Without Violence1976production company unknownFrance16mmCB 101
Black Belt Violencenullnull35mmHC 017-021
Black Dragon Vs. Yellow Catnullnull35mmHB 976-980
Black Fantasy1972Rogosin FilmsUSA16mm78 minFF 570-571
Black Fantasy1972Rogosin FilmsUSA16 mm78 minFF 572-573
Black Fury1935First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm90 minFA 543-545
Black GirlLa Noire De ...1967Filmi Doomireew; Actualités Françaises; Ministère de la CoopérationSenegal; France16mm60 minFF 310-311
Black JesusSeduto Alla Sua Destra1968Ital-Noleggio Cinematografico; Castoro FilmItaly35mm100 minHA 149-153
Black Legion1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm83 minFA 546-547
Black MagicCharlie Chan In Black Magic1944MonogramMonogramUSA16mm64 minFA 046-047
Blackbeard, The Pirate1952RKORKOUSA16mm98 minFC 610-612
Blackwell'S Island1939First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm71 minFA 548-549
Blade Runner1982Blade Runner Partnership; Ladd Company; Run Run ShawUSA35 mm117 minHC 092-097
Blazing Barriers1937MonogramMonogramUSA16mm65 minFA 048-049
Blazing Guns1943MonogramMonogramUSA16mm53 minFA 050-051
Blazing Sixes1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm55 minFA 550-551
Blessed Event1932Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm82 minFA 552-554
Blind Adventure1933RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFC 613-614
Blind Alibi1938RKORKOUSA16mm62 minFC 615-616
Blind Husbands1919Universal Film MfgUniversal Film MfgUSA16mm129 minDC 858-859
Blonde Cheat1938RKOUSA16mm62 minFC 617-618
Blonde CrazyLarceny Lane1931Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm73 minFA 555-557
Blondes At Work1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm63 minFA 558-559
Blondie Johnson1933First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm69 minFA 560-561
Blood And Sand1922Famous Players-Lasky Corp.ParamountUSA16mm80DF 618-619
Blood On The Moon1948RKORKOUSA16mm86 minFC 619-621
Blood WeddingBodas De Sangre1981Emiliano Piedra P.C.Spain16mm71 minFF 356-357
Blue Velvet1986De Laurentiis Entertainment GroupUSA35 mm120 minHC 098-103
Bluebeard1944PRCPRCUSA16mm71 minFE 505-506
Blues In The Night1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm87 minFA 562-564
Bob &Amp; Carol &Amp; Ted &Amp; Alice1969Frankovich Productions, Inc.ColumbiaUSA16mm104FG 889-891
Bodyguard1948RKORKOUSA16mm62 minFC 624-625
Boggy Creek Ii1985Charles B. Pierce Pictures, Inc.; Howco InternationalUSA35mm106 minHB 769-773
Bombardier1943RKORKOUSA16mm97 minFC 626-628
Bonnie And Clyde1967Tatira-Hiller ProductionsWarner Brothers-Seven ArtsUSAvideo111 minVBA 142-143
Bonnie And Clyde1967Tatira-Hiller ProductionsWarner Brothers-Seven ArtsUSA16mm111 minFF 128-130
Border Cafe1937RKORKOUSA16mm65 minFC 629-630
Border G-Man1938RKORKOUSA16mm58 minFC 631-632
Border Treasure1950RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFC 633-634
Bordertown1935Warner BrothersVitaphoneUSA16mm89 minFA 567-569
Born Free1966ColumbiaColumbiaGreat Britain; US16 mm95FG 784-786
Born To Be Bad1950RKORKOUSA16mm93 minFC 635-636
Born To Kill1947RKORKOUSA16mm92 minFC 637-639
Born To Love1931RKO PatheRKO PatheUSA16mm79 minFC 640-642
Born Yesterday1951ColumbiaColumbiaUSAvideo102 minVBA 129-130
Borom SarretThe Cart Driver1963Filmi Doomireew; Actualités Françaises; Ministère de la CoopérationFrance/Senegal16mm18 minCB 125
Borrowed Hero1941MonogramMonogramUSA16mm65 minFA 052-053
Boulder Dam1936Warner BrothersVitaphoneUSA16mm70 minFA 572-573
Bowery To Broadway1944UniversalUniversalUSA16mm91 minFE 934-935
Boy Meets Girl1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm86 minFA 574-575
Boy Of The Streets1937MonogramMonogramUSA16mm76 minFA 054-055
Boy Slaves1939RKORKOUSA16mm71 minFC 643-644
Boys' Reformatory1939MonogramMonogramUSA16mm61 minFA 056-057
Brainstorm1983MGMUSA16mm106 minFF 449-451
Brand Of The Devil1944Alexander-Stern Productions, Inc.PRCUSA16mm60 minFF 005
Brass Target1978MGMUSA16mm111 minFF 452-454
Brave Archer 2Kung Fu Warlords 21978Shaw BrothersWorld NorthalHong Kong35mmHC 442-446
Brave Archer 3Blast Of The Iron Palm1981Shaw BrothersWorld NorthalHong Kong35mm92HC 437-441
Bread, Love And DreamsPane, Amore E Fantasia1953TitanusI.F.E. Releasing CorporationItaly16mm93DF 626-628
Break Of Hearts1935RKORKOUSA16mm78 minFC 648-649
Breakfast At Tiffany'S1961Jurow-Shepherd ProductionsParamountUSA16mm114 minFE 360-362
Breakfast For Two1937RKORKOUSA16mm65 minFC 650-651
Breaking Away1979Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm100FG 935-936
BreathlessA Bout De Souffle1960Georges de Beauregard, Societe Nouvelle de CinemaFrance16mm90 minFE 152-153
Breed Of The Border1933MonogramMonogramUSA16mm53 minFA 058-059
Bride By Mistake1944RKORKOUSA16mm80 minFC 652-653
Bride Of Frankenstein1935UniversalUniversalUSA16mm73FE 288-289
Brides Are Like That1936Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm66 minFA 579-580
Brigadoon1954MGMLoew's Inc.USAvideo108 minVBA 315-316
Bright Lights1930First NationalUSA16mmFA 581-582
Bright Lights1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm82 minFA 583-585
Brillianty Dlia Diktatury ProletariataDiamonds For The Dictatorship Of The Proletariat1975TallinfilmUSSR35 mmGA 521-535
Bring 'Em Back Alive1932The Van Beuren CorpRKOUSA16mm66 minFC 659-660
Bringing Up Baby1938RKORKOUSA16mm102 minFC 661-663
Brink Of LifeNara Livet1957Nordisk TonefilmSweden16mm83 minFE 200-201
British Agent1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm81 minFA 586-587
British Intelligence1940First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm62 minFA 588-589
Broadminded1931First NationalUSA16mm73 minFA 590-591
Broadway Babies1929First NationalUSA16mmFA 592-594
Broadway Bill1934ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm101 minFE 154-156
Broadway Gondolier1935Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm100 minFA595-597
Broadway Hostess1935First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm70 minFA 598-599
Broadway Musketeers1938First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm63 minFA600-601
Broken BlossomsBroken Blossoms, Or The Yellow Man And The Girl1919D.W. GriffithUnited ArtistsUSA16mmDC 891-892
Broken Dreams1933MonogramMonogramUSA16mm68 minFA 064-065
Brother Orchid1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm88 minFA 602-604
Brother Rat1938First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm90 minFA 605-607
Brother Rat And A Baby1940First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm87 minFA608-610
Brother Sun Sister MoonFratello Sole, Sorella Luna1973Euro International FilmsParamountItaly; Great Britain; USA16mm120FG 986-987
Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?1974Goodtimes Enterprises; Visual Programme SystemsGreat Britain35mm110 minHB 011-016
Brothers In The Saddle1949RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFC 664-665
Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave1976Yangtze ProductionsHong Kong35mmHA 990-994
Bulldog Drummond Comes Back1937ParamountParamountUSA16mm59 minutesFG 770-771
Bullet Code1940RKORKOUSA16mm58 minFC 666-667
Bullet Scars1942First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm59 minFA 611-612
Bullets For O'Hara1941First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm50 minFA 613-614
Bullets Or Ballots1936First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm82 minFA 615-616
Bunco Squad1950RKORKOUSA16mm67 minFC 668-669
Bunker Bean1936RKORKOUSA16mm67 minFC 670-671
Bunny Lake Is Missing1965Wheel ProductionsColumbiaGreat Britain16mm107FH 097-099
Bureau Of Missing Persons1933First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm74 minFA 617-618
Burning Daylight1928First NationalUSA16mmFA 619-620
Bus Stop1956Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSAvideo94 minVBA 104-105
Busses Roar1942First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm60 minFA 621-622
Buster Keaton Rides Again1965National Film Board of CanadaCanada16mm55 minDD 190-191
Butterflies Are Free1972Frankovich Productions, Inc.Columbia PicturesUSA16mm109DF 515-517
By Love Possessed1961Mirisch; Seven Arts Productions; Miral ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm115 minFF 810-812
By The LakeU Ozera1970MosfilmUSSRvideo155 minVBB 104-106
By The LakeU Ozera1970MosfilmUSSR35mm155 minHB 227-234
By Your Leave1934RKORKOUSA16mm78 minFC 672-674
Bye Bye Brasil1979Aries CinematograficaBrazil; France16mm100 minFF 228-230
Cabaret1972ABC Pictures Corp.Allied ArtistsGermany; USA16mm118DF 623-625
Cabin In The Cotton1932First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm76 minFA 623-624
Cactus Flower1969Frankovich Productions, Inc.ColumbiaUSA16mm103DF 534-536
Cain And Mabel1936Warner Brothers; CosmopolitanThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm89 minFA 625-627
California1947ParamountParamountUSA16mm97 minFE 994-996
California Mail1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm56 minFA 628-629
Call It A Day1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm89 minFA 630-632
Call Me DragonSan Lung Siu Foo Chong Kong Woo1978Seasonal Film Corp.NYUEUSA35mmHB 774-778
Call Of The Jungle1944Krasne-Burkett ProductionsMonogramUSA16mm60 minFA 066-067
Call Out The Marines1942RKORKOUSA16mm66 minFC 675-676
Calling All Husbands1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm64 minFA 633-634
Calling Philo Vance1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm62 minFA 635-636
Campus Rhythm1943MonogramMonogramUSA16mm61 minFA 068-069
Can'T Help Singing1944UniversalUniversalUSA16mm89 minFF 973-975
Cannon For Cordoba1970MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm104 minFF 817-819
Cape No. 7Hai-Kak Chit-Ho2008ARS Film ProductionTaiwan35mm129HC 488-494
Captain Blood1924Vitagraph Co. of AmericaUSA16mmFA 008-010
Captain Blood1935First NationalThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm119 minFA 637-639
Captain Hurricane1935RKORKOUSA16mm72 minFC 677-678
Captain Kidd1945Captain Kidd Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm89 minFE 503-504
Captain Kidd1945Captain Kidd Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm89 minFE 324-325
Captain Lightfoot1955Universal-InternationalUniversalUSA16mm91 minFE 746-747
Captain Thunder1931Warner BrothersUSA16mmFA 640-641
Captains Of The Clouds1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm113 minFA 644-646
Captured!1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm72 minFA 647-648
Caravan To Vaccares1974Geoff Reeves Productions Ltd.USA35mm98 minHA 829-833
Carbon CopyLe Temps Des Loups1969Lira Films; Paris Cannes Production; Seven FilmSteallar Film Corp.France-Italy35mm105 minHA 204-208
Career1939RKORKOUSA16mm79 minFC 679-681
Carefree1938RKORKOUSA16mm80 minFC 682-684
Carnival Boat1932RKO PathéRKO PathéUSA16mm61 minFC 685-686
Carnival NightKarnavalnaya Noch1957MosfilmUSSRvideo78 minVBB 107-108
Carnival NightKarnavalnaya Noch1957MosfilmUSSR35mm78 minGA 239-246
Carnival Of Crime1961Twin Films ProductionsCrown International PicturesUSA35mm83 minHA 209-213
Carousel1956Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm127FG 875-878
Carrington VcCourt Martial1954Romulus Films; Remus FilmsGreat Britain16mm105 minFF 044-045, 062
Casablanca1943Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm99 minFA 649-651
Casanova1927Universal Films De France; Cinémathèque françaiseCine AllianceFrance16mm134 minFE 233
Cast A Long Shadow1959MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm82 minFF 777-779
Castle On The Hudson1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm76 minFA 667-668
Cat People1942RKORKOUSA16mm73FC 687-688
Catherine The GreatThe Rise Of Catherine The Great1934London Film Productions, Ltd.; Toeplitz Productions, Ltd. A Korda-Toeplitz ProductionUnited ArtistsGreat Britain; USA16mm91 minFE637-638
Caught Plastered1931RKORKOUSA16mm68 minFC 689-690
Ceiling Zero1936Warner BrothersFirst NationalUSA16mm95 minFA 669-671
Central Airport1933First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm70 minFA 672-673
Central Park1932First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm55 minFA 674-675
ChaikovskiiTchaikovsky, Chaikovsky1969MosfilmUSSR35mm157HB 600-607, GA 563
Chain Lightning1950Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm94 minFA 676-678
Chained Heat1983TAT Film GmbHGermany; USA35mmHC 042-046
Champagne For Caesar1950Cardinal Pictures, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm99 minFE 453-455
Chan Is Missing1981Wayne Wang ProductionsUSA16mm76 minFF 219-221
Chance At Heaven1933RKORKOUSA16mm70 minFC 691-692
Chances1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm72 minFA 679-680
ChangChang, A Drama Of The Wilderness1927Paramount Famous Lasky Corp.USA16mm67 minFE 157-158
ChapayevChapaev1934LenfilmUSSR35mm94 minHB 543-547
Chariots Of Fire1981Allied Stars Ltd.The Ladd CompanyUnited Kingdom16mm124FH 059-060
Chariots Of The GodsErinnerungen An Die Zukunft1970Terra Filmkunst GmbhGermany35mm92 minHA 774-778
Charlie Chan In The Secret Service1944MonogramMonogramUSA16mm65FA 308-309
Chasing YesterdayParis In Spring1935RKORKOUSA16mm77 minFC 693-695
Chatterbox1936RKORKOUSA16mm68 minFC 696-697
Check And Double Check1930RKOUSA16mm70 minFC 698-700
Cheers Of The Crowd1935MonogramMonogramUSA16mm61 minFA 070-071
Cheong Chun Ssang Kok SeonHyperbola Of Youth1956Han Hyung-mo ProductionSouth KoreaDVDVDA 042
Chess FeverChakhmatnaia Goriatchka1925Mezhrabpom-RussUSSRnull20 min
Cheyenne1947Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm99 minFA 686-688
Child Of Divorce1946RKORKOUSA16mm62 minFC 703-704
Children Shouldn'T Play With Dead Things1972Benjamin Clark-Gary Goch ProductionsUSA35mm87 minHA 220-224
China Clipper1936First NationalThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm88 minFA 692-694
China Passage1937RKORKOUSA16mm63 minFC 705-706
China SkyPearl Buck'S China Sky1945RKORKOUSA16mm78 minFC 707-708
Ching Ting Weiniszu1991Chun LungScholarTaiwan16mmFG 484-485
Choi Lee Fat Kung Fun.d.nullnull35mmHB 779-783
Chousen KaikyouStraits Of Chosun1943Chosun Film Production CorporationTaewon EntertainmentKoreaDVD75VDA 012
Christmas In Connecticut1945Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm102 minFA 695-697
Christopher Strong1933RKORKOUSA16mm72 minFC 709-710
Chronicle Of Anna Magdalena BachChronik Der Anna Magdalena Bach1968IDI Cine; RAI-TV; Franz-Seitz FilmItaly; Germany16mm93 minFF 276-277
Chuang Chih Hao Ching1989Taiwan Cultural Enterprises; Movie Impact Co. Ltd.Chi HsienTaiwan; Hong Kong16mmFG 348-349
Cinderella Jones1946Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm90 minFA 700-702
Circus Clown1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm63 minFA 703-704
Citizen Kane1941Mercury Productions, Inc.RKOUSA16mm119 minFC 711-713
City For Conquest1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm101 minFA 705-707
City In TerrorThe Man Who Dared1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm60FB 516-517
City Lights1931Charles Chaplin ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm87 minFE 159-160
Classified1925Corinne Griffith ProductionsFirst NationalUSA16mmFA 708-709
Claudia1943Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm90 minFE 456-457
Cockeyed Cavaliers1934RKORKOUSA16mm71 minFC 716-717
Code Of The Secret Service1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm58 minFA 710-711
Code Of The Secret Service1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm58 minFA 076-077
Colleen1936Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm89 minFA 712-714
College Coach1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm75 minFA 715-716
College Confidential1960Famous Players Corp.UniversalUSA16mm90 minutesFG 772-773
Colonel Effingham'S Raid1945Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm70 minFF 006-007
Colorado Territory1949Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm94 minFA 717-719
Come Next Spring1955Robert Alexander ProductionsRepublic PicturesUSA16mm92 minFE 743-745
Come On Danger1941RKORKOUSA16mm58 minFC 720-721
Come On Danger!1932RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFC 718-719
Come September19617 PicturesUniversal-InternationalUSA16mm112 minFE 678-680
Comet Over Broadway1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm65 minFA 720-721
Condemned Women1938RKORKOUSA16mm77 minFC 724-725
Conductor 14921924Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mmFA 722-723
Coney Island1943Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm90 minFF 691-693
Confession1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm85 minFA 724-726
Confessions Of A Nazi Spy1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm102 minFA 727-729
ConfidenceBizalom1979Magyar Filmgyártó Vallalat; Objektiv FilmstúdióHungary16mm117 minFF 273-275
Confidential Agent1945Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm113 minFA 730-732
Conflict1945Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm85 minFA 733-735
Conqueror Of The OrientIl Conquistatore D'Oriente1959Tabos FilmsItaly16mm85FG 702-703
Consolation Marriage1931RKORKOUSA16mm82 minFC 728-730
Conspiracy1930RKOUSA16mmFC 731-732
Conspiracy1939RKORKOUSA16mm58 minFC 733-734
Cops And RobbersKaunbing Cho Chiangtao1991Scholar FilmsScholar FilmsTaiwan16mmFG 413-414
Coquette1929Pickford Corp.United ArtistsUSA16mmFF 517-518
Corn'S-A-Poppin'1956Commonwealth Amusement Co.Crest ProductionsUSA35mm58 minHA 234-237
Cornered1945RKORKOUSA16mm102 minFC 735-737
Corvette K-2251943UniversalUniversalUSA16mm96FG 886-888
Count The Hours1953Ben-Bo ProductionsRKOUSA16mm74 minFC 738-739
Country Blue1973Millstone Productions, Inc.General Film Corp.USA35mm110 minHA 238-242
Country Music On Broadway1964Marathon PicturesHowco InternationalUSA35mm95 minHA 243-248
Coup De GraceDer Fangschuss1976Bioskop-Film; Hessischer Rundfunk; Argos-FilmsFrench/German16mm95 minFF 358-360
Courage Of Black Beauty1957Alco Pictures Corp.Twentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm78FG 700-701
Cover Girl1944ColumbiaColumbiaUSAvideo105 minVBA 113-114
Cowboy From Brooklyn1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm80 minFA 745-746
Cowboy Quarterback1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm56 minFA 747-748
Crack-Up1946RKORKOUSA16mm93 minFC 740-742
Cracked Nuts1931RKORKOUSA16mm65 minFC 743-744
Cracked Nuts1941UniversalUniversalUSA16mm61 minFF 013-014
Crashin' BroadwayCrashing Broadway1933MonogramMonogramUSA16mm55 minFA 078-079
Crashing Hollywood1938RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFC 745-746
Crazy For LoveLe Trou Normand1952Cite FilmsFrance35mm100 minHA 249-253
Creature From Black Lake1976Jim McCullough Productions, Inc.USA35mm97 minHA 259-263
Creature From Black Lake1976Jim McCullough Productions, Inc.USA35mm97 minHA 254-258
Crime By Night1944Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mmWilliam ClemensFA 751-752
Crime Ring1938RKORKOUSA16mm69 minFC 747-748
Crime School1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm85 minFA 753-755
Crime SmasherCosmo Jones The Crime Smasher1943MonogramMonogramUSA16mm62 minFA 080-081
Criminal Court1946RKORKOUSA16mm59 minFC 749-750
Criminal InvestigatorCrime Reporter1942MonogramMonogramUSA16mm61 minFA 082-083
Criminal Lawyer1937RKORKOUSA16mm72 minFC 751-752
Criss Cross1949Universal-InternationalUniversalUSA16mm87 minFF 711-712
Crooner1932First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm64FA 756-757
Cross Fire1933RKORKOUSA16mm44 minFC 753-754
Crossfire1947RKORKOUSA16mm86 minFC 755-756
Cruel Story Of YouthSeishun Zankoku Monogatari1960ShochikuJapan16mm96FF 278-280
Cry Wolf1947Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm83 minFA 760-762
Cult Of The Cobra1955Universal-InternationalUniversalUSA16mm81 minDD 322-323
Curtain Call1940RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFC 762-763
Cyclone On Horseback1941RKORKOUSA16mm58 minFC 764-765
Cyrano De Bergerac1951Stanley Kramer Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm112 minFE 548-550
D.O.A.1949Cardinal Pictures, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm83 minFE 469-470
DagonDagon La Secta Del Mar2001Castelao Producciones; Televisió de Catalunya (TV3); Vía DigitalLions Gate FilmsSpain35mm94HC 204-208
Dames1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm90 minFA 763-765
Dance Charlie Dance1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm64 minFA 766-767
Dance Of The Drunken MantisNan Bei Zui Quan1979Seasonal Film Corp.Hong Kong35mm94 minHB 784-788
Dance, Girl, Dance1940RKORKOUSA16mm89 minFC 769-771
Dancing In The Dark1950Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm92 minDD 326-328
Dancing Pirate1936Pioneer Pictures, Inc.RKOUSA16mm85FG 572-573
Dancing Sweeties1930Warner BrothersUSA16mmFA 768-769
Danger Flight1939MonogramMonogramUSA16mm61 minFA 084-085
Danger Lights1930RKOUSA16mmFC 772-773
Danger Patrol1937RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFC 774-775
Danger Signal1945Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm77 minFA 770-772
Dangerous1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm78 minFA 773-774
Dangerous Charter1962Dangerous Charter ProductionsCrown International PicturesUSA35mm76 minHA 282-286
Dangerous Corner1934RKORKOUSA16mm65 minFC 776-778
Dangerous Mission1954RKORKOUSA16mm75 minFC 778-779
Dangerously They Live1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm77 minFA 778-779
Darby O'Gill And The Little People1959DisneyBuena VistaUSA16mm93DF 681-683
Daredevil Drivers1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm60 minFA 780-781
Dark Circle1982Independent Documentary GroupNew Yorker FilmsUSA16mm81 minFF 178-179
Dark Hazard1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm60 minFA 782-783
Dark Journey1937London Film Productions, Ltd.United ArtistsGreat Britain; USA16mm72 minFE 507-508
Dark Passage1947Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm106 minFA 786-788
Dark Victory1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm105 minFA 789-791
Daughter Of Darkness1990Access Entertainment Corporation; King Phoenix EntertainmentVidmark EntertainmentUSAvideo93VHA 787
Daughters - MothersDochki Materi1974Central Maxim Gorky StudiosUSSRvideoVBB 139-140
Daughters - MothersDochki Materi1974Central Maxim Gorky StudiosUSSR35mmHB 190-194
Daughters Courageous1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm100 minFA 792-794
Days Of Glory1944RKORKOUSA16mm86 minFC 789-791
Deaccessioned East Of Eden1955Warner BrothersUSAvideoVBA 108-109
Dead End1937Samuel Goldwyn, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm90FG 664-665
Deadline At Dawn1946RKORKOUSA16mm82 minFC 792-793
Deadline--U.S.A.1952Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm87DF 641-643
Death Of A JewSabra1969Films Copernic; Comacico; Israfilm; Fono RomaFrance; Israel35mm98 minHA 624-629
Death Takes A Holiday1934ParamountParamountUSA16mm78FH 027-028
Death Valley Rangers1943MonogramMonogramUSA16mm59 minFA 088-089
Deception1946Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm110 minFA 801-803
Decision Before Dawn1952Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxGermany; USA16mm119 minFE 396-397
Deep Throat1972Vanguard FilmsUSA16mm61DF 601-602
Deep Valley1947Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm103 minFA 806-808
Desert Passage1952RKORKOUSA16mm61 minFC 796-797
Desert Victory1943Army Film Unit; Royal Air Force Film Production UnitGreat Britain16mm60 minDC 893-894
Desirable1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm68 minFA 812-813
Désirée1954Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm110 minFE 520-522
Desperate1947RKORKOUSA16mm73 minFC 798-799
Desperate Journey1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm107 minFA 814-816
Destination Moon1950George Pal Productions,Inc.Eagle-Lion Films, Inc.USA16mm90 minFE 271-273
Destination Murder1950Prominent Pictures, Inc.RKOUSA16mm72 minFC 800-801
Destination Tokyo1944Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm131 minFA 817-819
Detective BelliUn Detective1969Fair FilmItaly35mm101HA 293-297
Detective Kitty O'Day1944MonogramMonogramUSA16mm61 minFA 090-091
Determined To SoarHsiangfei Yiao Kung Shenying1993Han WeiTe PaoTaiwan16mmFG 382-383
Detour1946PRC Pictures, Inc.Producer's Releasing Corp.USA16mm67 minFE 528-529
DevchataThe Girls1961MosfilmUSSR35 mmHC 354-358
Devil Dogs Of The Air1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm86 minFA 820-822
Devil'S Canyon1953RKORKOUSA16mm91 minFC 804-806
Devil'S Island1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm62 minFA 823-824
Devotion1931RKO Pathé Pictures, Inc.RKO Pathé Distributing Corp.USA16mm80 minFC 807-809
Devotion1946Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm107 minFA 827-829
Diabolique1955FilmsonorUnited Motion Pictures OrganizationFrance16mm116FH 218-220
Diamond Trail1933MonogramMonogramUSA16mm58 minFA 092-093
Diary Of A ChambermaidLe Journal D'Une Femme De Chambre1965Speva FilmsInternational ClassicsFrance35mm97HC 432-436
Die CsardasfurstinThe Csardas Princess1951Deutsche Styria Film and Junge Film-UnionGermany35 mmHC 343-348
Dimension Five1966United Pictures Corp.; Harold Goldman Associates, Inc.USA35mm88 minHA 307-311
Ding Dong Williams1946RKORKOUSA16mm61 minFC 810-811
Dinky1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm65 minFA 830-831
Dinner At The Ritz1937New World Pictures, Ltd.; Devonshire FilmsTwentieth Century-FoxGreat Britain; USA16mm75 minFE 571-572
Diplomaniacs1933RKORKOUSA16mm59 minFC 812-813
Disraeli1929Warner BrothersUSA16mmFA 835-836
Distant ThunderAsani Sanket1973Balaka MoviesIndia16mm101 minFF 361-363
Dive Bomber1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm130 minFA 837-840
Divorce1945MonogramMonogramUSA16mm70 minFA 094-095
Divorce Among Friends1930Warner BrothersUSA16mmFA 841-842
Dixiana1930RKOUSA16mmFC 814-816
Doctor X1932First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm77 minFA 847-848
Doctors' Wives1971Frankovich ProductionsColumbiaUSA16 mm101FG 798-800
Dodge City1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm104 minFA 849-851
Dollar Sign$1971Frankovich Productions, Inc.ColumbiaGermany; USA16mm119DF 728-731
Dolls1987Empire PicturesEmpire PicturesUSA35mm77HC 209-212
Dolls Behind Barsn.d.nullnull35mmHB 794-797
Don Juan1927Warner BrothersUSA16mmFA 852-855
Don Juan'S Three Nights1926Henry Hobart ProductionsFirst NationalUSA16mmFA 856-857
Don Quixote'S ChildrenDeti Don-Kikhota1965MosfilmUSSR35mm78 minHB 645-648
Don'T Bet On Blondes1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm60 minFA 858-859
Don'T Bother To Knock1952Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm76 minFE 905-907
Don'T Look Now1974D.L.N. Ventures Partnership; Casey Productions; Eldorado FilmsParamountGreat Britain; Italy16mm110 minDD 544-546
Don'T Take It To Heart1944Two Cities FilmsGreat Britain16mm90 minFF 028-029
Don'T Tell The Wife1937RKORKOUSA16mm62 minFC 819-820
Don'T Turn 'Em Loose1936RKORKOUSA16mm65 minFC 821-822
Dona Flor And Her Two HusbandsDona Flor Y Seus Dois Maridos1976Carnaval FilmsBrazil16mm110 minFF 205-207
Doomed To Die1940MonogramMonogramUSA16mm67 minFA 096-097
Doorway To Hell1930Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm77 minFA 860-861
Double Danger1938RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFC 823-824
Double Deal1950RKORKOUSA16mm64 minFC 825-826
Double Dynamite1951RKORKOUSA16mm80 minFC 827-829
Double Trouble1941MonogramMonogramUSA16mm63 minFA 098-099
Down Among The Z Men1952E.J. Fancey ProductionsGreat Britain35mm71 minHA 656-659
Down By Law1986Black Snake, Inc.; Grokenberger Film-Produktion; Island PicturesUSA16mm107 minFF 166-168
Down The Stretch1936First NationalThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm58 minFA 865-866
Down To Their Last Yacht1934RKORKOUSA16mm64 minFC 830-831
Dr Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worryig And Love The Bomb1964Hawk FilmsColumbiaUSAvideo93 minVBA 085-086
Dr. Cyclops1940ParamountParamountUSA16mm75FH 107-108
Dr. Ehrlich'S Magic Bullet1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm103FC 121-123
Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde1941MGMLoew's Inc.USAvideo127 minVBA 174-175: 16mm/ FF 521-522
Dr. Monica1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm65 minFA 843-844
Dr. No1963Eon Productions, Ltd.United ArtistsGreat Britain; USAvideo105 minVBA 138-139
Dr. Socrates1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm70 minFA 845-846
Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb1964Hawk FilmsColumbiaGreat Britain; USA16mm95 minutesFG 768-769
Dracula1931UniversalUniversalUSA16mm74FG 972-973
Draegerman Courage1937First NationalThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm59 minFA 867-868
Dragon InnLong Men Kezhan1967Union Film CompanyShaw BrothersTaiwan35mmGA 673-683
Dragon Vengeancenullnull35mmHC 012-016
Dreadnought Rivals1983nullHong Kong35mmHC 066-070
Drive-In1976Drive-In AssociatesColumbiaUSA16mm96 minFF 071-073
Drums Of The Desert1940MonogramMonogramUSA16mm64 minFA 102-103
Dude Cowboy1941RKORKOUSA16mm59 minFC 832-833
Duel At The Forest1983Kim Ma Production CoHong Kong35mmHB 798-802
Duel Of The Seven TigersLiu He Qian Shou1979Goldig Film CompanyUSA35mm90 minHB 803-807
Duel To The DeathXian Si Jue1982Golden Harvest; Paragon FilmsHong Kong35mm100HB 808-812
Duffy'S Tavern1945ParamountParamountUSA16mm97 minFE 917-919
Dust Be My Destiny1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm88 minFA 873-875
Dynamite Canyon1941MonogramMonogramUSA16mm58 minFA 104-105
Dynamite Pass1950RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFC 834-835
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial1982UniversalUniversalUSA16mm115 minutesFG 754-756
Each Dawn I Die1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm92 minFA 876-878
Eadweard Muybridge, Zoopraxographer1975nullNew Yorker FilmsUSA16mm59 minFF 149
Eagles Over BritainLa Battaglia D'Inghilterra1969Fida Cinematografica; Atlántida Films; Productions Jacques RoitfeldItaly; Spain; France35mm107 minHA 329-334
Earthworm Tractors1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm63 minFA 879-880
East Of The River1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm73 minFA 881-882
Easter Parade1948MGMLoew's, Inc.USA16mm102FG 675-676
Easy Living1949RKORKOUSA16mm77 minFC 836-837
Easy To Love1934Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm61 minFA 883-884
Edge Of Darkness1943Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm118 minFA 885-887
Edmond2005Muse Productions; Tartan Films; Code EntertainmentFirst Independent PicturesUSA35mm82HC 213-217
Eegah!1962Fairway-International FilmsUSA35mm90 minHA 318-322
Effi BriestFontane Effi Briest Oder Viele, Die Eine Ahnung Haben Von Ihren Möglichkeit1974Tango FilmGermany16mm141 minFF 283-286
Eight Strikes Of The Vicious Mastern.d.nullnull35mmHB 813-817
El Casado Casa Quiere1948Ramex, S.A.; RKOClasa-Mohme, Inc.Mexico; USA16mm83 minFC 838-839
El Super1979Max Mambru FilmsCuba; USA16mm90 minFF 183-185
Elegant John And His LadiesThe Great Smokey Roadblock1977Mar Vista ProductionsUSA35mmHA 938-942
Ella Cinders1926John McCormick ProductionsFirst NationalUSA16mmFA 888-889
Elmer The Great1933First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm64 minFA 890-891
Elvis, That'S The Way It Is1970MGMUSA16mm108 minFF 455-457
Embraceable You1948Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm79 minFA 892-894
Emergency Call1933RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFC 840-841
Employees' Entrance1932First NationalUSA16mm72 minFA 895-896
Empty Holsters1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm62 minFA 897-898
En Rachachant1982Straub-HuilletFrance16mm7 minAC 566
Enchanted April1935RKORKOUSA16mm66 minFC 842-843
End Of The World1977Irwin Yablans Company; Charles Band IncorporatedUSA35mm86 minHB 031-034
England Made Me1972Atlantic Productions; CFS KosutnjakGreat Britain; Yugoslavia35mm100 minHA 323-328
Erendira1983Films du Triangle; Films A2; Ministère Français de la CultureFrance; Mexico; Germany16mm105 minFF 287-289
Erotikon1920Svensk FilmindustriSweden16mm97 minDC 939-940
Escape From Crime1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm51 minFA 899-900
Escape In The Desert1945Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm79 minFA 901-902
Escape Me Never1947Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm101 minFA 903-905
Escape To The SunHabricha El Hashemesh1972Noah Films; Comacico; Sl FilmsIsrael; France; Germany35mm115 minHA 341-345
Espionage Agent1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm74 minFA 906-908
Eternally Yours1939Walter Wanger Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm99 minFE 687-688
Eugene OneginYevgeni Onegin1958Lenfilm StudioUSSRvideo106 minVBB 012-013
Eugene OneginYevgeni Onegin1958Lenfilm StudioUSSR35mm106 minHB 063-068
Eunmyeongui SonThe Hand Of Fate1954nullSouth KoreaDVDVDA 013
Evel Knievel1971Fanfare Film ProductionsUSA16mm90 minFF 523-525
Even The Sun Is SobbingTaiyang Yeh Kuli1983Hung Chi EnterprisesHung Chi EnterprisesTaiwan16mmFG 327
Ever In My Heart1933Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm70 minFA 909-910
Ever Since Eve1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm77 minFA 911-912
Evergreen1934Gaumont-British Film Corp.Gaumont-British Film Corp.Great Britain; USA16mm82 minFE 555-556
Every Girl Should Be Married1948RKORKOUSA16mm84 minFC 847-849
Every Man For HimselfSauve Qui Peut (La Vie)1979SonimageFrance16mm89FF 194-195
Everybody'S Doing It1938RKORKOUSA16mm66 minFC 850-851
Everybody'S Hobby1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm54 minFA 913-914
Everything'S Rosie1931RKORKOUSA16mm67 minFC 852-853
Ex-Lady1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm56 minFA 915-916
Exit The Dragon, Enter The TigerTian Huang Ju Xing1976Hong Kong Alpha Motion Picture CompanyHong Kong35mm84HC 047-050
Expensive Husbands1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm60 minFA 917-918
Expensive Women1931Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm60 minFA 919-920
Experiment Alcatraz1950Crystal Productions, Inc.RKOUSA16mm57 minFC 856-857
Experiment Perilous1944RKORKOUSA16mm91 minFC 858-860
F.B.I. Girl1951Lippert Productions, Inc.Lippert Pictures, Inc.USA35mm73HC 283-286
Face Value1927Sterling PicturesUSA16mmFE 838-839
Fahrenheit 4511966Vineyard ProductionsUniversalGreat Britain16mm111FG 694-695
Fail Safe1964ColumbiaUSAvideo111 minVBA 394-395
Falasha: Exile Of The Black Jews1983Matari FilmCanada16mm72 minFF 163-165
Fang And Claw1935The Van Beuren Corp.RKOUSA16mm68 minFC 887-888
Fangtaso Pilientien1987Taiwan Film Production Co.Hsin YaTaiwan16mmFG 428-429
Fantasia1942DisneyRKOUSA16mm120FG 996-997
FantasterneThe Dreamers1967Teatrenes Films KontorDenmark35mm87HC 397-401
Farewell, My Lovely1975Elliott Kastner Corporation; ITCGreat Britain; USAvideo95 minVBA 236-237
Fashion Model1945MonogramMonogramUSA16mm59 minFA 108-109
Fashions Of 19341934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm78 minFA 925-926
Father Is A Prince1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm57 minFA 927-928
Father Steps Out1941MonogramMonogramUSA16mm63 minFA 112-113
Father Takes A Wife1941RKORKOUSA16mm79 minFC 891-893
Father'S Son1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm57 minFA 931-932
Fatso1980BrooksfilmsTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm93FG 707-709
FaustFaust Eine Deutsche Volkssage1926UfaGermany16mmFE 145-146
Fear1946MonogramMonogramUSA16mm68 minFA 114-115
Fearless Kid &Amp; The Lady TigerShe Mao Ho Hun Hsing1980nullSeasonal Film Corporationsnull35mm98 minHB 818-822
Female1933First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm60 minFA 933-934
Feudin' Rhythm1949ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm65 minFE 878-879
Fiddler On The Roof1971Mirisch-CartierUnited ArtistsUSA16mm180 minFF 746-750
Fifth Avenue Girl1939RKORKOUSA16mm82 minFC 894-896
Fifty Million Frenchmen1931Warner BrothersUSA16mmFA935-936
Fight For Your Lady1937RKORKOUSA16mm67 minFC 897-898
Fighter Squadron1948Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm94 minFA 937-939
Fighting Father Dunne1948RKORKOUSA16mm91 minFC 899-901
Fighting Frontier1943RKORKOUSA16mm56 minFC 902-903
Fighting Texans1933MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60 minFA 118-119
Find The Blackmailer1943Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm55 minFA 943-944
Finishing School1934RKORKOUSA16mm70 minFC 906-907
Fire Over EnglandGloriana1937London Film Productions, Inc.United ArtistsGreat Britain; USA16mm84 minFE 624-626
Fireman Save My Child1954Universal-InternationalUniversalUSA16mm79 minFE 844-845
Fireman, Save My Child1932First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm67 minFA 950-951
First DateTiyitzu Yuehhui1988CMPC; Peter Wang Films Inc.CMPCTaiwan16mmFG 356-357
First Lady1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm82 minFA 953-954
First Name CarmenPrénom Carmen1984Sara Films/JLG/FilmsFrance; Switzerland16mm84FF 323-325
First Yank Into Tokyo1945RKORKOUSA16mm82 minFC 908-909
Fitzwilly1967MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm102 minFF 823-825
Five Came Back1939RKORKOUSA16mm74 minFC 910-911
Five Of A Kind1938Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm85 minFF 008
Five Star Final1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm89 minFA 955-957
Fixer Dugan1939RKORKOUSA16mm61 minFC 912-913
Flag Of HonorShih Cheng Piaopiao1987CMPC; Tomson; Golden HarvestCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 300-301
Flaming Gold1934RKORKOUSA16mm53 minFC 914-915
Flamingo Road1949Michael Curtiz Productions, Inc.Warner BrothersUSA16mm94 minFA 958-960
Flaxy Martin1949Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm86 minFA 961-962
Flight1929ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16 mm120FG 848-850
Flight 713...713 Prosit Posadku1962LenfilmUSSR35mmGA 280-287
Flight Angels1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm74 minFA 963-964
Flight For Freedom1943RKORKOUSA16mm101 minFC 916-918
Flight From Destiny1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm73 minFA 965-966
Flight From Glory1937RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFC 919-920
Flirtation Walk1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm85 minFA 967-969
Flirting With Danger1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm69 minFA 120-121
Flower Drum Song1961Ross Hunter ProductionsUniversal-InternationalUSA16mm133 minFE 864-867
Flowing Gold1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm82 minFA 974-976
Fly Up With LoveYike Nukong Te Kushih1979CMPC; Yung ShenCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 430-432
Fly-Away Baby1937Warner BrothersUSA16mm62 minFA 977-978
Flying Devils1933RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFC 921-922
Flying Down To Rio1933RKORKOUSA16mm80 minFC 923-924
Flying Fortress1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersGreat Britain; USA16mm65 minFA 979-980
Flying Leathernecks1951RKORKOUSA16mm102 minFC 927-929
FoamPena1979MosfilmUSSR35mm83GA 484-492
Fog Over Frisco1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm67 minFA 981-982
Follow Me Quietly1949RKORKOUSA16mm59 minFC 930-931
Follow That Dream1961MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm110 minFF 832-835
Follow The Boys1944Charles K. Fedlman Group ProductionsUniversalUSA16 mm122FG 661-663
Follow The Fleet1936RKORKOUSA16mm110 minFC 932-934
Foma Gordeev1959Gorky Film StudiosUSSRvideo94 minVBB 137-138
Foma Gordeev1959Gorky Film StudiosUSSR35mm94 minHB 335-339
Foolish Wives1922UniversalUSA16mmFE 105-106
Fools For Scandal1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm75 minFA 983-984
Footlight Fever1941RKORKOUSA16mm69 minFC 935-936
Footlight Parade1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm102 minFA 985-987
Footlight Varieties1951RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFC 937-938
Footloose Widows1926Warner BrothersUSA16mmFA 990-991
Footsteps In The Dark1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm93 minFA 992-994
Footsteps In The Fog1955Frankovich ProductionsColumbia Pictures CorporationUK16 mm90FG 655-657
For Me And My Gal1942MGMLoew's Inc.USAvideo103 minVBA 166-167
For The Love Of Benji1977Mulberry Square ProductionsMulberry Square ReleasingUSA35mm87HC 536-540
For The Love Of Mary1948UniversalUniversalUSA16mm90FH 032-034
For Whom The Bell Tolls1943ParamountParamountUSA16mm166 minFF 638-640
Forbidden GamesJeux Interdits1952Silver FilmsTimes Film Corp.Francevideo86 minVBA 176-177
Forced Entry1975Kodiak Films; Productions TwoUSA35mm88 minHA 927-931
Foreign Agent1942MonogramMonogramUSA16mm62 minFA 122-123
Fort Apache1948Argosy Pictures Corp.RKOUSA16mm127 minFC 939-941
Fort Massacre1958MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm80 minFF 780-782
Fort Osage1952MonogramMonogramUSA16mm72 minFA 016-017
Fortress1993Davis EntertainmentAustralia; USAvideo96VHA 806
Fortress1992Davis Entertainment Company; Fortress Films; Village Roadshow PicturesDimension FilmsAustralia; USA35mm89HC 218-222
Fortunes Of Captain Blood1950ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm90 minDD 318-320
Forty Naughty Girls1937RKORKOUSA16mm63 minFC 943-944
Four Daughters1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm90 minFB 002-004
Four Jacks And A Jill1941RKORKOUSA16mm67 minFC 945-946
Four Mothers1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm85 minFB 005-007
Four Wives1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm110 minFB 008-010
Four'S A Crowd1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm85 minFB 011-012
Fox Style1973Presidio ProductionsUSA35mm84 minHB 035-039
FraternityHsungti Chenchung1990Chin KeChyan Hsiang Film Co.Taiwan16mmFG 409-410
Freckles Comes Home1942MonogramMonogramUSA16mm63 minFA 124-125
Free Show Tonite1984Benchmark Films, Inc.USA16mm59DE 116-117
Freighters Of Destiny1931RKO PathéRKO PathéUSA16mm51 minFC 947-948
Frenchman'S Creek1944ParamountParamountUSA16mm110 minFE 826-828
Freshman Love1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm65 minFB 013-014
Friends And Lovers1931RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFC 952-953
Friends Of Mr. Sweeney1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm68 minFB 015-016
Frisco Jenny1933First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm70 minFB 017-018
From BeyondTerrore Dall'Ignoto1986Taryn Productions, Inc.Live EntertainmentUSAvideo85VHA 773
From BeyondTerrore Dall'Ignoto1986Taryn Productions, Inc.; Empire PicturesEmpire PicturesUSA35mm85HC 223-227
From Broadway To CheyenneBroadway To Cheyenne1933MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60 minFA 062-063
From Headquarters1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm62 minFB 022-023
From Here To Eternity1953ColumbiaColumbiaUSAvideo118 minVBA 135-136
From Noon Till Three1976Frankovich Productions Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm99FG658-660
From The Manger To The Cross1913Kalem Co.State RightsUSA16mmFB 024-025
From This Day Forward1946RKORKOUSA16mm95 minFC 954-956
Front Page Woman1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm81 minFB 026-027
Frozen AliveDer Fall X7011964Alfa Film; Creole Filmproduktion GmbnHGermany35mm63 minHA 368-371
Frozen AliveDer Fall X7011964Alfa Film; Creole Filmproducktion GmbnHGermany35mm63 minHA 372-375
Fugitive In The Sky1937Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm60 minFB 030-031
Fugitives For A Night1938RKORKOUSA16mm63 minFC 960-961
Full Confession1939RKORKOUSA16mm75 minFC 962-963
Fury In The Shaolin Temple1979Filmark Production CoHong Kong35mm83HB 823-827
Fury Of The Mad Monk1982Great East PicturesHong Kong35mmHB 828-832
G-Men1935First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm85 minFB 032-034
Gaby1956MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm96 minFF 458-460
Gaily, Gaily1969Mirisch; Cartier Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm107 minFF 855-857
Galloping Romeo1933MonogramMonogramUSA16mm59 minFA 130-131
Gambit1966UniversalUSA16mm108FH 022-023
Gambling House1950RKORKOUSA16mm79 minFC 964-966
Gambling Lady1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm65 minFB 035-036
Gambling On The High Seas1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm56 minFB 037-038
GamletHamlet1964LenfilmUSSR35 mmHB 586-589, HC 378-381, GA 564-565
Gang Bullets1938MonogramMonogramUSA16mm62 minFA 132-133
Gangway For Tomorrow1943RKORKOUSA16mm69 minFC 967-968
Garden Of Evil1954Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxMexico; USA16mm100 minFE 942-944
Garden Of The Moon1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm90 minFB 039-041
Gaslight1939Anglo-American Film Corp.; British National FilmsGreat Britain16mm88 minFF 461-463
Gaslight1944MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm111 minFF 464-466
Gates Of Heaven1978Errol MorrisNew Yorker FilmsUSA16mm85 minFF 290-291
Genevieve1953J. Arthur Rank OrganisationUniversalUnited Kingdom16mm86FH 010-011
Genius At Work1946RKORKOUSA16mm61 minFC 976-977
Gentleman From Dixie1941MonogramMonogramUSA16mm61 minFA 136-137
Gentleman Jim1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm104 minFB 045-048
Gentleman'S Agreement1948Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm118 minFE 493-495
Gentlemen Are Born1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm74 minFB 049-050
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes1953Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSAvideo91 minVBA 099-100
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes1953Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm91 minFE 460-461
George Washington Slept Here1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm93 minFB 051-053
George White'S Scandals1945RKORKOUSA16mm95 minFC 978-980
Georgy Girl1966Everglades ProductionsColumbiaUnited Kingdom16mm100DF 552-554
Ghost Valley1932RKO PathéRKO PathéUSA16mm54 minFC 981-982
Gibel' EskadryDoom Of The Squadron; Zagibel' Eskadri1965Dovzhenko StudiosUSSR35 mmGA 536-547
Gideon Of Scotland YardGideon'S Day1959ColumbiaColumbiaGreat Britain; USA16mm91 minutesFG 774-775
Gilda1946ColumbiaColumbiaUSAvideo108 minVBA 471-472
Gildersleeve On Broadway1943RKORKOUSA16mm62 minFC 983-984
Gildersleeve'S Bad Day1943RKORKOUSA16mm62 minFC 985-986
Gildersleeve'S Ghost1944RKORKOUSA16mm63 minFC 987-988
Girl From Rio1939MonogramMonogramUSA16mm63 minFA 140-141
Girl Happy1965Euterpe, Inc.MGMUSA16mm96 minFF 467-469
Girl In Gold Boots1968Ted V. Mikels Film ProductionUSA35mm108 minHA 382-387
Girl In Gold Boots1968Ted V. Mikels Film ProductionUSA35mm108 minHA 376-381
Girl Missing1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm69 minFB 058-059
Girl O' My Dreams1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm65 minFA 142-143
Girl Of The Port1930RKOUSA16mmFC 998-999
Girl Of The Rio1932RKORKOUSA16mm68 minFD 001-002
Girl Rush1944RKORKOUSA16mm65 minFD 003-004
Girls On Probation1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm60 minFB 060-061
Give Me Your Heart1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm77 minFB 062-064
Glen Or Glenda?I Changed My Sex1953Screen Classics ProductionsScreen Classics ProductionsUSA16mm65 minutesFG 763-764
Glorifying The American Girl1929Paramount Famous Lasky Corp.USA16mmFG 606-607
Glorious Betsy1928Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 065-067
Go Chase Yourself1938RKORKOUSA16mm70 minFD 005-006
Go For Broke!1951MGMLoew's Inc.USA35mm90 minHA 857-861
Go Into Your DanceCasino De Paris1935First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm92 minFB071-073
Go West1940MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm79FH 163-164
God Is My Co-Pilot1945Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm83 minFB074-076
God'S Country And The Man1937MonogramMonogramUSA16mm54 minFA144-145
God'S Country And The Woman1937Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm80 minFB 077-078
God'S Gift To Women1931Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm71 minFB079-080
Going Highbrow1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm67 minFB 081-082
Going Places1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm84 minFB 083-085
Going Wild1931Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 086-087
Gold Diggers In Paris1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm95 minFB088-090
Gold Diggers Of 19331933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm90 minFB097-099
Gold Diggers Of 19351935First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm95 minFB091-093
Gold Diggers Of 19371936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm100 minFB094-096
Gold Dust Gertie1931Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm66 minFB 100-101
Gold Is Where You Find It1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm90 minFB102-104
Golden Dawn1930Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 107-108
Golden Earrings1947ParamountParamountUSA16mm95 minFE 380-382
Golden Needles1974Sequoia Pictures; American-InternationalUSA16mm92 minFE870-872
Goldfinger1964Eon Productions, Ltd.United ArtistsGreat Britain; USA35mm108 minHA 792-797
Goldie Gets Along1933King Motion Pictures, Inc.RKOUSA16mm65 minFD 007-008
Gone With The Wind1939Selznick International Pictures, Inc.Loew's Inc.USAvideo220 minVBA 379-382
Good Day For A Hanging1959Morningside Productions, Inc.ColumbiaUSA16mm85 minFE832-834
Good Times, Wonderful Times1966Rogosin Film ProductionsImpact Films; Rogosin FilmsGreat Britain; USA35mm70 minHB 428-431
Good Times, Wonderful Times1966Rogosin Film ProductionsImpact Films; Rogosin FilmsGreat Britain; USA35 mm70 minHB 432-435
Good Times, Wonderful Times1966Rogosin Film ProductionsImpact Films; Rogosin FilmsGreat Britain; USA16 mm70 minFF 563-564
Goodbye Again1933First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm64 minFB 109-110
Goodbye, Columbus1969Willow Tree ProductionsParamountUSA16mm105 minFE 368-370
Goodbye, Mr. Chips1939MGMLoew's Inc.Great Britain; United States16mm110FH 174-175
Government Girl1943RKORKOUSA16mm91 minFD 009-011
Grand Jury1936RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFD 012-013
Grand Old Girl1935RKORKOUSA16mm70 minFD 014-015
Grand Prix1966Joel ProductionsMGMUSAvideo179 minVBA 406-408
Grand Slam1933First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm65 minFB 115-116
Granny Get Your Gun1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm55 minFB117-118
Great Day1946RKO British ProductionsRKOGreat Britain; USA16mm68 minFD 016-017
Great Expectations1946CineguildGreat Britainvideo118 minVBA 240-242
Great Expectations1975Transcontinental Film ProductionsGreat Britain16mm124 minDD 250-252
Great Expectations1946CineguildGreat Britain16mm118FG 918-919
Great God Gold1935MonogramMonogramUSA16mm65 minFA 146-147
Great Guy1936Grand NationalGrand NationalUSA16mm73FE 573-574
Green Light1937Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm85 minFB 137-139
Gridiron Flash1934RKORKOUSA16mm62FD 025-026
Growing UpHsiaopi Te Kushih1983Wan Nien ChingCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 325-326
Gulliver'S Travels1939ParamountParamountUSA16mm74 minFE 326-327
Gulliver'S Travels1939ParamountParamountUSA16mm74 minFF 653-654
Gun Law1938RKORKOUSA16mm58 minFD 027-028
Gun Smugglers1948RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFD 029-030
Gunfight At The O.K. Corral1957ParamountParamountUSAvideo122 minVBA180-181
Gung Ho!1943UniversalUniversalUSA16mm87 minFE 318-319
Gunga Din1939RKORKOUSA16mm107 minFD 031-033
Gunplay1951RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFD 034-035
Guns Of Hate1948RKORKOUSA16mm61 minFD 036-037
Guns Of The Magnificent Seven1968MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm106 minFF852-855
Guns Of The Pecos1937First NationalThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm55 minFB 145-146
Hail1972Wylde Films Corp.USA35mm90 minHA 418-422
Hail1972Wylde Films Corp.USA35mm90 minHA 413-417
Hail The Conquering Hero1944ParamountParamountUSA16mm101 minutesFG 741-743
Half A Sixpence1968Ameran Films; A Charles H. Schneer-George Sidney ProductionParamountUSA16mm148FG 132-134
Half Shot At Sunrise1930RKOUSA16mmFD 042-044
Hamlet1948Two Cities FilmsUniversalUSAvideo155 minVBA 385-387
Hamlet1948Two Cities FilmsGreat Britain16mm155 minFF 658-662
Hantou No HaruSpring Of Korean Peninsula1941Myeong-bo Film CorporationTaewon EntertainmentKoreaDVD84VDA 010
Hao Hsiaotzu1986TomsonTomsonTaiwan16mmFG 318-319
HappinessLe Bonheur1966Parc FilmFrance35mm79HA 445-448
Happiness Ahead1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm80 minFB 147-149
Happy Landing1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60 minFA 148-149
Hard To Get1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm78 minFB 150-152
Hard To Handle1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm71 minFB 153-155
Hard Traveling1985Shire FilmsUSA35mm95 minHB 444-449
Harlan County U.S.A.1976Cabin Creek FilmsCinema 5 DistributingUSA16mm103 minFF 364-366
Harlow1965ParamountParamountUSA35mm125HC 276-282
Harold Lloyd'S World Of Comedy1962Harold LloydContinental Distributing, Inc.USA16mm94 minFE 173-174
Harold Teen1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm65 minFB 161-162
Harold Teen1928First NationalUSA16mmFB 159-160
Harper1966Warner Bros.USA16mm121FH 045-047
Harvey1950UniversalUniversalUSA16mm103DF 638-640
Hat, Coat And Glove1934RKORKOUSA16mm64 minFD 045-046
Haunted Gold1932Warner BrothersVitagraph, Inc.USA16mm57 minFB 165-166
Haunted House1940MonogramMonogramUSA16mm70 minFA 150-151
Havana Widows1933First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm62 minFB 167-168
Having Wonderful Crime1945RKORKOUSA16mm70 minFD 047-048
Having Wonderful Time1938RKORKOUSA16mm70 minFD 049-050
Hawaii1966MirischUnted ArtistsUSA16mm189 minFF 887-891
He Couldn'T Say No1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm57 minFB169-170
He Couldn'T Take It1933MonogramMonogramUSA16mm63 minFA 152-153
He Knew Women1930RKOUSA16mmFD 051-052
He Walked By Night1948Eagle-Lion Films, Inc.Eagle-Lion Films, Inc.USA16mm79 minFD661-662
He Was Her Man1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm70 minFB 171-172
He'S A Cockeyed Wonder1950ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm76 minFE 846-847
Headline Shooter1933RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFD 053-054
Heart Of GlassHerz Aus Glas1976Werner Herzog FilmproduktionGermany16mm94 minFF 296-297
Heart Of The North1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm74 minFB175-176
Heart To Heart1928First NationalUSA16mmFB 177-178
Hearts Divided1936First NationalThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm70 minFB 179-180
Heat Lightning1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm63 minFB 181-182
Heaven And EarthHuang Tien Hou Tu1981CMPCCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 307-309
Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison1957Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxGreat Britain; USA16mm106 minDD 213-215
Heavenly Days1944RKORKOUSA16mm71 minFD 055-056
Heipi Yu Paiya1987Hung TaiHung TaiTaiwan16mmFG 388-389
Hell And High Water1954Twentieth Century FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm103 minFF025-027
Hell Divers1932MGMMGMUSA16mm110 minFF 598-600
Hell'S Angels1930Caddo Co.United ArtistsUSA16mm125 minFE 175-177
Hell'S Highway1932RKORKOUSA16mm78 minFD 057-058
Hell'S Kitchen1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm82 minFB 183-184
Hell'Z WindstaffLong Hu Men1979nullHong Kong35mm85HB 843-847
Hellfighters1968Universal PicturesUSA16mm121 minDD 584-587
Henry V1944Two Cities FilmsUnited ArtistsUnited Kingdom16mm137FH 091-094
Her First RomanceThe Right Man1940MonogramMonogramUSA16mm77FA 291-292
Her Husband'S Secretary1937Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm60 minFB185-186
Her Kind Of Man1946Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm80 minFB 187-188
Her Majesty Love1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm75 minFB 189-190
Hercules Against The Moon Men1965Nike CinematograficaGovernor FilmsFrance16mm90DF 544-546
Hercules In New York1969RAF IndustriesUSA35mm90 minHA 878-882
Here Comes CarterThe Voice Of Scandal1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm55 minFB 191-192
Here Comes Happiness1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm56 minFB193-194
Here Comes Kelly1943MonogramMonogramUSA16mm64 minFA 154-155
Here Comes The Navy1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm86 minFB195-197
Here We Go Again1942RKORKOUSA16mm75 minFD 059-061
Hermoso Ideal1948Ramex FilmsRKOMexico16mm85 minFD 062-064
Heroes For Sale1933First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm71 minFB 198-199
Heroes In Blue1939Sherwill Productions, Inc.MonogramUSA16mm60 minFA 156-157
Hester Street1974Midwest Fim ProductionsUSA16mm89 minFF 428-430
Hi, Gaucho!1936RKORKOUSA16mm59 minFD 065-066
Hi, Nellie!1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm75 minFB 200-201
Hidden Enemy1940MonogramMonogramUSA16mm63 minFA 158-159
Hidden Valley1932MonogramMonogramUSA16mmFA 160-161
Hideaway1937RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFD 067-068
High Flyers1937RKORKOUSA16mm70 minFD 069-070
High Noon1952Stanley Kramer Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm84FG 974-975
High Pressure1932Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm72 minFB 204-205
High Sierra1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm100 minFB 206-208
High Society1956MGMLoew's Inc.USAvideo107 minVBA 404-405
High Stakes1931RKORKOUSA16mm69 minFD 071-072
Higher And Higher1943RKORKOUSA16mm88 minFD 073-075
Highway West1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm62 minFB 209-210
Highways By Night1942RKORKOUSA16mm62 minFD 076-077
Hills Of Kentucky1927Warner BrothersUSA16mmFA011-012
Hinh Anh Ve Doi Hoat Dong Cua Hd Chu-Tich1960[Democratic Republic of South Vietnam]Vietnam35mmGA 096-101
Hips, Hips, Hooray!1934RKORKOUSA16mm68 minFD 078-079
His Captive Woman1929First NationalUSA16mmFB 211-213
His Family Tree1935RKORKOUSA16mm59 minFD 080-081
His Girl Friday1940ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm92 minFE 345-347
His Greatest Gamble1934RKORKOUSA16mm70 minFD 082-083
His Kind Of Woman1951RKORKOUSA16mm120 minFD 084-086
His PeopleProud Heart1925UniversalUSA16mmFE 179-180
Hitler'S Children1943RKORKOUSA16mm80 minFD 087-089
Hitting A New High1937RKORKOUSA16mm80 minFD 090-092
Hoedown1950ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm63 minFE 741-742
Hold'Em Jail1932RKORKOUSA16mm65 minFD 093-094
Holiday Affair1949RKORKOUSA16mm86 minFD 095-097
Holiday Inn1942ParamountParamountUSA16mm100FG 566-567
Hollywood Canteen1944Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm124 minFB 214-216
Hollywood High Part Ii1981Lone Star ProductionsUSA35mm85 minHB 001-005
Hollywood Hotel1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm100 minFB 217-219
Home Form The HillOu Tsung Shanchung Lai1980Hsin HuaYuan YuanTaiwan16mmFG 328
Home Form The HillOu Tsung Shanchung Lai1980Hsin HuaYuan YuanTaiwan16mmFG 329-330
Homicide1949Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm77 minFB 220-221
Honeychile1951RepublicRepublicUSA16mm88 minFE 821-823
Honeymoon1947RKORKOUSA16mm74 minFD 098-099
Honeymoon For Three1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm63 minFB 222-224
Honeymoon Hotel1964MGMUSA16mm89FG 724-725
Honeymoon In Bali1939ParamountParamountUSA16mm95 minFE 611-612
Honeymoon Lodge1943UniversalUniversalUSA16mm62 minFE 848-849
Honeymoon, Limited1935MonogramMonogramUSA16mm70 minFA 162-163
Hoodoo Ann1916Fine Arts Film Co.Triangle Film Corp.USA16mmFE 243
Hook, Line And Sinker1930RKOUSA16mmFD 100-101
Hooray For Love1935RKORKOUSA16mm72 minFD 102-103
Hoosier Schoolboy1937MonogramMonogramUSA16mm62 minFA 164-165
Horizons West1952Universal-InternationalUniversalUSA16mm80 minFF 066-067
Horse Feathers1932Paramount Publix Corp.Paramount Publix Corp.USA16mm68FG 998-999
Hot Dog Kung Funullnull35mmHB 981-985
Hot Lead1951RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFD 104-105
Hot Money1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm67 minFB 229-230
Hot Rhythm1944MonogramMonogramUSA16mm79 minFA 168-169
Hot Tip1935RKORKOUSA16mm69 minFD 106-107
Hot Water1924Harold Lloyd Corp.Pathé ExchangeUSA16mmDC 948-949
Hot, Cool, And ViciousNan Quan Bei Tui Zhan Yan Wang1980nullFirst DistributorsTaiwan35mm93HC 142-146
Hotel Berlin1945Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm97 minFB 231-233
Hotel Reserve1946RKORKOGreat Britain; USA16mm80 minFD 108-109
House Of Darkness1948International Motion PicturesGreat Britain16mm77 minDD 485-486
House Of Wax1953Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm88 minFE 511-513
Housewife1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm69 minFB 238-239
How Molly Malone Made Good1915Photo Drama Co.Kulee Pictures, Inc.USAvideoVBA 686
How Sweet It Is!1968Cherokee ProductionsNational General Pictures CorporationUSA16mm99FG 704-706
How The West Was Won1962MGMUSA16mm155 minFF 348-351
How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying1966MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm119 minFF 866-869
Hsiang Huo1979CMPCCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 275-277
Hsiang Yeh JenThe Orientation1980Cathay; Chung YuChung YuTaiwan16mmFG 320-321
Hudson Hawk1991Silver Pictures; Tri-Star PicturesUSA16mm100 minFG 092-094
Hula1927ParamountUSA16mmDC 950-951
Human ExperimentsBeyond The Gate1980Pyramid EntertainmentUSA35mm86 minHA 962-966
Humoresque1947Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm123 minFB 240-243
Hunchback Of Notre Dame1939RKORKOUSA16mm115 minFD 110-112
Hunt The Man Down1950RKORKOUSA16mm68 minFD 113-114
Hurry, Charlie, Hurry1941RKORKOUSA16mm65 minFD 115-116
I Aim At The Stars1960Morningside Worldwide PicturesColumbiaGermany; USA16mm106FH 004-006
I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang1932Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm76 minFB 244-246
I Am A Thief1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm60 minFB 247-248
I Could Go On Singing1963Barbican FilmsUnited ArtistsUSA; UK16 mm99FG
I Dream Of Jeanie (With The Light Brown Hair)1952RepublicRepublicUSA16mm90 minFE 852-854
I Dream Too Much1935RKORKOUSA16mm85 minFD 117-119
I Found Stella Parish1935Warner BrosThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm78 minFB 249-250
I Like Your Nerve1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm70 minFB 251-252
I Live For Love1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm63 minFB 253-254
I Love You To Death1990TriStar Pictures; Chestnut Hill ProductionsUSA16mm97 minFF 896-898
I Loved A Women1933First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm90 minFB 255-257
I Married A Doctor1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm83 minFB 258-260
I Remember Mama1948RKORKOUSA16mm134 minFD 120-123
I Saw What You Did1965UniversalUSA16mm82 minFE 445-446
I Sell Anything1934First NationalFirst National; The Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm65 minFB 261-262
I Stand CondemnedMoscow Nghts1936Denham Productions; London Film Productions, Ltd.United ArtistsGreat Britain; USA16mm76 minFE 695-696
I Walked With A Zombie1943RKORKOUSA16mm68 minFD 124-125
I Wanna Hold Your Hand1978UniversalUSA35mm104 minHB 040-045
I Was Framed1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm61 minFB 263-264
I'Ll Be Seeing You1944Selznick International Pictures; Vanguard Films, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm83 minFF 051-053
I'Ll See You In My Dreams1952Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm109 minFE 758-760
I'Ll Take Sweden1964Superior FilmsUnited ArtistsUSA35mm96 minHA 839-844
I'M All Right Jack1959Charter FilmsBritish Lion FilmsGreat Britain16mm105 minutesFG 757-759
I'M All Right Jack1959Charter Film ProductionsGreat Britain16mm105DF 605-607
I'M From Missouri1939ParamountParamountUSA16mm77 minFE 652-653
I'M From The City1938RKORKOUSA16mm65 minFD 130-131
I'M Still Alive1940RKORKOUSA16mm70 minFD 132-133
I'Ve Got Your Number1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm67 minFB 307-308
Ice Castles1978International Cinemedia Center Productions; ColumbiaUSA16mm109 minFF 574-575
Ie Naki TenshiAngels On The Streets1941Koryo Film AssociationTaewon EntertainmentKoreaDVD73VDA 009
If I Had My Way1940UniversalUniversalUSA16mm93 minFE 791-792
If I Were Free1933RKORKOUSA16mm65 minFD 126-127
If You Knew Susie1948RKORKOUSA16mm89 minFD 128-129
IgrokThe Gambler1972Lenfilm and Barrandov StudioUSSR and Czechoslovakia35 mmHC 338-342
IkiruTo Live1952TohoThomas J. BrandonJapan16mm130FG 959-961
Il Lupo Della SilaThe Wolf Of The Sila1949Lux FilmItaly35mm77 minHA 482-485
Illegal1932Warner BrothersWarner BrothersGreat Britain; USA16mm64 minFB 265-266
Illicit1931Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm76 minFB 267-268
Image Before My Eyes1980Yivo Institute for Jewish ResearchUSA16mm88 minFF 370-372
Imitation General1958MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm87 minFE 782-783
Immediate Family1989ColumbiaUSA16mm95 minFG 028-030
Impending WarChanchen Chienhsi1984Sunny OverseasCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 390-391
In Caliente1935First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm84 minFB 269-271
In Name OnlyMemory Of Love1939RKORKOUSA16mm94 minFD 134-136
In Our Time1944Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm109 minFB 272-274
In Our Water1982Foresight Filmed EntertainmentNew Day FilmsUSA16mm60FF 678
In Person1935RKORKOUSA16mm87 minFD 137-138
In The Cool Of The Day1963MGMMGMUSA16mm91 minFF 479-481
In The Heat Of The Night1967Mirisch Corp.United ArtistsUSAvideo109 minVBA152-153
In The Heat Of The Night1967Mirisch Corp.United ArtistsUSA16mm109 minFA018-020
In The King Of Prussia1982Turin Film CorporationUSAvideo90 minVBA 595-596
In The Realm Of The SensesAi No Corrida1976Oshima Productions; Shibata Organisation; Argos-FilmsJapan; France16mm108FF 373-375
In The Year Of The Pig1969Monday Film Production Corp.Cinetree; Pathé Contemporary FilmsUSA35mm101 minHA006-010
In This Our Life1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm95 minFB 275-277
Incendiary Blonde1945ParamountUSA16mmFG 555-557
Incorrigible LiarNeispravimyy Lgun1973MosfilmUSSRvideoVBB 145-146
Incorrigible LiarNeispravimyy Lgun1973MosfilmUSSR35mmHB 308-311
Indian Agent1948RKORKOUSA16mm63 minFD 139-140
Indianapolis Speedway1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm80 minFB 278-280
Inspector Clouseau1968Mirisch Corp.United ArtistsUnited Kingdom16mm101 minFF 863-865
International Settlement1938Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm75 minFE 650-651
International Squadron1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm85 minFB 284-286
International Velvet1978MGMUSA, Great Britain16mm132 minFF 482-485
Intolerance1916D.W. Griffith; Wark Producing Corp.Wark Producing Corp.; Road ShowUSA16mmFE 181-183
Invaders From Mars1953National Pictures Corp. An Edward L. Alperson ProductionTwentieth Century-FoxUSAvideo77 minVBA 696-697
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers1955Walter Wanger Pictures, Inc.Allied ArtistsUSA16mm80 minFE 184-185
Invincible Obsessed FighterQi Shi Tong Shi1983Tomas Tang ProductionFilmark InternationalHong Kong35mmHC 447-451
Invisible Stripes1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm81 minFB 289-290
Iphigenia1976Elliniko Kentro KinimatographouGreece16mm129 minFF 376-378
Irene1940Imperadio Pictures, Ltd.RKOUSA16mm101 minFD 144-146
Irma La Douce1962Mirisch Co.; Phalanx Productions; Edward L. Alperson A Billy Wilder ProductionUnited ArtistsUSA16mm149 minFF803-806
Ironweed1987aft Entertainment Pictures; Keith Barish Productions; Home Box OfficeColumbia Tri-StarUSA16mm143 minFF 966-969
Is My Face Red?1932RKORKOUSA16mm66 minFD 149-150
Island Of Lost GirlsKommisar X - Drei Goldene Schlangen1975Parnass-Film; Constantin Film AG; G.I.A. Cinematografica; Oppenheimer Productions; Thai Tri-Mitr FilmsGerman Federal Republic; Italy; USA; Thailand35mm89 minHA 957-961
Isle Of Fury1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm60 minFB 293-294
Isle Of Lost Ships1929First NationalUSA16mmFB 295-296
Isle Of Missing Men1942MonogramMonogramUSA16mm67 minFA 172-173
Isle Of The Dead1945RKORKOUSA16mm70 minFD 151-152
It All Came True1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm97 minFB 297-299
It Happened In PenkovoDelo Bilo V Penkove1958Gorky Film StudioUSSR35mm100 minHB 614-618
It Happened One Night1934ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm105DF 595-597
It Happened To Jane1959Arwin Productions, Inc.ColumbiaUSA16mm98FG 691-693
It Happened Tomorrow1944Arnold ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSAvideo84 minVBA
It'S A Great Feeling1949Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm84 minFB
It'S A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World1963Casey ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA35mm192 minHA 904-911
It'S A Wonderful Life1947Liberty FilmsRKOUSA16mm120 minDD 408-411
It'S A Wonderful Life1947Liberty FilmsRKOUSA16mm120 minFE 374-377
It'S Impossible To Learn To Plow By Reading Books1988Detour FilmproductionUSADVD85VDA 144
It'S In The Bag!1945Manhattan ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm87 minFE 999-FF 001
It'S Love I'M After1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm87 minFB 302-304
It'S Tough To Be Famous1932First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm79 minFB
Ivan Grozny IiIvan The Terrible, Part Two1945Alma Ata StudioUSSR16mm103 minFE 111-112
Ivan Groznyy IIvan The Terrible, Part One1945Alma Ata StudioUSSR16mm103 minFE 109-110
Ivanovo DetstvoIvan'S Childhood1962MosfilmUSSR35 mmGA 548-552
Jack FrostMorozko1965Gorky Film StudioUSSRvideo81VBB 135-136
Jack FrostMorozko1965Gorky Film StudioUSSR35mm81HB 312-316
Jack Slade1953Allied ArtistsMonogram Pictures Corp.USA16mm90FG 976-978
Jacob'S Ladder1990Carolco Pictures, Inc.Tri-Star PicturesUSA16mm113 minFG 042-045
Jade GoddessYu Kuanyin1969CMPCCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 335-336
Jade Hands Of DeathShen Dao Liu Xing Chuan1981First FilmsHong Kong35mmHB 848-852
Jailbreak1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm60 minFB 309-310
Jalna1935RKORKOUSA16mm75 minFD 153-155
Jamaica Inn1939Mayflower Pictures Corp.ParamountGreat Britain; USA16mm99 minFE 553-554
Jane Eyre1944Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSAvideo95 minVBA 172-173
Janie1944Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm100 minFB 311-313
Janie Gets Married1946Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm89 minFB 314-316
Jazz Heaven1929RKORKOUSA16mmFD 156-157
Je T'Aime, Je T'Aime1968Parc Film, Fox EuropaTerra FilmsFrance16mm94 minFe 662-664
Je T'Aime, Je T'Aime1968Parc Film, Fox EuropaTerra FilmsFrance16mm94 minFE 659-661
Jeanne EagelsThe Jeanne Eagels Story1957George Sidney ProductionsColumbiaUSA16mm108 minutesFG 733-736
Jeremiah Johnson1972Joe Wizen-Sanford ProductionsWarner BrothersUSAvideo107 minVBA 161-162
Jewel Robbery1932Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm63 minFB 320-321
Jezebel1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm103 minFB 322-324
Jim The Penman1921Whitman Bennett ProductionsFirst NationalUSA16mmFB 325-326
Jimmy The Gent1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm66 minFB 327-328
Joan Of Paris1942RKORKOUSA16mm91 minFD 158-160
Joe Macbeth1955Film Locations, Ltd.Columbia Pictures CorporationGreat Britian; USA16 mm90FG 621-623
Joe Palooka In Triple Cross1951MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60DF 655-656
Joe Palooka, Champ1946MonogramMonogramUSA16mm70 minFE 811-812
John Loves Mary1949Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm96 minFB 329-331
Johnny Angel1945RKORKOUSA16mm76 minFD 161-163
Johnny Belinda1948Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm101 minFB 332-334
Johnny Handsome1989Carolco Pictures, Inc.Tri-Star PicturesUSA16mm94 minFG 031-033
Johnny Yuma1967West Film; Tiger FilmAtlantic Pictures; Clover Films Corp.Italy35mm99 minHA 435-441
Jonah Who Will Be 25 In The Year 2000Jonas Qui Aura 25 Ans En L'An 20001976Action Films, Citel Films, Société Française de Production, SSR Télévision SuisseSwitzerland16mm116 minFF 232-234
Jonathan1970Iduna FilmGermany16mm100 minFE 656-658
Journal Of A Crime1934First NationalThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm64 minFB 335-336
Journey Into Fear1943RKORKOUSA16mm68 minFD 164-165
Joy Of Living1938RKORKOUSA16mm85 minFD 166-168
Juarez1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm125 minFB 337-340
Judge Priest1934FoxFoxUSA16mm79 minFE 305-306
Juke Girl1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm90 minFB 341-343
Jules And JimJules Et Jim1962Films du Carosse; S.E.D.I.F.Janus FilmsFrance16mm105 minFE 186-188
JulietsZhu Li Ye2010Zeus International ProductionTaiwan35mmHC 611-616
June Bride1948Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm96 minFB 344-346
Jungle BookRudyard Kipling'S Jungle Book1942Alexander Korda Films, Inc. A Zoltan Korda FilmUnited ArtistsUSA16mm108 minFE 670-672
Jungle CavalcadeFrank Buck'S Jungle Cavalcade1941RKORKOUSA16mm75 minFD 171-172
Jupiter'S Darling1955MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm95 minFE 963-964
Kansas City Kitty1944ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm72 minFE 739-740
Kansas City Princess1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm64 minFB 347-348
Katzelmacher1969antiteater-X-FilmGermany16mm88 minFF 304-306
Kazakhskaia Ssr [The Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic]1970KazakhfilmUSSRvideoVBA 772
Kazakhskaia Ssr [The Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic]1970KazakhfilmUSSR35mmGA 237
KazakiThe Cossacks1961MosfilmUSSR35 mmHC 349-353
Keep 'Em Rolling1934RKORKOUSA16mm65 minFD 173-174
Kelly'S Heroes1970The Warriors Co.; Avala Film; Katzka-Loeb ProductionsMGMUSA16mm145 minFF 486-489
Kentucky CarnivalCounty Fair1937MonogramMonogramUSA16mm67FA 176-177
Kentucky Kernels1934RKORKOUSA16mm74 minFD 175-177
Kept Husbands1931RKORKOUSA16mm75 minFD 178-179
Key Largo1948Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm100 minFB 353-355
Kid Galahad1962MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm95 minFF 813-816
Kid Galahad1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mmFB 363-365
Kid Nightingale1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm57 minFB 366-367
Kidnapping Caucassian StyleKavkazskaya Plennitsa, Ili Novye Priklyucheniya Shurika1966GoskinoUSSRvideo82 minVBB 155-156
Kidnapping Caucassian StyleKavkazskaya Plennitsa, Ili Novye Priklyucheniya Shurika1966GoskinoUSSR35mm82 minHB 317-320
Kill The Umpire1950ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm77 minFE 911-912
Kind Hearts And Coronets1950Ealing StudiosJanus FilmsGreat Britainvideo106 minVBA 123-124
King Kelly Of The U.S.A.1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm64 minFA 178-179
King Kong1933RKORKOUSA16mm96 minFD 180-182
King Of Hockey1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm56 minFB 371-372
King Of The Ants2003Anthill Productions; Hecht Productions; Red Hen ProductionsAnthill ProductionsUSA35mm101HC 229-234
King Of The Lumberjacks1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm58 minFB 373-374
King Of The Underworld1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm69 minFB 375-376
King Of The Zombies1941Sterling Productions, Inc.MonogramUSA16mm67 minFA 180-181
Kings Of The Sun1963MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm108 minFF 849-851
Kings Row1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm127 minFB 377-380
Kirgizi [Kirghiz]196?Kirgiz Film StudiosUSSRvideoVBA 772
Kirgizia [Kirghiz]196?Kirgiz Film StudiosUSSR35mmHB 113
Kiss Me AgainToast Of The Legion1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm75 minFB 386-387
Kiss Of Death1947Twentieth-Century FoxTwentieth-Century FoxUSA16mm95FG 128-129
Kiss Of The Spider WomanO Beijo Da Mulher Aranha1985HB Filmes, Island Alive, FilmDallas PicturesBrazil, USA16mm121 minFF 202-204
Kiss The Boys Goodbye1941ParamountParamountUSA16mm83 minFE 927-928
Kisses For Breakfast1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm81 minFB 388-389
Kitty1946ParamountParamountUSA16mm103 minFE 430-432
Kitty Foyle1940RKORKOUSA16mm105 minFD 183-185
Klondike Fever1979Klondike Fever Film ProductionsUSA35mm106 minHA 932-937
Knife And His Six FriendsTsaitao Yu Liuke Pengyu1988Fu Yuan Film WorkshopTomsonTaiwan16mmFG 280-281
Knife In The HeadMesser Im Kopf1978Bioskop FilmGermany16mm113FF 141-143
Knock On Any Door1949Santana Pictures, Inc.ColumbiaUSA16mm98FH 102-104
Knockout1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm71 minFB 390-391
Knute Rockne-All American1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm97 minFB 392-394
KörkarlenThe Phantom Chariot1921Svensk FilmindustriSweden16mm93 minFE 191-192
Kramer Vs. Kramer1979ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm105 minFF 910-912
Kto Seyet Veter [Who Sows The Wind]1979Tsental'nayaUSSR35mmGA 471-475
Kun Kun Hung ChenRed Dust1990Tomson Film Co.; Pineast PicturesTomson Film Co. Ltd.Hong Kong16mmFG 282-283
Kung Fu GeniusTian Cai Gong Fu1979Goldig Film CompanyHong Kong35mm91 minHB 858-862
Kung Fu Master Named Drunk CatZui Mao Shi Fu1978Goldig Film CompanyHong Kong35mmHB 863-867
Kung Fu Of 8 DrunkardsZui Ba Xian Quan1980nullCannonHong Kong35mmHB 853-857
L.A. Story1991Carolco PicturesUSA16mm95 minFF 913-914
L'Air Du TempsShih Tai Chi Feng1990Taiwan Film Culture CompanyHsin ChuanTaiwain16mmFG 476-477
L'Invitation Au Voyage1982NEF Diffusion; FilmalphaColumbiaFrance; Italy16mm93 minFF 927-929
La Guerre D'Un Seul HommeOne Man'S War1981Marion's Films, Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, Zweites Deutsches FernsehenFrance16mm109 minFF 172-174
La Guerre Est Finie1966Sofracima, Europa FilmFrance, Sweden16mm122 minFE 170-172
La Muerte De Un BurocrataDeath Of A Bureaucrat1966Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria CinematograficosCuba16mm85 minFF 281-282
La Passante Du Sans Souci1982Eléphant Production, Antenne 2, CCC FilmkunstFrance, Germany16mm115 minFF 395-397
La Roue1921Pathé Frères, Films Abel GanceFrance16mm303 minutesFE 123-125
La Soufriere1977Werner Herzog FilmproduktionGermany16mm31DD 734
La StradaThe Road1956Ponti-De LaurentiisTrans-Lux DistributingItalyvideo104 minVBA 125-126
Ladies Day1943RKORKOUSA16mm62 minFD 186-187
Ladies Must Live1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm57 minFB 395-396
Ladies Of The Jury1932RKORKOUSA16mm64 minFD 188-189
Ladies They Talk About1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm64 minFB 397-398
Ladri Di BicicletteBicycle Thieves1948Produzioni de SicaItaly16mm96 minFE193-194
Lady Chaser1946PRC PicturesPRC PicturesUSA16mm58 minFE 824-825
Lady For A Night1942RepublicRepublicUSA16mm87 minFF 030-031
Lady Gangster1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm62 minFB 399-400
Lady Ice1973Tomorrow EntertainmentUSA16mm92 minFE 857-859
Lady Killer1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm67 minFB 401-402
Lady Luck1946RKORKOUSA16mm97 minFD 193-195
Lady Scarface1941RKORKOUSA16mm65 minFD 198-199
Lady With A Past1932RKO PathéRKO PathéUSA16mm79 minFD 200-202
Lady With Red Hair1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm78 minFB 408-410
Land Of The BraveTierra De Valientes1974Producciones Del ReyOcean Shores DistributionMexico35mm85 minHB 873-877
Land Of The Open Range1941RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFD 203-204
Land Without BreadLas Hurdes1933Ramon AcinSpain16mm29DC 860
Lao Shi Ssu Ke Yeh Ta1982CMPCCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 454-455
Larceny, Inc.1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm94 minFB 413-415
Larks On A StringSkrivánci Na Nitích1990Filmové Studio BarrandovCzechoslovakia35 mm100 minHC 104-108
Laserblast1978Selected PicturesThe Irwin Yablans CompanyUSA35mm80 minHB 021-025
Lásky Jedné PlavovláskyLoves Of A Blonde1965Filmové Studio Barrandov, Sebor-Bor, Ceskoslovensky FilmCzechoslovakia35mm82HA 472-476
Last Of The Comanches1952ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm85 minFE 908-910
Last Of The Red Hot Lovers1972ParamountParamountUSA16mm98FH 160-162
Last RomanceLiu Chin Sui Yueh1989CMPC; Hong Tai; Far-DunCMPCHong Kong16mmFG 370-371
Last Train To TamshuiOumen Te Tiankong1986Fee TangHsin ChuanTaiwan16mmFG 364-365
Laugh And Get RichBoard And Room1931RKORKOUSA16mm72 minFD 211-212
Law Of The Badlands1950RKORKOUSA16mm59 minFD 213-214
Law Of The Jungle1942MonogramMonogramUSA16mmFA 184-185
Law Of The North1932MonogramMonogramUSA16mm51 minFA 186-187
Law Of The Tropics1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm76 minFB 424-425
Law Of The Underworld1938RKORKOUSA16mm58 minFD 215-216
Lawless Valley1938RKORKOUSA16mm59 minFD 219-220
Lawrence Of Arabia1962HorizonColumbiaGreat Britain; USA16mm180 minutesFG 726-732
Lawyer Man1932Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm68 minFB 426-427
Le Passion De Jeanne D'ArcThe Passion Of Joan Of Arc1928Société générale des filmsFrance16mm114 minFE 121-122
Le SamouraiThe Samurai1967Filmel, Compagnie Industrielle et Commerciale Cinématograp, Fida CinematograficaFrance, Italy35mm95HA 404-409
Le SamouraiThe Samurai1967Filmel, Compagnie Industrielle et Commerciale Cinématograp, Fida CinematograficaFrance35mm95HA 398-403
Le Secret D'Argeville1919Pathé FrèresFrance16mmDC 944
Leave It To The Irish1944Lindsley Parsons Productions, Inc.MonogramUSA16mm61 minFA 190-191
Lee'S Last Standn.d.nullnull35mmHB 878-883
Legend Of A FighterHuo Yuan-Jia1982Seasonal Film Corp.Hong Kong35mmHC 071-075
Legendary Weapons Of Kung FuShi Ba Ban Wu Yi1982Shaw Brothers Production CoHong Kong35mm109 minHB 884-888
Legion Of The Lawless1940RKORKOUSA16mm59 minFD 221-222
Leng Yue Gu Xing Jian Wu QingInvincible Swordswoman1977nullGolden HarvestHong Kong16mmFG 494-495
Lenin V OktyabreLenin In October1937Gosudarstvennoe Upravlenie KinematografiiUSSRvideo103 minVBA 994-995
Lenin V OktyabreLenin In October1937Gosudarstvennoe Upravlenie KinematografiiUSSR35mm103 minGA 227-236
Lenny1974United ArtistsUSAvideo111 minVBA 088-089
Leopard Fist Ninja1982Asso Asia FilmsHong Kong35mmHB 971-975
Les Visiteurs Du Soir1942Eagle-Lion FilmsFrance16mm110FE 227-229
Let There Be Light1946U.S. Army Signal Corps. Pictorial ServiceUSA16mm58 minDC 906-907
Let Us Live1939ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm68 minFE 582-583
Let'S GoKuo He Hsiao Tsui1989Great United Film Co.Hsin ChuanTaiwan16mmFG 305-306
Let'S Go Collegiate1941MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60 minFA 194-195
Let'S Make Music1940RKORKOUSA16mm84 minFD 225-227
Let'S Try Again1934RKORKOUSA16mm64 minFD 228-229
Life Begins1932First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm71 minFB 431-432
Life Is A Bed Of RosesLa Vie Est Un Roman1983Philippe Dussart Productions, Soprofilms, Films A2, Fideline Films, Films Ariane, Filmédis, ParisFrance16mm111 minFF 199-201
Life With Father1947Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm116 minFE 330-332
Lifeforce1985Easedram, London Cannon FilmsTri-Star PicturesGreat Britan16mm101 minFG 076-078
Light Years AwayLes Annã¿Es Lumiã¿Re1981Productions Audiovisuelles, Phénix Productions, Slotint Productions, SSR Télévision SuisseFrance, Switzerland16mm107 minFF 175-177
Lightning BoltOperazione Goldman1966Seven Film (Rome), B.G.A., Producciones Cinematograficas BalcázarItaly, Spain35mm96 minHA 458-462
Lightning Strikes Twice1934RKORKOUSA16mm64FD 236-237
Lights Of New York1928Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm57FB 443-444
Lilac Time1928First NationalUSA16mmFB 445-447
Lilly Turner1933First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm65FB 448-449
Linda And Abilene1969United Pictures OrganizationUSA35mm93HA 463-466
Liquid Sky1982Z FilmsUSA16mm112FF 180-182
Little Big Shot1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm72FB 455-456
Little Boy Lost1953ParamountParamountUSA16mm94FF 635-637
Little Caesar1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm77FB 457-458
Little EscapesLes Petites Fugues1978Filmkollektiv AGSwitzerland; France16mm140FF 150-153
Little Lord Fauntleroy1936Selznick International Pictures, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm97FE 613-615
Little Men1941The Play's The Thing Productions, Inc.RKOUSA16mm84FE 703-704
Little Miss Thoroughbred1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm64FB 461-462
Little Red Monkey1954Merton ParkGreat Britain16mm74FE 983-985
Little Shaolin MonksHsiao Hsiao Shaolin1992Scholar FilmsScholar FilmsTaiwan16 mmFG 352-353
Living At Risk: The Story Of A Nicaraguan Family1985production company unknownNew Yorker FilmsUSA16mmFF 159
Living On Velvet1935First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm77FB 463-464
Loan Shark1952Lippert Productions, Inc.Lippert Pictures, Inc.USA16mm79FE 850-851
Local Boy Makes Good1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm67FB 465-466
Lone Star Law Men1941Prescott Pictures, Inc.MonogramUSA16mm58FA 200-201
Lonely Are The Brave1962Joel ProductionsUniversalUSA16mm107FH 070-072
Lonely Wives1931Pathé Exchange, Inc.RKO Pathé Exchange, Inc.USA16mm85FD 246-248
Lonelyhearts1958Schary Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSA35mm101HA 851-856
Long Day'S Journey Into Night1962Landau ProductionsEmbassy PicturesUSA16mm174DC 867-870
Long Lost Father1934RKORKOUSA16mm62FD 249-250
Look For The Silver Lining1949Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm106FB 467-469
Look Who'S Laughing1941RKORKOUSA16mm75FD 251-252
Loose Ankles1930First NationalUSA16mmFB 470-471
Loot1970Performing ArtsGreat Britain35mm101 minHA 467-471
Lord Jim1965ColumbiaColumbiaUSA35mm154HC 294-302
Lord Love A Duck1966Charleston EnterprisesUnited ArtistsUSA16mm109FG 967-969
Los OlvidadosThe Young And The Damned1950Ultramar FilmsMexico16mm88 minFE 204-205
Los Que Volvieron1947Ramex, S.A.; RKOClasa-Mohme, Inc.USA16mm78 minFD 253-255
Lost Horizon1937ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm118FE 338-340
Lost In The Stratosphere1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm64FA 202-203
Lost Planet AirmenKing Of The Rocket Men1951RepublicRepublicUSA16mm65 min.DD 594-595
Lost SoulsVite Perdute1961Oscar FilmEllis FilmsItaly35mm84HA 477-481
Louisiana Territory1953RKO-Pathé, Inc.RKOUSA16mm65FD 261-262
Love Affair, Or The Case Of The Missing Switchboard OperatorLjubavni Slucaj Ili Tragedija Sluzbenice P.T.T.1967Avala FilmYugoslavia16mm79DC 908-909
Love And Learn1947Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm84FB 474-476
Love At Twenty [One Episode]L' Amour A Vingt Ans1963Ulysse ProductionsFrance16mmDC 888-889
Love Begins At Twenty1936First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm57FB 477-478
Love Begins HereAite Tainti1973CMPCCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 423-425
Love Bridge Over The Trouble WaterChienying Tachiao1985Chin KeScholarTaiwan16mmFG 403-404
Love CellsDas Stundenhotel Von St. Pauli1970Terra-Film; Parnass-FilmExportfilm Bischoff & CompanyGermany35mm95HA 619-623
Love In Chilly SpringChun Han1979Hsin Ya; Hua LiangHsin YaTaiwan16mmFG 356-357
Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing1955Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm102FE 730-732
Love Is A Racket1932First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm72FB 481-482
Love Is On The Air1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm58FB 483-484
Love Is SweetChingchun Wuhui1993Sunny Overseas; Golden HarvestCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 380-381
Love On A Bet1936RKORKOUSA16mm75FD 263-264
Love On The Big CountryTa Ti Chin Ching1980Tian Ping Co.Hwa FuTaiwan16mmFG 294-295
Love, Honor And Goodbye1945RepublicRepublicUSA16mm86FF 586-587
Love, Honor, And Behave1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm70 minFB 479-480
Lovin' The Ladies1930RKOUSA16mmFD 265-266
Loving Hands1976production company unknownFrance16mmCB 100
Lucia1969Instituto Cubano de Arte e Industria CinematográfiCuba16mm161 minFF 257-260
Lucky Devils1933RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFD 267-268
Lucky Larrigan1933MonogramMonogramUSA16mm56 minFA 208-209
Lucky Me1954Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm99 minFE 433-434
Lucky Nick Cain1951Kaydor ProductionsTwentieth Century-FoxGreat Britain; USA16mm85FG 949-950
Lucky Partners1940RKORKOUSA16mm102 minFD 269-271
Lure Of The Islands1942MonogramMonogramUSA16mm61 minFA 210-211
M1931Nero FilmGermanyvideo117 minVBA 238-239
M1931Nero FilmGermany16mm117 minFE 197-198
M'LissBret Harte'S M'Liss1936RKORKOUSA16mm66 minFD 369-370
Macao1952RKORKOUSA16mm81 minFD 272-274
Mad, Mad SwordShen Jing Dao1969Cathay OrganisationHong Kong35mm97HB 889-893
Mad, Mad SwordShen Jing Dao1969Cathay OrganisationHong Kong35mm97HC 037-041
Madame Du Barry1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm77 min.FB 487-488
Made In Paris1966Euterpe, Inc.MGMUSA16mm103 minFF 529-531
Mademoiselle Fifi1944RKORKOUSA16mm69FD 277-278
Magnificent FistTie Dan Ying Xiong1978nullOcean Shores Video DistributionUSA35mm87 minHB 894-898
Maid'S Night Out1938RKORKOUSA16mm60 minFD 282-283
Make A Million1935MonogramMonogramUSA16mm64 minFA 212-213
Make Haste To Live1954RepublicRepublicUSA16mm90 minFE 978-980
Make Like A Thief1966V P ProductionsEmerson Film EnterprisesFinland; USA35mm80 min.HA 486-489
Make Mine Laughs1949RKORKOUSA16mm63 minFD 284-285
Make Way For A Lady1936RKORKOUSA16mm63 minFD 286-287
Make Your Own Bed1944Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm80FB 489-491
Mama Loves Papa1945RKORKOUSA16mm61 minFD 288-289
Mammy1930Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 498-499
Man Alive1945RKORKOUSA16mm70 minFD 290-291
Man From Headquarters1942MonogramMonogramUSA16mm63 minFA 214-215
Man Hunt1933King Motion Pictures, Inc.RKOUSA16mm65 minFD 292-293
Man Hunt1936Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm65 minFB 502-503
Man Of Aran1934GainsboroughGreat BritainvideoVBA
Man Of Iron1935First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm61FB 507-508
Man Of MarbleCzlowiek Z Marmur1976Zespol Filmowy 'X'; Film PolskiPoland16mm165FF 154-158
Man Of The West1958Ashton Productions, Inc.; MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm100FF 799-802
Man Of Two Worlds1934RKORKOUSA16mm92FD 294-296
Man On A Tight Rope1953Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA; Germany16mm104DD 490-493
Man To ManBarber John'S Boy1930Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 509-510
Man Wanted1932Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm63FB 511-512
Man With A Movie CameraChelovek'S Kinoapparatom1929VUFKUUSSR16mm90FE 103-104
Manchurian Avenger1985Facet Film ProductionsFacet Films Inc.USA35mm81HB 899-903
Mandalay1934First NationalThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm65FB 524-525
Manhattan Love Song1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm70FA 218-219
Manpower1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm102FB 526-528
Mantis Under Tiger'S Clawnullnull35mmHC 002-006
MarcelinoMarcelino Pan Y Vino1955ChamartinSpain16mm91FG 922-923
March Of The White QueenKhod Beloi Korolevy1971LenfilmUSSRvideo95VBB 159-160
March Of The White QueenKhod Beloi Korolevy1971LenfilmUSSR35mm95HB 340-344
Mardi Gras1958Jerry Wald Productions, Inc.Twentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm107FE 829-831
Margin For Error1943Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm74FE 476-477
Marine Raiders1944RKORKOUSA16mm90FD 299-301
Marines Fly High1940RKORKOUSA16mm68FD 302-303
Marked Woman1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm95FB 529-531
Marooned1969Frankovich Productions, Inc.ColumbiaUSA16 mm133FG 633-637
Married And In Love1940RKORKOUSA16mm58FD 304-305
Marry The Girl1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm65 minFB 532-533
Martial Monksnullnull35mmHC 027-031
Marty1955Hecht-Lancaster ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm89FH 100-101
Marvellous Stunts Of Kung FuJue Zhao Liu Shi1979nullNYUE Distribution Co.USA35mmHB 904-908
Mary Jane'S Pa1935First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm68 minFB 534-535
Mary Of Scotland1936RKORKOUSA16mm123 minFD 308-310
Mary Stevens, M.D.1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm71 minFB 536-537
Mary, Queen Of Scots1971Hal Wallis ProductionsUniversalGreat Britain; USA16mm128FE 796-798
Masked Raiders1949RKORKOUSA16mm59 minFD 311-312
Mason Of The Mounted1932MonogramMonogramUSA16mm58 minFA 220-221
Massacre1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm69 minFB 541-542
Master Of ZenTamotsushih Chuan1994Brandy Film Production Co.Hong Kong16mmFG 411-412
Mauri1988Awatea FilmsNew Zealand16mm99 minFE 721-723
Mauvaise ConduiteImproper Conduct1984Films du Losange (Paris), Antenne 2France16mm114 minFF 191-193
Maybe It'S Love1930Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 548-549
Maybe It'S Love1935First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm62 minFB 550-551
Me, Natalie1969Nob Hill ProductionsNational General Pictures CorporationUSA16mm111DC 983-985
Mean Dog Blues1978Bing Crosby ProductionsAIPUSA16mm109FE 462-464
Meet Danny Wilson1951UniversalUniversalUSA16mm86FE 389-390
Meet The Missus1937RKORKOUSA16mm65FD 320-321
Melodies Of The Verijsky QuarterVeris Ubnis Melodiebi1973Qartuli PilmiUSSRvideo96VBB 179-180
Melodies Of The Verijsky QuarterVeris Ubnis Melodiebi1973Qartuli PilmiUSSR35mm96HB 345-349
Melody Cruise1933RKORKOUSA16mm74FD 322-324
Melody For Two1937Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm60FB 555-556
Melody Parade1943MonogramMonogramUSA16mm72FA 222-223
Memories Of UnderdevelopmentMemorias Del Subdesarrolo1968El Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria CinematograficosCuba16mm97FF 169-171
Memphis Belle1944Army Air Forces First Motion Picture UnitParamountUSA16mm40FE 199
Men Against The Sky1940RKORKOUSA16mm75FD 325-326
Men Are Such Fools1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm66FB 557-558
Men In Exile1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm56FB 559-560
Men Of America1932RKORKOUSA16mm55FD 327-328
Men Of Chance1932RKORKOUSA16mm65FD 329-330
Mephisto1981Magyar Filmgyártó VallalatHungary; Germany16mm144FF 382-385
Merry Wives Of Reno1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm61FB 563-564
Merry-Go-Round1923UniversalUSA16mmDC 910-912
Mexican Spitfire1940RKORKOUSA16mm67FD 331-332
Mexican Spitfire At Sea1942RKORKOUSA16mm72FD 333-334
Mexican Spitfire Out West1940RKORKOUSA16mm75FD 335-336
Mexican Spitfire Sees A Ghost1942RKORKOUSA16mm69FD 337-338
Mexican Spitfire'S Blessed Event1943RKORKOUSA16mm62FD 341-342
Mexican Spitfire'S Elephant1942RKORKOUSA16mm63FD 343-344
Michael Shayne, Private Detective1941Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm77DE 666-667
Mickey One1965Florin-Tatira ProductionsColumbiaUSA16mm93FG 979-980
Midnight Alibi1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm59FB 565-566
Midnight Court1937Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm60FB 567-568
Midnight Cowboy1969Jerome Hellman ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSAvideo113VBA 095-096
Midnight Cowboy1969Jerome Hellman ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm111FH 112-113
Midnight Express1978ColumbiaUSA16mm121FG 034-036
Midnight Lace1960UniversalUniversalUSA16mm107FF 581-583
Midnight Limited1940Sherwill Productions, Inc.MonogramUSA16mm61FA 224-225
Midnight Lovers1926John McCormick ProductionsFirst NationalUSA16mmFB 569-570
Midnight Mystery1930RKOUSA16mmFD 345-346
Midshipman Jack1933RKORKOUSA16mm65FD 347-348
Mighty Joe Young1949Arko, Inc.RKOUSA16mm93FD 349-351
Mildred Pierce1945Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm109FB 574-576
Mildred Pierce1945Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm109FF 705-707
Millhouse: A White Comedy1971Emile de Antonio, Inc.New Yorker FilmsUSA35mm92HA 001-005
Millie1931Charles R. Rogers Productions, Inc.RKOUSA16mm81FD 352-354
Million Dollar Baby1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm65FA 226-227
Million Dollar Baby1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm100FB 577-579
Millionaire Playboy1940RKORKOUSA16mm64FD 355-356
Millionaires In Prison1940RKORKOUSA16mm64FD 357-358
Ming Chien Feng Liu1981Yi HeSan PuTaiwan16mmFG 486-488
Miracle On 34Th Street1947Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm95FE 545-547
Misbehaving LadiesQueen Of Main Street1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm65FB 584-585
Misery1990ColumbiaUSA16mm107FG 073-075
Miss Pacific Fleet1935Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm63FB 586-587
Miss Pinkerton1932First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm61FB 588-589
Missing Witness1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm60FB 590-591
Mission To Moscow1943Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm123FB 592-594
Mister BuddwingWoman Without A Face1966DDD ProductionsMGMUSA16mm100FF 497-499
Mister Cinderella1936Hal Roach StudiosLoew's Inc.USA16mm75FF 017-018
Mister Roberts1955Orange Productions, Ltd.Warner Bros.USA16mm120DF 644-647
Mo Lun1983CMPCCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 316-317
Mo' Money1992ColumbiaUSA16mm89 minFF 937-939
Moana1926Famous Players--LaskyParamountUSA16mm77 minDC 913-914
Moby Dick1930Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 604-606
Moby Dick1956Moulin, Warner BrothersWarner BrothersGreat Britain; USA16mm115 minFF 783-785
Mona Lisa1986HandMade FilmsGreat Britain16mm104 minFF 160-162
Money And The Woman1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm60 minFB 609-610
Money Means Nothing1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm64 minFA 234-235
Money To Burn1939RepublicRepublicUSA16mm69 minDD 352-353
Monsieur Beaucaire1946ParamountParamountUSA16mm92 minDD 405-407
MonstrosityThe Atomic Brain1963Cinema VenturesEmerson Film EnterprisesUSA35mm70 minHA 515-518
Montana Belle1952Fidelity Pictures, Inc.; RepublicRKOUSA16mm81 minFD 371-373
Monte Carlo Nights1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60 minFA 238-239
Moonlight On The Prairie1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm60 minFB 611-612
Moonlighting Wives1966Morgan PicturesCannon Releasing Corp.; Craddock FilmsUSA35mm86 minHA 519-523
Morning Glory1933RKORKOUSA16mm70 minFD 374-375
Morskie RasskazyTales Of The Sea; The Affair; Scorpion And Cotton1967MosfilmUSSR35mmHB 590-591, HC 335-337
Mortal Thoughts1991New Visions Pictures, Polar Entertainment, Rufglen FilmsColumbiaUSA16mm103 minFF 940-942
MotherMuchin1982nullTaiwan16mmFG 322-324
Mother Carey'S Chickens1938RKORKOUSA16mm81 minFD 376-377
Mother'S Cry1930First NationalUSA16mmFB 613-614
Moulin Rouge1953RomulusFilms, Ltd.United ArtistsGreat Britain; USA16mm118 minFF 740-742
Mountain Justice1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm82 minFB 615-616
Mountains Of The Moon1989Carolco Pictures, Inc., IndieProd CompanyTri-StarUSA16mm136 minFF 943-946
Mr. And Mrs. Smith1941RKORKOUSA16mm90FD 359-360
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House1948RKOSelznick Releasing OrganizationUSA16mm93FD 361-363
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House1948RKOSelznick Releasing OrganizationUSA16mm93DD 307-309
Mr. Chump1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm60FB 595-596
Mr. Cohen Takes A WalkFather Takes A Walk1936Warner BrothersWarner BrothersGreat Britain; USA16mm79FA 929-930
Mr. Dodd Takes The Air1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm80FB 597-599
Mr. Doodle Kicks Off1938RKORKOUSA16mm75FD 364-365
Mr. Drake'S Duck1951Angel ProductionsUnited ArtistsGreat Britain; USA16mm75FE 981-982
Mr. Kwangtung And The Highwayman1980nullHong Kong16mmFG 467-469
Mr. Lucky1943RKORKOUSA16mm96FD 366-368
Mr. Majestyk1974MirischUSA16mm103FF 892-894
Mr. Robinson Crusoe1932The Elton Corp.United ArtistsUSA16mm70 minFE 697-698
Mr. Saturday Night1992Castle Rock EntertainmentColumbiaUSA16mm119FF 970-972
Mr. ScarfaceI Padroni Della Cittã¿1976Cineproduzioni Daunia 70PRO International PicturesItaly16mm85 minFE 442-443
Mr. Skeffington1944Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm146 minFB 600-603
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington1939ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm125DF 537-540
Mr. Winkle Goes To War1944ColumbiaColumbiaUSAvideo77 minVBA 409-410
Mr. Wong In Chinatown1939MonogramMonogramUSA16mm70 minFA 232-233
Mr. Wong, Detective1938MonogramMonogramUSA16mm67 minFA 230-231
Mrs. Parkington1944MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm123FG 563-565
Mummy'S Boys1936RKORKOUSA16mm68 minFD 378-379
Murder By An Aristocrat1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm59 minFB 620-621
Murder By Death1976Columbia; Rastar PicturesUSA16mm95FG 513-515
Murder By Invitation1941MonogramMonogramUSA16mm63 minFA 240-241
Murder In The Air1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm55 minFB 622-623
Murder In The Big HouseBorn For Trouble1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm59 minFA570-571
Murder In The Clouds1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm60FB 624-625
Murder On A Bridle Path1936RKORKOUSA16mm63 minFD 383-384
Murder On A Honeymoon1935RKORKOUSA16mm72 minFD 385-386
Murder On The Blackboard1934RKORKOUSA16mm71 minFD 387-388
Murder On The CampusOut Of The Shadow1962Border Film ProductionsCapital Films; Colorama FeaturesGreat Britain35mm61 minHA 870-872
Murder On The Waterfront1943Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm49 minFB 632-633
Murder, My Sweet1944RKORKOUSA16mm93 minFD 380-382
Music Box1989Carolco InternationalTri-StarUSA16mm126 minFG 113-115
Music For Madame1937RKORKOUSA16mm77 minFD 389-390
Music In Manhattan1944RKORKOUSA16mm80 minFD 391-392
Muss 'Em Up1936RKORKOUSA16mm68.5 minFD 393-394
Mutiny In The Big House1939MonogramMonogramUSA16mm83 minFA 242-243
Mutiny On The Bounty1935MGMLoew's Inc.USAvideo130 minVBA 419-421
My Bill1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm60 minFB 634-635
My Bodyguard1980Melvin Simon ProductionsTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm98FG 933-934
My Boy1922Jackie Coogan ProductionsFirst NationalUSA16mmFB 636
My Brilliant Career1979New South Wales Film Corporation; Margaret Fink FilmsAustralia16mm100 minFF 386-388
My Dinner With Andre1981Saga Productions, Inc.USA16mm111 minFF 222-224
My Dream Is Yours1949Michael Curtiz Productions, Inc.Warner BrothersUSA16mm99 minFB 637-639
My Fair Lady1964Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSAvideo170 minVBA 368-370
My Favorite Brunette1947Hope EnterprisesParamountUSA16mm87 minFE 668-669
My Favorite SeasonTsui Hsiangniente Chichieh1985CMPCCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 421-422
My Favorite Spy1942RKORKOUSA16mm85 minFD 395-397
My Favorite Wife1940RKORKOUSA16mm88 minFD 398-400
My Forbidden Past1951RKORKOUSA16mm70 minFD 401-403
My Four Years In Germany1918My Four Years in Germany, Inc.First NationalUSA16mmFB 640-641
My GrandfatherOu Te Yeh Yeh1981Tai YuanHai Wang HsingTaiwan16mmFG 333-334
My Life To LiveVivre Sa Vie1963Films de la PléiadePathé Contemporary FilmsFrance16mm85FF 307-309
My Life With Caroline1941RKORKOUSA16mm78 minFD 404-405
My Love Came Back1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm81 minFB 642-644
My Man Godfrey1936UniversalUniversalUSA16mm94 minFE 343-344
My Old Kentucky Home1938Crescent Pictures, Corp.MonogramUSA16mm72 minFA 244-245
My Other HusbandAttention! Une Femme Peut En Cacher Une Autre1983Gaumont International, Production Marcel DassaultTriumph FilmsFrance16mm100 minFF 963-965
My Pal Wolf1944RKORKOUSA16mm74 minFD 406-407
My Past1931Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm72 minFB 645-646
My Reputation1946Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm93 minFB 647-649
My SonOu Er Han Sheng1986CMPC; SunnyCMPCTaiwan; Hong Kong16mmFG 450-451
My Wild Irish Rose1947Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm98 minFB 650-652
Mystery House1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm56 minFB 655-656
Mystery In Mexico1948RKORKOMexico; USA16mm65 minFD 410-411
Mystery Liner1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm62 minFA 248-249
Mystery Of The Wax MuseumWax Museum1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm72 minFB 658-659
Mystery Plane1939MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60 minFA 256-257
Myth Of A CityTaipei Shenhua1985Fee TangChi HsienTaiwan16mmFG 366-367
Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm78FB 660-661
Nancy Drew, Detective1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm60FB 662-663
Nancy Drew, Reporter1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm65FB 664-665
Nancy Drew...Trouble Shooter1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm70FB 666-667
Nanook Of The North1922Revillon FrèresPathé Exchange, Inc.USA16mmDC 879-880
Narrow Margin1990Carolco Pictures, Inc.Tri StarUSA16 mm97FG 624-626
Nature Is Quietly BeautifulWulite Tisheng1984CMPCCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 426-427
Naughty But Nice1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm90FB 670-672
Navy Blues1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm108FB 675-677
Navy Secrets1939MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60FA 258-259
Nearly Eighteen1943MonogramMonogramUSA16mm61FA 260-261
Neath Brooklyn Bridge1942Banner ProductionsMonogramUSA16mm61FF 591-592
Nemae Nevidomikh SoldativThere Are No Unseen Soldiers1965Kino StudioUSSR/Ukraine35mmGA 456-464
Never A Dull Moment1950RKORKOUSA16mm89FD 416-417
Never Ending MemoryChiu Ching Mienmien1988Tomson Film Co.; Chieh ChenTomsonTaiwan16mmFG 286-287
Never On SundayPote Tin Kyriaki1960Lopert Pictures CorporationLopert Pictures CorporationGreece; USA16mm91DF 620-622
Never Say Goodbye1946Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm95FB 678-680
New Faces Of 19371937RKORKOUSA16mm100FD 419-421
New GulliverNovyi Gulliver1935MosfilmUSSR16mm70DC 917-918
News AttackShen Hsing Tai Pao1989Children's Town Production Co.Hong Kong16mmFG 290-291
News AttackSheng Hsing Tai Pao1989Children's Town Production Co.Hong Kong16mmFG 331-332
Newsfront1978Palm Beach PicturesAustralia16mm111FF 196-198
Next Time I Marry1938RKORKOUSA16mm59FD 422-423
Nicaragua - No Pasaran1984Bradbury ProductionAustralia16mm74FF 146-148
Nienching Te YitainullTaiwan16mmFG 312-313
Night And Day1946Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm128FB 681-684
Night Editor1946ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm65FE 969-970
Night Nurse1931Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm72FB 687-688
Night Of The Living Dead199021st Century Film Corporation; ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16 mm92FG 627-629
Night Parade1929RKOUSA16mmFD 426-427
Night Song1947RKORKOUSA16mm101FD 428-430
Night Spot1938RKORKOUSA16mm60FD 431-432
Night Train To Terror1985Visto InternationalUSA35mm93HA 922-926
Night Unto Night1949Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm84FB 689-691
Night Waitress1936RKORKOUSA16mm56FD 433-434
Nine Days Of One YearDeviat Dney Odnogo Goda1962Ministerstvo KinematografiiUSSRvideo111 minVBB 007-008
Nine Days Of One YearDeviat Dney Odnogo Goda1962Ministerstvo KinematografiiUSSR35mm111 minHB 174-179
Nine Lives Are Not Enough1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm63FB 692-693
No Marriage Ties1933RKORKOUSA16mm73FD 438-439
No One Will Notice You'Re NakedIl Vichingo Venuto Dal Sud1971I.F.C. International Film Co.Italy35mm104HA 559-564
No Other Woman1933RKORKOUSA16mm58FD 440-441
No Place To Go1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm56FB 694-695
No Time For Comedy1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm93FB 696-698
Noah'S Ark1929Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 699-700
Nobody Lives Forever1946Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm100FB 701-703
Nocturne1946RKORKOUSA16mm86FD 442-444
None But The Lonely Heart1944RKORKOUSA16mm112FD 445-446
Nora Prentiss1947Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm110FB 704-706
North By Northwest1959MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm136FF 493-496
Northern Pursuit1943Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm93FB 707-709
Northwest PassageNorthwest Passage (Book 1 -- Rogers' Rangers)1940MGMLoew's Inc.USAvideo125VBA 073-074
NosferatuEine Symphonie Des Grauens1922PranaGermany16mm89DC 915-916
Not A Love Story1982National Film Board of CanadaCanada16mm68DD 485-486
Not ReconciledNicht Versöhnt Oder Es Hilft Nur Gewalt, Wo Gewalt Herrscht1965Straub-HuilletGermany16mm53FF 312-313
Nothing In Common1986Rastar ProductionsTri StarUSA16 mm118FG 630-632
Nothing Sacred1937Selznick International Pictures, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm74FE 483-484
Now, Voyager1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm117FB 712-714
Now, Voyager1942Warner Bros.Warner Bros.USA16mm117FG 125-127
Numbered Men1930First NationalUSA16mmFB 715-716
O Materiakh Mozhno Rasskazivat' Beskonechno [One...Mothers]1975Belaruc filmUSSR35mmGA 201-206
Objective, Burma!1945Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm141FB 719-722
Obliging Young Lady1941RKORKOUSA16mm78FD 447-448
ObsessionThe Hidden Room1949Independent Sovereign FilmsGreat Britain16mm98FE 712-713
Of Human Bondage1934RKORKOUSA16mm83FE 577-578
Of Human Bondage1946Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm104FB 723-725
Off The Record1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm71FB 726-727
OfitseryOfficers1971Gorky StudiosUSSR35 mmGA 553-562
Oh, You Beautiful Doll [ Segment ]1949Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mmFF 046-047
Oil For The Lamps Of China1935First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm95FB 730-732
Okay, BillSweet Dreams1971The Cake CompanyFour Star-Excelsior Releasing CompanyUSA35mm87HA 579-583
Oklahoma!1955Rogers & Hammerstein Pictures, Inc.RKO; Magna Theatre Corp.USAvideo145VBA 371-373
Oklahoma!195520th Century Foxnull16mmFF 980-983
Oklahoma!1955Rogers & Hammerstein Pictures, Inc.RKO; Magna Theatre Corp.USA16mm145DD 281-285
Old Acquaintance1943Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm110FB 736-738
Old English1930Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 739-741
Old Gringo1989ColumbiaUSA16mm120FF 899-902
Old Man And GirlLao Shao Wu Ke Pan1989Ta TiMing TaTaiwan16mmFG 498-499
Old Man Rhythm1935RKORKOUSA16mm74FD 449-451
Old San Francisco1927Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mmFB 744-746
Oliver Twist1933MonogramMonogramUSA16mm70FE 714-715
Oliver!1968Warwick Film Productions, Ltd.ColumbiaGreat Britain; USA16mm153DF 527-530
On Again--Off Again1937RKORKOUSA16mm68FD 452-453
On Approval1944English FilmsGreat Britain16mm80FE 766-767
On Borrowed Time1939MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm93FF 519-520
On Dangerous Ground1952RKORKOUSA16mm82FD 454-456
On Dress Parade1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm60FB 747-748
On The Border1930Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mmFB 749-750
On The Riviera1951Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm89FE 929-930
On The Waterfront1954Horizon-American Pictures, Inc.ColumbiaUSAvideo107VBA 117-118
On The Waterfront1954Horizon-American Pictures, Inc.ColumbiaUSA16mm107FG 981-983
On Trial1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm61FB 751-752
On With The Show1929Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 753-756
On Your Toes1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm93FB 757-759
Once A Doctor1937Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm59FB 760-761
Once Upon A Honeymoon1942RKORKOUSA16mm116FD 457-459
One Arabian Night1923Stoll Film CompanyGreat Britain16mmFB 762-763
One Crowded Night1940RKORKOUSA16mm66FD 460-461
One Foot In Heaven1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm106FB 764-766
One Hundred And One Dalmations1961DisneyBuena VistaUSA16mm80FH 201-202
One Last Fling1949Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm64FB 767-768
One Minute To Zero1952RKORKOUSA16mm105FD 462-464
One More Tomorrow1946Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm89FB 769-771
One Night At Susie'S1930First NationalUSA16mmFB 772-773
One Potato, Two Potato1964Bawalco Picture Co.Cinema V Distributing, Inc.USA16mm92DF 549-551
One Rainy Afternoon1936Pickford-Lasky Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm75FE 646-647
One Step To EternityBonnes À Tuer1954Films E.G.E.; Noria FilmsFrance; Italy35mm90HA 584-588
One Sunday Afternoon1949Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm90FB 774-776
One Thrilling Night1942Supreme Pictures Inc.MonogramUSA16mm69FA 267-268
One Way Passage1932Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm67FB 777-778
One, Two, Three1961MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm108FF 755-757
Only Angels Have Wings1939ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm119FE 244-246
Operation Haylift1950Lippert Productions, Inc.Lippert Pictures, Inc.USA16mm73FE 860-861
Orchids And Ermine1927John McCormick ProductionsFirst NationalUSA16mmFB 779-780
Orphan ArmyKuchun Yiyu 21993Chang HungTaiwan16mmFG 362-363
Orz BoysJiong Nan Hai20081 Production FilmTaiwan35mmHC 495-500
Osmanthus AlleyKueihua Hsiang1987CMPCCMPC; Golden Harvest; Scholar FilmsTaiwan16mmFG 340-341
Other Men'S WomenThe Steel Highway1931Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm65FB 781-782
Otley1969Open Road Films, Ltd.ColumbiaGreat Britain16mm90FH 224-226
Our Betters1933RKORKOUSA16mm72FD 465-467
Our Daily BreadThe Miracle Of Life1934Viking Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm80FE 699-700
Our Town1940Principal Artists ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm90FE 348-349
Our Town1940Prinicipal Artists ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm90FF 673-674
Out Of The Fog1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm85FB 783-785
Out Of The Past1947RKORKOUSA16mm95FD 468-470
Out Of This World1945ParamountParamountUSA16mm96FE 940-941
Outlaw Trail1944MonogramMonogramUSA16mm53FA 269-270
Outward Bound1930Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 786-788
Over The Goal1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm63FB 789-790
Over The Wall1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm66FB 791-792
Overland Telegraph1951RKORKOUSA16mm60FD 473-474
Pacific Liner1939RKORKOUSA16mm76FD 477-478
Pacific Vibrations1970John Severson ProductionsAmerican International PicturesUSA16mm92FE 752-754
Padre PadroneFather, Master1977RAIItaly16mm113FF 392-394
Page Miss Glory1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm90FB 793-795
Paint Your Wagon1969Alan Jay Lerner ProductionsParamountUSA16mm166FE 913-916
Painted Desert1938RKORKOUSA16mm58FD 481-482
Painters Painting1972Turin FilmsUSAvideo116VHA 003
Painters Painting1972Turin FilmsUSA16mm116FE 095-097
Pan Yu Liang - A Woman ArtistHua Hun1993China Film Co-production Co.; Golden Films; Shanghai FilmsGolden PrincessTaiwan16mmFG 489-491
Pan-Americana1945RKORKOUSA16mm84FD 487-488
Panama Flo1932RKOUSA16mmFD 483-484
Panama Lady1939RKORKOUSA16mm64FD 485-486
Pao Kao, Pan Chang (I)1987MontageScholarTaiwan16mmFG 480-481
Pao Kao, Pan Chang (Ii)1988Ta Lien MengScholarTaiwan16mmFG 482-483
Paper BulletsGangs, Inc.1941K-B Productions, Inc.PRCUSA16mm69FE 770-771
Parachute Battalion1941RKORKOUSA16mm75FD 489-490
Parachute Jumper1933Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm65FB 796-797
Paradise In Harlem1940Jubilee Pictures Corp.International Road Shows, Inc.USA16mm87FF 019-020
Paris 19001948Panthéon ProductionsFrance16mm90FE 291-292
Paris Belongs To UsParis Nous Appartient1960Ajym Films; Films du CarrosseMerlyn FilmsFrance35mm120HA 798-804
ParkingTing Che2008Cream Film ProductionTaiwan35mm112HC 506-510
Partner1968Red FilmItaly16mm105FF 237-239
Partners1932RKO Pathé Pictures, Inc.RKO Pathé Pictures, Inc.USA16mm50FD 491-492
Party Husband1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm66FB 798-799
Passage From Hong Kong1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm63FB 800-801
Passage To Marseille1944Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm110FB 802-804
Passport To Destiny1944RKORKOUSA16mm64FD 493-494
Payday1972Pumice Finance CompanyCinerama ReleasingUSA16mm103FE 924-926
Peach-O-Reno1931RKORKOUSA16mm63FD 497-498
Penguin Pool Murder1932RKORKOUSA16mm69FD 499-500
Penny Serenade1941ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm118FE 562-564
Penrod And His Twin Brother1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm62FB 812-813
Penrod'S Double Trouble1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm60FB 818-819
Personal Maid'S Secret1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm58FB 823-824
Petit Confession Filmee De Luis Bunuel1980production companyFrance16mmFF 231
Petticoat Larceny1943RKORKOUSA16mm61FD 501-502
Phantom Killer1942MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60FA 273-274
Phantom Of Chinatown1940MonogramMonogramUSA16mm62FA 275-276
Pi Nga GolPiagol1955Baekho ProductionSouth KoreaDVDVDA 041
Pi Yeh PanGraduation Trip1982Lung ChiehLi FengTaiwan16mmFG 436-437
Pickpocket1959Agnès Delahaie ProductionNew Yorker FilmsFrance35mm75HA 779-782
Picture Snatcher1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm70FB 829-830
Pigskin Parade1936Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm90FF 903-904
Pillow To Post1945Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm91FB 831-833
Pink Motel1982Michael J. MacFarlandUSA35mm88HA 917-921
Pinocchio1940DisneyRKOUSA16mm87FG 817-818
Pirates Of The Prairie1942RKORKOUSA16mm57FD 508-509
Pisni Nad Dniprom [Songs Over The Dnieper]1958O. P. DovzhenkoUSSR/ Ukraine35mmHB 653-657
Pistol Harvest1951RKORKOUSA16mm60FD 510-511
Pittsburgh1942UniversalUniversalUSA16mm91FG 895-896
Places In The Heart1984Tri-Star PicturesUSA16mm111FF 999-FG 003
Platinum Blonde1931ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm82DF 531-533
Play Girl1932Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm60FB 834-835
Play Girl1941RKORKOUSA16mm75FD 512-513
Playing Around1930First NationalUSA16mmFB 836-837
Playing For Time1980Syzygy Productions Ltd.USAvideo180VBB 630-633
Playmates1941RKORKOUSA16mm96FD 514-516
Please Mr BalzacEn Effeuillant La Marguerite1956Films E.G.E.France16mm100FG 953-954
Plunder Road1957Regal Films, Inc.Twentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm71FE 458-459
Plymouth Adventure1952MGMLoew's Inc.USA35mm104GA 184-189,104-9
Point Of Order!1964Point FilmsContinental Distributing, Inc.USA16mm97FA 005-007
Point Of Order!1964Point FilmsUSA35 mm97HC 391-396
Police Bullets1942MonogramMonogramUSA16mm61FA 277-278
Polo Joe1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm62FB 838-839
Pop Always Pays1940RKORKOUSA16mm65FD 519-520
Portrait Of Jason1967Film-Makers' Distribution CenterFilm-Makers' Distribution CenterUSA16mm105FF 345-347
Portrait Of TeresaRetrato De Teresa1979Instituto Cubano de Arte e Industria CinematográfiCuba16mm103FF 320-322
Possessed1947Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm108FB 840-842
Postcards From The Edge1990ColumbiaUSA16mm101FG 046-048
Pot O' Gold1941Globe Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm84FE 639-641
Powder Town1942RKORKOUSA16mm79FD 521-522
Powdersmoke Range1935RKORKOUSA16mm71FD 523-524
Prairie Law1940RKORKOUSA16mm59FD 525-526
Prairie Thunder1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm54FB 843-844
Prestige1932RKO Pathé Pictures, Inc.RKO Pathé Pictures, Inc.USA16mm71FD 527-528
Pretty Poison1968Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm89DF 592-594
Pride Of The Blue Grass1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm65FB 845-846
Pride Of The Marines1945Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm119FB 847-849
Prikliuchenie Artemki [The Adventures Of Artemka]1956LenfilmUSSRvideoVBB 077-078
Prikliuchenie Artemki [The Adventures Of Artemka]1956LenfilmUSSR35mmHB 086-089
Primary1960Drew AssociatesUSA16mm60DD 944-945
Primrose Path1940RKORKOUSA16mm93FD 530-532
Princess O'Rourke1943Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm93FB 855-857
Private Detective1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm55FB 858-859
Private Detective 621933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm67FB 860-861
Private Worlds1935Walter Wanger Productions, Inc.ParamountUSA16mm80FE 755-757
Problem Girls1953Wisberg-Pollexfen ProductionsColumbiaUSA16mm70 minutesFG 752-753
Procès Au Vatican1952Films Artistiques FrancaisFrance35mm115HA 494-498
Prodigal BoxerFang Shi Yu1973South Sea FilmHong Kong35mmHC 022-026
Professional Sweetheart1933RKORKOUSA16mm70FD 533-534
Prohibited AreaChin Chu1982First Film Co.Ta TaHong Kong; Taiwan16mmFG 272-274
Project: Kill1976Mid-America PicturesUSA35mm90HA 594-598
Proshchanie S PeterburgomFarewell To Petersburg1971LenfilmUSSR35 mmHC 382-386
Public DefenderThe Million Dollar Swindle1931RKORKOUSA16mm70FD 535-539
Public Enemy1931Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm74FB 865-867
Public Enemy'S Wife1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm65FB 868-869
Public Wedding1937Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm58FB 870-871
Punchline1988ColumbiaUSA16mm122FG 095-098
Pushing HandsTui Shou1992CMPC; Ang Lee Film Co.CMPC; Good MachineTaiwan16mmFG 278-279
Pygmalion1938Pascal Film ProductionsLoew's Inc.Great Britain; USAvideo87VBA 320-321
Pygmalion1939Pascal Film ProductionsLoewsGreat Britain16mm87FG 920-921
Q &Amp; A1990Regency International PicturesTri-Star PicturesUSA16mm132FG 099-102
Quality Street1937RKORKOUSA16mm80FD 537-539
Queen Bee1955ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm94FH 048-049
Queen Of The Yukon1940MonogramMonogramUSA16mm74FA 281-282
Quick Money1937RKORKOUSA16mm59FD 540-541
Quiet Flows The DonTikhii Don1957Gorky Film StudioUSSRvideo109VBB 014-019
Quiet Flows The DonTikhii Don1957Gorky Film StudioUSSR35mm109HB 145A-162
Race Street1948RKORKOUSA16mm76FD 542-543
Rachel And The Stranger1948RKORKOUSA16mm92FD 544-546
Racing Lady1931RKORKOUSA16mm59FD 547-548
Racket Busters1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm65FB 874-875
Racketeers Of The Range1939RKORKOUSA16mm62FD 552-553
Radio City Revels1938RKORKOUSA16mm84FD 554-556
Radio Stars On Parade1945RKORKOUSA16mm69FD 557-558
Rage Of The BuccaneersGordon Il Pirata Nero1961Max FilmItaly35mm88HA 604-608
Rain1932Feature Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm85FE 471-472
Rainbow On The River1936Principal Productions, Inc.RKOUSA16mm85FG 819-820
Rainbow Ranch1933MonogramMonogramUSA16mm53FA 283-284
Ramparts Of ClayRemparts D' Argile1970Uccelli Films; Office des Actualités AlgériennesAlgeria16mm86FF 398-399
Rationing1944MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm93FF 595-597
Re-Animator1985Empire Pictures; Re-Animator ProductionsEmpire PicturesUSA35mm86HC 240-244
Reaching For The Moon1917Douglas Fairbanks Pictures Corp.ArtcraftUSA16mmDD 223-224
Reaching For The Moon1931Feature Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm90FE 644-645
Ready, Willing And Able1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm83FB 876-877, 879
Rear Window1954ParamountParamountUSA16mm112FF 713-715
Rebel Without A Cause1955Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSAvideo110VBA 131-132
Rebound1931RKO Pathé Pictures, Inc.RKO Pathé Distributing Corp.USA16mm88FD 562-564
Recaptured Love1930Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 880-881
Red Hot Tires1935First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm61FB 884-885
Red Morning1935RKORKOUSA16mm63FD 565-566
Red River1948Monterey ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm133DF 588-591
Red River Robin Hood1942RKORKOUSA16mm57FD 567-568
Redhead1941MonogramMonogramUSA16mm63FA 285-286
Reefer MadnessTell Your Children1938G and H ProductionsUSA16mm62DF 547-548
Registered Nurse1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm62FB 888-889
Rembrandt1936London Film ProductionsUnited ArtistsGreat Britain; USA16mm81FE 207-208
Renegades Of The West1933RKORKOUSA16mm75FD 571-572
Reno1939RKORKOUSA16mm73FD 573-574
Repent At Leisure1941RKORKOUSA16mm66FD 575-576
Requiem For A Heavyweight1962Paman ProductionsColumbiaUSA16mm85DE 292-294
Resisting Enemy Interrogation1945United States Army Aur Force First Motion Picture UnitUSA16mm66FE 209-210
Return From The Ashes1965MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm107FF 884-886
Return Of The Bad Men1948RKORKOUSA16mm89FD 579-581
Return Of The Eighteen BronzemenYong Zheng Da Po Shi Ba Tong Ren1976Hong Hwa ProductionsTaiwan35mmHB 909-913
Return Of The Electric LoveTa Yuan Ching1982CMPCCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 417-418
Return Of The SevenEl Regreso De Los Siete Magnificos1966MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm95FF 836-838
Return Of The Terror1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm65FB 892-893
ReunionWomen Tu Shih Je Yangtzu Chang Tate1986CMPCCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 257-258
ReunionHai Hsia Liang An1988Long Shong; Fee TangLong ShongHong Kong; Taiwan16mmFG 440-441
Revenge Of The Zombies1943MonogramMonogramUSA16mm61FA 287-288
Revolt Of The Dragonn.d.nullnull35mmHB 914-918
Rhapsody In Blue1945Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm139FB 894-897
Ride Him, Cowboy1932Warner BrothersVitagraph, Inc.USA16mm55FB 900-901
Ride The High Country1962MGMUSAvideo94VBA 423-424
Ride The High Wind1967Killarney Film StudioFeature Film Corp. of AmericaSouth Africa35mm77HA 614-618
Rider From Tucson1950RKORKOUSA16mm60FD 584-585
Riders Of The Range1949RKORKOUSA16mm60FD 586-587
Riding The Sunset Trail1941MonogramMonogramUSA16mm56FA 289-290
Riding The Wind1941RKORKOUSA16mm60FD 588-589
Riffraff1947RKORKOUSA16mm80FD 590-592
Ring Of DeathJung-Ri'S School Of Yong-Hyung-Ma1980Han Jin Enterprises CompanyHong Kong; South Korea35mm92HC 452-456
Rio Conchos1964FoxUSA35mm107HC 309-314
Rio Grande Patrol1950RKORKOUSA16mm60FD 595-596
Riot Squad1941MonogramMonogramUSA16mm57FA 293-294
Rita Hayworth: The Love Goddess1983Susskind CompanyUSA35mm120GA 409-418
Ritmi Kirgizii [Rhythms Of Kirgizia]196?Kirgiz Film StudiosUSSR35mmHB 112
Ritmi Kirgizii [Rythms Of Kirgizia]196?Kirgiz Film StudiosUSSRvideoVBB 772
Ritmi Uzbekistana [Rhythms Of Uzbekistan]196?Uzbek Film
USSRvideoVBB 773
Ritmi Uzbekistana [Rythms Of Uzbekistan]196?Uzbek Film
USSR35mmHB 111
Rivals Of Low Hand Fistn.d.nullnull35mmHB 919-924
River Of No Return1954Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm90FE 540-541
River'S End1930Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 906-907
River'S End1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm68FB 908-909
Riverboat Rhythm1946RKORKOUSA16mm65FD 597-598
Road Agent1952RKORKOUSA16mm60FD 599-600
Road GangInjustice1936Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm60FB 910-911
Road Show1941Hal Roach Studios, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm85FH 073-074
Road To Happiness1942MonogramMonogramUSA16mm83FA 295-297
Road To Paradise1930First NationalUSA16mmFB 912-913
Road To Rio1947Bing Crosby Enterprises, Inc.; Hope Enterprises, Inc.ParamountUSA16mm100FH 024-026
Road To Singapore1940ParamountParamountUSA16mm84FE 813-815
Roadblock1951RKORKOUSA16mm73FD 601-602
Roar Of The Dragon1932RKORKOUSA16mm76FD 605-606
Roar Of The Press1941MonogramMonogramUSA16mm71FA 298-299
Rob Roy The Highland Rogue1953Walt Disney ProductionsRKOGreat Britain; USA16mm81FE 799-800
Robbers Of The Range1941RKORKOUSA16mm60FD 607-608
RobojoxRobot Jox1990Altar Productions; Empire Pictures; Charles BandEmpire PicturesUSA35mm96HC 245-249
Rock Island Trail1950RepublicRepublicUSA16mm90FE 718-720
Rockabye1932RKORKOUSA16mm70FD 609-610
Rocket Gibraltar1988Ulick Mayo ProductionsColumbiaUSA16mm100FG 049-051
Rocketship X-M1950Lippert Productions, Inc.Lippert Pictures, Inc.USA16mm77FE 420-421
Rogue Of The NorthYuan Nu1988CMPCCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 296-297
Romance In Manhattan1934RKORKOUSA16mm75FD 611-612
Romance On The High Seas1948Michael Curtiz Productions, Inc.Warner BrothersUSAvideo97VBA 432-433
Romance On The High Seas1948Michael Curtiz Productions, Inc.Warner BrothersUSA16mm97FB 919-921
Romanoff And JulietDig That Juliet1961PavorUniversalUSA16mm103FE 542-544
Rome, Open CityRoma Città Aperta1945Excelsa FilmItaly16mm101FE 126-128
Rome, Open CityRoma Città Aperta1945Excelsa FilmItaly16mm101FF 650-652
Romulus And The SabinesIl Ratto Della Sabine1964Finanziaria Cinematografica Italiana, C.F.P.I.Walter Manley Enterprises, Inc.Italy16mm98DF 518-520
Rookies In Burma1943RKORKOUSA16mm61FD 615-616
Room Service1938RKORKOUSA16mm76FD 617-618
Rose Of Santa Rosa [ Segment ]1947ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm65FF 043
Rose Of The Rio Grande1938MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60FA 300-301
Rosemary'S Baby1968William Castle EnterprisesParamountUSAvideo137VBA 434-436
Rosie1967Ross Hunter Productions, Inc.UniversalUSA16mm98FG 721-723
RougeYing Chih1991CMPC; Wan Jen Film Co.CMPCTaiwan16mmFG 263-264
Roughly Speaking1945Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm125FB 922-924
Roughshod1949RKORKOUSA16mm88FD 619-621
Roxanne1987ColumbiaUSA16mm107FF 954-956
Roxie Hart1942Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm72FE 635-636
Royal Sealn.d.nullnull35mmHB 925-930
Rumpelstiltskin1915New York Motion Picture Corp.MutualUSA16mmFE 809-810
Run AwayTsai Ma Ju Lin1985CMPCCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 259-260
Rush To Judgment1967Judgment FilmsImpact Films, Inc.USA16mm122FE 280-282
Rustlers1949RKORKOUSA16mm61FD 626-627
S.O.S. Coast Guard1937RepublicRepublicUSA16mmFF 023-024
Sabrina1954ParamountParamountUSA16mm112FH 050-052
Sacco &Amp; Vanzetti1971Unidis S.p.A.U-M Film Distributors Inc.Italy16mm121FG 927-929
Saddle Legion1951RKORKOUSA16mm60FD 630-631
Safe In Hell1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm65FB 927-928
Sagebrush Law1943RKORKOUSA16mm55FD 632-633
Sailing Along1938Gaumont-British Picture Corp.Gaumont-British Picture Corp.Great Britain16mm80FG 604-605
Saint Louis Blues1939ParamountParamountUSA16mm90FF 068-070
Saleslady1938MonogramMonogramUSA16mm65FA 302-303
Sally1929First NationalUSA16mmFB 931-933
Salt Of The Earth1953Independent Productions Corp.IPC Distributors, Inc.USA16mm94DD 619-621
Salty DogSolyonyy Pyos1973LenfilmUSSR35mm74HB 619-622
Salty O'Rourke1945ParamountParamountUSA16mm97FF 002-004
San Antonio1945Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm110FB 934-936
San Francisco1936MGMLoew's Inc.USAvideo111VBA 140-141
San Quentin1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm70FB 937-938
San Quentin1946RKORKOUSA16mm66FD 650-651
Sanders Of The River1935London Film Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm85FE 328-329
Sands Of Iwo Jima1950RepublicRepublicUSAvideo109VBA 437-438
Santa Fe Trail1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm110FB 939-941
Saraband For Dead Lovers [ Segment ]1948Ealing StudiosGreat Britain16mm96FF 048-049
Saratoga Trunk1946Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm135FB 942-945
Sarong Girl1943MonogramMonogramUSA16mm63FA 304-305
Satan Met A Lady1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm74FB 946-947
Saturday'S Children1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm97FB 948-950
Saturday'S Heroes1937RKORKOUSA16mm59FD 652-653
Savage Splendor1949Armand Denis ProductionsRKOUSA16mm60FD 654-655
Say It With Songs1929Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 951-953
Scared To Death1981Malone Productions; Lone Star PicturesUSA35mm87HB 006-010
Scarface, The Shame Of The Nation1932The Caddo Co.United ArtistsUSA16mm90FE 211-212
Scarlet Dawn1932Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm58FB 954-955
Scarlet Pages1930First NationalUSA16mmFB 956-957
Scarlet River1933RKORKOUSA16mm53FD 666-667
Scarlet Street1945Diana Productions, Inc.UniversalUSA16mm101FE 689-690
Scorpio1972Scimitar FilmsUSA16mm114FF 870-872
Scream Bloody MurderMy Brother Has Bad Dreams1972American Pictures Corp.USA35mmHA 127-132
Screams Of A Winter Night1979Full Moon PicturesUSA35mm91HA 952-956
Scrooge1935Twickenham Film Studios ProductionsGreat Britain16mm78FE 303-304
Sea Devils1937RKORKOUSA16mm85FD 670-672
Sealed Cargo1951RKORKOUSA16mm87FD 673-675
Second Chance1953RKORKOUSA16mm81FD 676-677
Second Chorus1941National Pictures Corp. of CaliforniaParamountUSA16mm83FE 601-602
Second Wife1930RKOUSA16mmFD 678-679
Second Wife1936RKORKOUSA16mm59FD 680-681
Secret Bride1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm62FB 971-972
Secret Enemies1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm56FB 973-974
Secret Rivals1973Seasonal Production CoHong Kong35mmHB 931-935
Secret Service1931RKORKOUSA16mm67FD 682-683
Secret Service Of The Air1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm60FB 975-976
Secrets Of An Actress1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm70FB 977-978
Secrets Of The French Police1932RKORKOUSA16mm55FD 684-685
See My Lawyer1945UniversalUniversalUSA16mm67FH 095-096
See No Evil, Hear No Evil1989TriStarUSA16mm102FF 957-959
Send Me No Flowers1964Martin Melcher ProductionsUniversalUSA16mmFF 584-585
Sensation HuntersClub Paradise1945MonogramMonogramUSA16mm62FA 074-075
Sensation Hunters1933MongramState RightsUSA16mm73FA 310-311
Sergeant Murphy1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm57FB 979-980
Sergeant York1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm134FB 981-984
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers1954MGMLoew's Inc.USAvideo102VBA 441-442
Seven Chances1925Buster Keaton ProductionsMGMUSA16mmDC 927-928
Seven Days Ashore1944RKORKOUSA16mm72FD 688-690
Seven Days' Leave1942RKORKOUSA16mm87FD 691-693
Seven Keys To Baldpate1930RKOUSA16mmFD 694-695
Seven Keys To Baldpate1935RKORKOUSA16mm80FD 696-697
Seven Keys To Baldpate1947RKORKOUSA16mm68FD 698-699
Seven Miles From Alcatraz1942RKORKOUSA16mm62FD 700-701
Seven NanniesSem Nyanek1962MosfilmUSSRvideoVBB 113-114
Seven NanniesSem Nyanek1962MosfilmUSSR35mmHB 300-303
Seven Thieves1960Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm100FH 043-044
Sh! The Octopus1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm54FB 985-986
Shadow Of A Woman1946Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm76FB 987-989
Shadow Of Suspicion1944MonogramMonogramUSA16mm68FA 312-313
Shadows1922Preferred Pictures, Inc.Al Lichtman Corp.USA16mmFE 147-148
Shadows Of Forgotten AncestorsTini Zabutykh Predkiv1964Dovzhenko Film StudioUSSRvideo97VBB 081-082
Shadows Of Forgotten AncestorsTini Zabutykh Predkiv1964Dovzhenko Film StudioUSSR35mm97HB 125-129
Shadows On The Stairs1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm63FB 990-991
Shall We Dance1937RKORKOUSA16mm101FD 704-706
Shane1953ParamountParamountUSAvideo118VBA 443-444
Shaolin Temple Against LamaHsin Hung Yi Lama1980Golden Sun FilmsTaiwan16mmFG 496-497
Shaolin Yu JencheShaolin Vs Ninja1983Golden Sun Film Co.Taiwan16mmFG 288-289
She Couldn'T Say No1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm63FB 992-993
She Couldn'T Say No1954RKORKOUSA16mm88FD 707-709
She Had To Say Yes1933First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm62FB 994-995
She Loved A Fireman1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm57FB 996-997
She Walks By NightDie Wahrheit Über Rosemarie1959Rapid-FilmImport Pictures Inc.Germany35mm108HA 641-645
She Walks By NightDie Wahrheit Über Rosemarie1959Rapid-FilmImport Pictures Inc.Germany35mm108HA 636-640
She Wore A Yellow Ribbon1949Argosy Pictures Corp.RKOUSA16mm103FD 710-712
She'S Got Everything1937RKORKOUSA16mm70FD 713-714
She'S In The Army1942MonogramMonogramUSA16mm62FA 318-319
She'S My Weakness1930RKOUSA16mmFD 715-716
Shel'Menko-DenshchikRascally Orderly; Shelmenko The Orderly1971LenfilmUSSR35 mmHC 374-377
ShiganheiVolunteer1941Dong-a Film Company, Film DepartmentTaewon EntertainmentKoreaDVD56VDA 011
Shijip Kanun NalThe Wedding Day1956Dong-a ProductionSouth KoreaDVDVDA 043
Shine On Harvest Moon1944Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm111FB 998-FC 001
Shining Victory1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm78FC 002-003
Shipmates Forever1935Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm108FC 004-007
Shoah1985Films Aleph; Historia FilmsFrance16mm566FF 208-218
Shock1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm66FA 320-321
Shock1946Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm71FE 587-588
Shogun And Little KitchenHou Tou Fu Hsing1992HovetinHong Kong16mmFG 492-493
Shoot The Moon1982MGMUSA16mm123FF 500-503
Shoot The Piano PlayerTirez Sur Le Pianiste1962Films de la PléïadeAstor PicturesFrance16mm92FE 247-248
Shou Lin PuppyPu Pai Hsiao Tzu1993Chang HungHong Kong; Taiwan16mmFG 354-355
Should A Girl Marry?Girl From Nowhere1939Crescent Pictures Corp.MonogramUSA16mm61FA 322-323
Shoulder Arms1918First NationalUSA16mmDC 929
Show Boat1951MGMLoew's Inc.USAvideo106VBA 365-366
Show Business1944RKORKOUSA16mm89FD 717-719
Showgirl In Hollywood1930First NationalUSA16mmFC 010-011
Sibir'Yu Plenennye [Enchanted By Siberia]1965Central StudioUSSR35mmHB 083-085
Sibling Rivalry1990ColumbiaUSA16mm88FF 960-962
Side Show1931Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm66FC 016-017
Side Streets1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm63FC 018-019
Sign Of The Wolf1941MonogramMonogramUSA16mm68FA 324-325
Silent Witness1943MonogramMonogramUSA16mm62FA 326-327
Silly Billies1936RKORKOUSA16mm63FD 720-721
Silver Dollar1932First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm78FC 022-023
Silver River1948Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm108FC 024-026
Silver Skates1943MonogramMonogramUSA16mm73FA 328-329
Sin Takes A Holiday1930Pathé Exchange, Inc.USA16mmFD 728-729
Sinbad The Sailor1947RKORKOUSAvideo116VBB 198-200
Sinbad The Sailor1947RKORKOUSA16mm116FD 730-732
Sing A Song, PoetPoi Pesniu, Poet1972MosfilmUSSR35mmHB 596-599
Sing And Like It1934RKORKOUSA16mm71FD 733-734
Sing Me A Love Song1937Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm75FC 027-028
Sing Sing Nights1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60FA 330-331
Sing Your Way Home1945RKORKOUSA16mm72FD 735-736
Sing Your Worries Away1942RKORKOUSA16mm70FD 737-738
Singapore Woman1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm65FC 029-030
Singin' In The Rain1952MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm103 minutesFG765-767
Single Room Furnished1968Unifilm ProductionsCrown International PicturesUSA35mm93HA 650-655
Single White Female1992ColumbiaUSA16mm108FG 018-020
Sinner'S Holiday1930Warner BrothersUSA16mmFC 036-037
Sir Arne'S TreasureHerr Arnes Pengar1919Svensk BioSweden16mmDC 876-877
Siren Of The South SeasParadise Isle1937MonogramMonogramUSA16mm70FA 332-333
Sister Kenny1946RKORKOUSA16mm110FD 739-741
Sisters, Or The Balance Of FortuneSchwestern Oder Die Balance Des Glucks1982Bioskop Westdeutscher Rundfunk-FilmGermany16mmFF 404-406
Sit Tight1931Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm75FC 041-042
Six Bridges1972MGMUSAvideoVBA 445-446
Six Bridges To Cross1955UniversalUniversalUSA16mm95FF 009-010
Six Is CompanyHsiao Ju Tsai Tieh Fei Fei Fei1982Ta ChungTaiwan16mmFG 253-254
Six-Gun Gold1941RKORKOUSA16mm57FD 742-743
Sky Giant1938RKORKOUSA16mm80FD 744-746
Sky Patrol1939MonogramMonogramUSA16mm61FA 334-335
Skyway1933MonogramMonogramUSA16mm62FA 336-337
Slaughter On Tenth Avenue1957UniversalUniversalUSA16mm103FE 497-498
Slaughter Trail1951Justal Productions, Inc.RKOUSA16mm77FD 750-751
Slave Of LoveRaba Lyubvi1976MosfilmUSSR16mm94FF407-409
Sleeper1973MGMUnited ArtistsUSAvideo88VBA 080-081
Sleeping Beauty1959Walt Disney ProductionsBuena VistaUSA16mm75FF 577-578
Slightly Honorable1940Walter Wanger Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm83FE 920-921
Slim1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm86FC 047-048
Slim Carter1957UniversalUniversalUSA35mm80HC 406-410
Smart Blonde1936Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm57FC 049-050
Smart Girls Don'T Talk1948Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm81FC 051-052
Smart Guy1944John T. Coyle ProductionsMonogramUSA16mm61FA 338-339
Smart Money1931Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm67FC 053-055
Smart Woman1931RKORKOUSA16mm57FD 752-753
Smartest Girl In Town1936RKORKOUSA16mm58FD 754-755
Smarty1934Warner BrothersThe VitaPhone Corp.USA16mm64FC 056-057
Smashing The Money Ring1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm57FC 058-059
Smashing The Rackets1938RKORKOUSA16mm68FD 756-757
Smiling SwordsmanXiao Mian Xia1968Cathay OrganisationHong Kong35mmHC 061-065
Smudge1922Charles Ray ProductionsFirst National Exhibitors' CircuitUSA16mmFC 062
Snova K Zvezdam [Again To The Stars]1962 (circa)Moskovskaya Ordena Krasnoi ZvezdiUSSR35mmHB 658-660
Snow White And The Seven Dwarves1938DisneyRKOUSA16mm80FG 801-802
Snowed Under1936Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm60FC 063-064
So Big1932Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm80FC 065-066
So Long Letty1929Warner BrothersUSA16mmFC 067-068
So Sad About Gloria1975Centronics InternationalLibra Films InternationalUSA35mm90HA 660-664
So This Is Paris1926Warner BrothersUSA16mmFC 069-070
So'S Your Aunt EmmaMeet The Mob1942MonogramMonogramUSA16mm62FA 342-343
SocratesSocrate1970Orizzonte 2000Italy16mm120FF 246-248
Some Came Running1959MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm134FG 717-720
Some Kind Of A Nut1969Mirisch-DFI-T.F.T. ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm89FF 770-772
Some Like It Hot1959Ashton Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSAvideo120VBA 110-112
Someone To Watch Over Me1987ColumbiaUSA16mm106FG 122-124
Something To Sing AboutBattling Hoofer1937Grand National Films, Inc.Grand National Films, Inc.USA16mm90FE 603-604
Somewhere In Sonora1927Charles R. Rogers ProductionsFirst NationalUSA16mmFC 073
Somewhere In Sonora1933Warner BrothersVitagraph, Inc.USA16mm57FC 074-075
Somewhere Over The DreamlandMon Huan Bu Luo2002Green Light Film ProductionTaiwan35mm93HC 501-505
Son Of A Sailor1933First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm70FC 076-077
Son Of Dracula1943UniversalUniversalUSA16mm79FE 424-425
Son Of Sinbad1955RKORKOUSA35mm88HC 271-275
Son Of The Border1933RKORKOUSA16mm55FD 760-761
Son Of The Gods1930First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mmFC 078-079
Song Of Freedom1936Hammer ProductionsGreat Britain16mm80FE 307-308
Song Of Norway1970ABC Pictures Corp.Cinerama Releasing Corp.USA16mm142FG 813-816
Song Of The ExileKetu Chiuhen1990COS; CMPCCMPCHong Kong16mmFG 401-402
Song Of The Saddle1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm58FC 081-082
Song Of The South1946DisneyRKOUSA16mm93FH 012-013
Songwriter1984TriStar PicturesUSA16mm94FF 951-953
Sonora Stagecoach1944MonogramMonogramUSA16mm51FA 340-341
Sons O'Guns1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm82FC 083-084
Sons Of The Desert1933Hal Roach Studios, Inc.MGMUSA16mm65DD 487-488
Sons Of The SeaAtlantic Ferry1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersGreat Britain; USA16mm91FC 085-087
Sorority House1939RKORKOUSA16mm63FD 762-763
South Of Suez1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm84FC 088-090
South Pacific1958Magna Theatre Corp.Twentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm165FF 988-991
Space Truckers1996Pachyderm Productions; InterAL Productions; Mary Breen-Farrelly ProductionsPachyderm ProductionsUSA; Irelandvideo96VHA 903
Space Truckers1996Pachyderm Productions; InterAL Productions; Mary Breen-Farrelly ProductionsPachyderm ProductionsUSA; Ireland35mm96HC 250-255
Sparrows1926Pickford Corp.United ArtistsUSA16mmFE 213-214
Sparrows1926Pickford Corp.United ArtistsUSA16mmFE 681-683
Special Agent1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm74FC 091-092
Special Investigator1936RKORKOUSA16mm60FD 676-678
Spider Baby1968Lasky-Monka ProductionsAmerican General PicturesUSA35mm80HA 665-669
SpiesSpione1928UFAGermany16mmFE 129-130
Spitfire1934RKORKOUSA16mm84FD 771-773
Splash1984Touchstone FilmsBuena VistaUSA16mm109FH 061-062
Split Of The SpiritLi Hun1987Good Year Movie Co.Taiwan16mmFG 384-385
Split Second1953RKORKOUSA16mm83FD 774-775
Spring Fever1927MGMUSA16mmunprocessed
Spring Is Here1930First NationalUSA16mmFC 093-094
Spring SwallowWanchun Chingshih1989CMPC; Golden Harvest; KCL ProductionsCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 378-379
Spy Ship1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm61FC 095-096
Spy Train1943MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60FA 344-345
St. Elmo'S Fire1985ColumbiaUSA16mm108FG 063-065
Stage Door1937RKORKOUSA16mm92FD 778-780
Stage Door Canteen1943Principal Artists ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm132FE 761-763
Stage Door Canteen1943Principal Artists ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm132FG 004-007
Stage Struck1936First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm90FC 100-102
Stage To Chino1940RKORKOUSA16mm60FD 781-782
Stagecoach Kid1949RKORKOUSA16mm60FD 783-784
Stairway To HeavenA Matter Of Life And Death1946The Archers; Independent ProducersUniversalUK16mm104FG 821-823
Stallion Road1947Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm97FC 103-105
Stampede Thunder1925Lariat ProductionsVitagraph Co. of AmericaUSA16mmFC 106-107
Stand By Me1986ColumbiaUSA16mm89FG 015-017
Stand Up And Be Counted1972Frankovich Productions, Inc.ColumbiaUSA16mm95DF 734-736
Star Of Midnight1935RKORKOUSA16mm90FD 785-787
Star Reporter1939Crescent Pictures Corp.MonogramUSA16mm62FA 346-347
Star Witness1931Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm67FC 108-109
Stark Love1927Paramount Famous Lasky Corp.USA16mmFE 215-216
Stars And Stripes Forever1952Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm89FG 809-810
Stars Over Broadway1935Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm89FC 110-112
State Fair1945Twentieth-Century FoxTwentieth-Century FoxUSA16mm100FG 830-832
State Of SiegeEtat De Siège1973Reggane FilmsFrance; Italy; Germany16mm120FF 410-412
State'S Attorney1932RKORKOUSA16mm79FD 788-790
Station West1948RKORKOUSA16mm91FD 791-793
Steamboat Bill, Jr.1928Buster Keaton ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mmFE 438-439
Steel Against The Sky1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm67FC 113-114
Steel Magnolias1989TriStar PicturesUSA16mm117FG 039-041
Step By Step1946RKORKOUSA16mm61FD 794-795
Step Lively1944RKORKOUSA16mm86FD 796-798
Stir Crazy1980ColumbiaUSA16mm111FF 984-986
Stolen Holiday1937Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm76FC 115-117
Stolen Hours1963Mirisch; Barbican FilmsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm100FF 807-809
Stone Cold Dead1979Ko-Zak ProductionsUSA35mm110HA 967-971
Stones And BenchesPechki-Lavochki1972Gorky Film StudioUSSRvideo99VBB 094-095
Stones And BenchesPechki-Lavochki1972Gorky Film StudioUSSR35mm99HB 180-184
Storm Over Wyoming1950RKORKOUSA16mm60FD 799-800
Stranded1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm73FC 130-131
Strange Alibi1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm63FC 132-133
Strange Bargain1949RKORKOUSA16mm68FD 804-805
Strange ConfessionThe Missing Head1945UniversalUniversalUSA16mm61FH 053-055
Strange IllusionOut Of The Night1945PRCPRCUSA16mm80FF 601-602
Strange Justice1932King Motion Pictures, Inc.RKOUSA16mm68FD 806-807
Stranger On The Third Floor1940RKORKOUSA16mm62FD 808-809
Strangers All1935RKORKOUSA16mm68FD 810-811
Strangers On A Train1951Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm100FE 217-219
Straw Dogs1972ABC Pictures Corp.Cinerama Releasing Corp.Great Britain; USA16mm113FH 109-111
Street GirlBarber John'S Boy1929RKOUSA16mmFD 812-814
Street Of Women1932Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm59FC 139-140
Strictly Dynamite1934RKORKOUSA16mm71FD 815-816
StrikeStachka1925Goskino; ProletkultBrandon FilmsUSSR16mmFE 131-132
Strike Of The Thunder Kick TigernullnullnullHC 007-011
Stuart Gordon'S Castle FreakCastle Freak1995Full Moon EntertainmentFull Moon EntertainmentUSAvideo90VHA 809
Stuck2007Amicus Entertainment; Prodigy Pictures; TumidorTHINKFilmUSA; Canada; Germany35mm94HC 256-260
Stunt Pilot1939MonogramMonogramUSA16mm61FA 350-351
Submarine1928ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16 mm103FG 855-857
Submarine Alert1943Pine-Thomas ProductionsParamountUSA16mm66FE 642-643
Submarine D-11937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm100FC 141-143
Success At Any Price1934RKORKOUSA16mm74FD 817-818
Successful Failure1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm62FA 352-353
Suds1920Mary Pickford Co.United ArtistsUSA16mmDC 930-931
Sued For Libel1940RKORKOUSA16mm65FD 819-820
Sugar Cane AlleyLa Rue Cases Nègres1983Orca, NEF DiffusionFrance; Martinique16mm106FF 329-331
Suicide FleetMystery Ship1931RKO Pathé Pictures, Inc.RKO Pathé Distributing Corp.USA16mm86FD 821-823
Suicide SquadronDangerous Moonlight1942RKORKOGreat Britain; USA16mm82FC 780-782
Sunday LoversI Seddutori Della Domenica1980Viaduc ProductionsMedusa DistribuzioneFrance; Italy16mm125FF 507-510
Sundown1941Walter Wanger Pictures, Inc.90USA16mm90FE 621-623
Sundown Trail1931RKO Pathé Pictures, Inc.RKO Pathé Distributing Corp.USA16mm51FD 824-825
Sunny1930First NationalUSA16mmFC 146-147
Sunny Side Of The Street1951ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm70FB 925-926
Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans1927Fox Film CorporationUSA35 mm106HC 125-130
Sunset Blvd.1950ParamountParamountUSAvideo109VBA 083-084
Sunshine Dad1916Fine Arts Film Co.Triangle Film Corp.USA16mmunprocessed
Super Citizen KoChao Ji Da Guo Min1996Wan Jen FilmsTaiwan35mm104HC 482-487
Super-Sleuth1937RKORKOUSA16mm65FD 826-827
Surf Ii1984Frank D. Tolan ProductionsUSA35mm91HA 972-976
Susan Slept Here1954RKORKOUSA16mm97FG 560-562
Suspect1987Tri-Star PicturesUSA16mm121FF 057-060
Suspicion1941RKORKOUSA16mm99FD 828-830
SuvorovSuvorov1940MosfilmUSSR35 mmHC 320-324
Svad'Ba V MalinovkeWedding In Malinovka1967LenfilmUSSR35 mmHC 330-334
Svengali1931Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm79FC 148-149
Svengali1931Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm79FE 565-566
Swallow Fist Huntern.d.nullnull35mmHB 941-945
Sweepings1933RKORKOUSA16mm77FD 831-833
Sweepstakes1931RKO Pathé Pictures, Inc.RKO Pathé Distributing Corp.USA16mm75FD 834-835
Sweepstakes Winner1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm59FC 150-151
Sweet Adeline1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm82FC 152-154
Sweet Charity1969UniversalUSA16mm150FE 487-489
Sweet Kitty Bellairs1930Warner BrothersUSA16mmFC 155-156
Sweet Mama1930First NationalUSA16mmFC 157-158
Sweet Music1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm90FC 159-161
Sweet Sixteenn.d.nullnull35mmHB 946-950
Sweet YesterdaysDulces Horas1982Elías Querejeta Producciones CinematográficasSpain16mm102FF 225-227
Sweethearts And Wives1930First NationalUSA16mmFC 162-163
Sweethearts Of The U.S.A.1944Lester Cutler ProductionsMonogramUSA16mm60FA 356-357
Swing Time1936RKORKOUSA16mm103FD 836-838
Swing Your Lady1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm72FC 164-165
Swinging Ski Girls197?Robert Marsden ProdsUSA35mmHA 681-685
Swinging Sorority Girls197?Robert Marsden Prods.USA35mmHA 686-689
Switching Channels1987Nelson US HoldingsTriStar PicturesUSA16mm105FF 054-056
Sylvia Scarlett1936RKORKOUSA16mm90FD 839-841
Symphony Of Six Million1932RKORKOUSA16mm92FD 842-844
Tabu1931Golden Bough, Inc.Paramount Publix Corp.USA16mm81FE 220-221
Take It Or Leave It1944Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm68FE 959-960
Taking Off1971Forman--Crown--Hausman, Inc.UniversalUSA16mm92FE 594-596
Talent Scout1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm62FC 166-167
Tales Of LeninRasskazy O Lenine1957MosfilmUSSRvideo115VBB 164-165
Tales Of LeninRasskazy O Lenine1957MosfilmUSSR35mm115GA 248-258
Tales Of Robin Hood1951R & L ProductionsLippert Pictures, Inc.USA16mm59FE 786-787
Tall In The Saddle1944RKORKOUSA16mm86FD 845-846
Tanned Legs1929RKOUSA16mmFD 847-848
Target1952RKORKOUSA16mm61FD 849-850
Tarnished Angel1938RKORKOUSA16mm67FD 851-852
Tarzan Escapes1936MGMLoew's Inc.USAvideo89VBA 078-079
Tarzan'S Fight For Life1958Sol Lesser Productions, Inc.Loew's Inc.USA35mm86HC 266-270
Task Force1949Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm115FC 168-171
Taxi Zum KloTaxi To The Toilet1981FilmweltGermany16mm94FF 41-415
Taxi!1932Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm68FC 172-173
Teacher'S Pet1958Perlsea Co.ParamountUSA16mm120FF 632-634
Tear Gas Squad1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm55FC 174-175
Telephone Operator1938MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60FA 358-359
Tell Me About YourselfRasskazhi Mne O Sebe1971LenfilmUSSRvideo93VBB 169-170
Tell Me About YourselfRasskazhi Mne O Sebe1971LenfilmUSSR35mm93HB 255-259
Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon1970Sigma ProductionsParamountUSA16mm113FE 450-452
Ten North Frederick1958Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm102DD 294-297
Tender Comrade1943RKORKOUSA16mm101FD 855-857
Terminator 2 Judgment Day1991Carolco Pictures, Inc.Tri-StarUSA16mm136FG 109-112
Terror By Night1946UniversalUniversalUSA16mm60CA 713-714
Tess1979Renn ProductionsColumbiaUSA16mm180FG 103-108
Texas Pioneers1932MonogramMonogramUSA16mm54FA 360-361
Thank You, SirChi Chuang Hao1987China Motion Picture Production Co.Tung HuaTaiwan16mmFG 360-361
Thank Your Lucky Stars1943Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm127FC 180-182
That Certain Woman1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm91FC 183-185
That Girl From Paris1937RKORKOUSA16mm102FD 858-860
That Hagen Girl1947Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm83FC 186-188
That Man'S Here Again1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm58FC 189-190
That Obscure Object Of DesireCet Obscur Objet Du Désir1977Greenwich Film ProductionFrance; Spain35mm103HC 467-471
That Touch Of Mink1962Granley Co.Universal-InternationalUSA16mm99FG 677-678
That Way With Women1947Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm83FC 191-193
That'S Right--You'Re Wrong1939RKORKOUSA16mm91FD 861-863
The 13Th Man1937MonogramMonogramUSA16mm71FA 364-365
The 39 Steps1935Gaumont-British Picture Corp.Gaumont-British Picture Corp. of AmericaGreat Britain; USA16mm81FE 133-134
The 7Th Dawn1964HoldeanUnited ArtistsUSA35mm123HC 387-390
The Abominable Dr. Phibes1971American InternationalAmerican InternationalGreat Britain; USA16mm94 minutesFG 776-778
The Adult Version Of Jekyll &Amp; Hide1972El-Monde ProductionsUSA35mm75HA 430-434
The Adventurers1970Adventurers FilmParamountUSA16mm171FE 364-367
The Adventures Of A Rookie1943RKORKOUSA16mm64 minFC 470-471
The Adventures Of Jane Arden1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm53FA 418-419
The Adventures Of Mark Twain1944Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm130FA 420-423
The Adventures Of Penrod And SamPenrod And Sam1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm70 minFB 814-815
The Adventures Of Penrod And SamPenrod And Sam1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm70 minFB 816-817
The Adventures Of Robin Hood1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm102FA 424-426
The Adventures Of Robin Hood1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm102FF 924-926
The Affairs Of Annabel1938RKORKOUSA16mm68FC 475-476
The Affairs Of Susan1945Hal Wallis Productions, Inc.ParamountUSA16mm108FE 402-404
The Age Of Consent1932RKORKOUSA16mm80FC 481-482
The Alpha Incident1978Studio Film Corp.Studio Film Corp.USA35mm92HC 402-405
The Amazing Doctor Clitterhouse1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm87FA 460-461
The American FriendDer Amerikanische Freund1977Road Movies Filmproduktion GmbHGermany16mm125FF 268-270
The American Soldier1970antiteaterGermany16mm80FF 271-272
The Angels Wash Their Faces1939First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm76 minFA 464-466
The Apartment1960MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm124FF 795-798
The Ape1940MonogramMonogramUSA16mm61FA 032-033
The Arizona Ranger1948RKORKOUSA16mm63FC 520-522
The Arizonian1935RKORKOUSA16mm72FC 523-524
The Army GameTire Au Flanc 621928Films du CarrosseConsort/Orion FilmsFrance16mm87FE 341-342
The Army GameTire Au Flanc 621928Films du CarrosseConsort/Orion FilmsFrance16mm87FE 234-235
The Art Of Great TruthIskusstvo Bol'Shoi Pravdi1958Tsentral'nayaUSSR35mmGA 476-483
The Art Of TadzhikistanIskusstvo Tadzhikistana196?Tadzhakfil'mUSSRvideoVBA 773
The Art Of TadzhikistanIskusstvo Tadzhikistana196?Tadzhakfil'mUSSR35mmHB 114
The Atomic Cafe1982The Archives Project, Inc.USA16mm89FF 261-263
The Atomic ManTimeslip1956Todon Productions, Inc.Allied ArtistsGreat Britain; USA16mm76FF 021-022
The Avenging Rider1943RKORKOUSA16mm56 minFC 533-534
The Bachelor And The Bobby Soxer1947RKORKOUSA16mm93FC 535-537
The Bachelor And The Bobby Soxer1947RKORKOUSA35mm93HA 883-887
The Ballad Of NarayamaNarayama Bushi-Kô1983ToeiKino InternationalJapan16mm129FH 134-137
The Ballet StarZvezda Baleta1964Kino Studiya Alexandra DovzhenkoUSSR35mmHB 637-640
The Bamboo Blonde1946RKORKOUSA16mm67FC 550-551
The Band Wagon1953MGMLoew's Inc.USAvideo111VBA 218-219
The Bandit Trail1941RKORKOUSA16mm59FC 554-555
The Barefoot Mailman1951ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm80 minFB 626-627
The Barkleys Of Broadway1949MGMLoew's Inc.USAvideo109 minVBA 093-094
The Barkleys Of Broadway1949MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm109FG 930-932
The Battle For The Republic Of ChinaHsinhai Shuangshih1981CMPC; Shaw Bros.CMPCTaiwan16mmFG 342-343
The Battle Of AlgiersLa Battaglia Di Algeri1967Igor Film; Casbah FilmItaly; Algeria16mm135 minFF 352-355
The Battle Of El AlameinLa Battaglia Di El Alamein1968Zenith Cinematografica; Films CoronaItaly; France35mm105 minHA 138-143
The Battle Of Gettysburg1955New York Motion Picture Co.Mutual Film Corp.USA35mmHA 896-897
The Beast With Five Fingers1947Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm90 minFA 498-500
The Belles Of St. Trinian'S1954London FilmsAssociated ArtistsUnited Kingdom16mm91DF 632-634
The Beloved Brat1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm62 minFA 505-506
The Benny Goodman Story1955UniversalUniversalUSA16mm115FE 413-415
The Better 'Ole1926Warner BrothersUSA16mmFA 509-510
The Big Gamble1931RKO PatheRKO PatheUSA16mm61 minFC 594-595
The Big Game1936RKORKOUSA16mm72 minFC 596-597
The Big Lift1950Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm119FF 610-613
The Big Noise1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm58FA 529-530
The Big Punch1948Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm80FA 531-532
The Big Shakedown1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm59FA 533-534
The Big Shot1931RKO PatheRKO PatheUSA16mm65FC 598-599
The Big Shot1937RKORKOUSA16mm60FC 600-601
The Big Shot1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm80FA 535-537
The Big Sky1949Winchester Pictures Corp.RKOUSA16mm122FC 606-607
The Big Sleep1946Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm113FA 538-540
The Big Stampede1932Warner BrothersVitagraph Pictures, Inc.USA16mm54FA 541-542
The Big Street1942RKORKOUSA16mm88FC 608-609
The Big Wheel1949Samuel H. Stiefel ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm92FE 436-437
The Bitter Tea Of General Yen1933Columbia Pictures CorporationColumbia Pictures CorporationUSA16 mm88FG 781-783
The Black Castle1953UniversalUniversalUSA16mm81FE 499-500
The Black Moses Of Soul1973nullAquarius ReleasingUSA35mmHA 986-989
The Black Pirate1926Elton Corp.United ArtistsUSA16mmFE 973-974
The Bloody Brood1959Meridan FilmsAstor PicturesCanada35mm69HA 164-167
The Blue AngelDer Blaue Engel1930UFAGermany16mm106FE 098-099
The Blue AngelDer Blaue Engel1930UFAGermany16mm106FE 557-559
The Body Disappears1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm71FA 565-566
The Body Snatcher1945RKORKOUSA16mm78FC 622-623
The Body StealersInvasion Of The Body Stealers1969Tigon British Productions Ltd.; Sagittarius ProductionsGreat Britain, USA35mm91 minHA 183-187
The BodyguardKarate Kiba1976Nippon-American ProductionsJapan35mm87A 947-951
The Boy Friend1971MGMMGMUSA; Great Britain16mm108FH 203-205
The Boy With Green Hair1948RKORKOUSA16mm82FC 645-647
The Brain1964Raymond Stross ProductionsGovernor FilmsUnited Kingdom16mm83DF 541-543
The Bride Came C.O.D.1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm94FA 576-578
The Bride Walks Out1936RKORKOUSA16mm75 minFC 654-656
The Bridegroom, The Comedienne, And The PimpDer Brautigam, Der Komodiantin, Und Der Zuhalter1968Straub-HuilletGermany16mm23DD 733
The Bridge On The River Kwai1957Horizon-American Pictures, Inc.ColumbiaUSA16mm161FG 905-909
The Brighton Strangler1945RKORKOUSA16mm67FC 657-658
The Brothers KaramazovBrat'Ia Karamazovi1969MosfilmUSSRvideoVBB 096-099
The Brothers KaramazovBratya Karamazovy1968MosfilmUSSR35mm220 minHB 099-110
The Buccaneer1959ParamountParamountUSA35mm118HC 287-293
The Burning BrazierLe Brasier Ardent1923Societe de Films AlbatrosFrance16mm120DD 231-232
The Burning BrazierLe Brasier Ardent1923Societe de Films AlbatrosFrance16mm120DC 942-943
The Bus Is Coming1971K-Calb Productions, Inc.William Thompson Productions, Inc.USA35mm101HA 198-203
The Cabinet Of Dr. CaligariDas Kabinett Des Dr. Caligari1919Decla BioscopGermany16mm81DC 863-864
The Caine Mutiny1954ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm123FG 988-991
The Call Of DutyJe Hsieh1981Tung TaKuo WuTaiwan16mmFG 368-369
The Cameraman1928MGMMGMUSA16mmFF 725-726
The Captain'S DaughterKapitanskaya Dochka1958Ministerstvo KinematografiiUSSRvideo78VBB 079-080
The Captain'S DaughterKapitanskaya Dochka1958Ministerstvo KinematografiiUSSR35mm78HB 205-209
The Captain'S Kid1936First NationalThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm71FA 642-643
The Captain'S Paradise1953London Film ProductionsBritish Lion FilmsGreat Britain16mm94 minutesFG 760-762
The Case Of The Black Cat1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm62FA 652-653
The Case Of The Black Parrot1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm59FA 654-655
The Case Of The Curious Bride1935First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm68FA 656-657
The Case Of The Howling Dog1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm75FA 658-659
The Case Of The Lucky LegsThe Girl With The Lucky Legs1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm75FA 660-661
The Case Of The Stuttering Bishop1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm69FA 662-663
The Case Of The Velvet Claws1936First NationalThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm60FA 665-666
The CatLa Chatte1958Elysée FilmsFrance35mm104HA 214-219
The Cat And The Canary1927UniversalUSA16mmFE 100-101
The Chant Of Jimmie Blacksmith1978Film House; Australian Film CommissionAustralia16mm122FF 138-140
The Charge Of The Light Brigade1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm115FA 681-683
The Cheat1915Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Co.ParamountUSA16mmFE 102
The Cherokee Strip1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm53FA 684-685
The Cheyenne Kid1933RKORKOUSA16mm55 minFC 701-702
The Chinese Cat1944Krasne-Burkett ProductionsMonogramUSA16mm65FA 072-073
The Choppers1961Rushmore ProductionsFairway-International FilmsUSA35mm66HA 225-228
The Christmas KidJoe Navidad1967Westside International; L. M. FilmsProducers Releasing OrganizationUSA35mm90HA 229-233
The Church Mouse1934First NationalWarner BrothersGreat Britain; USA16mm72FA 698-699
The Clay Pigeon1949RKORKOUSA16mm62FC 714-715
The Cockleshell Heroes1956Warwick Film Productions, Ltd.ColumbiaGreat Britain; USA16mm94FG 688-690
The Comic1969Acre EnterprisesColumbiaUSAvideo94VBA 185-186
The Comic1966Acre EnterprisesColumbiaUSA16mm94FE 479-481
The Common Law1931RKO PathéRKO PathéUSA16mm72 minFC 722-723
The Company She Keeps1950RKORKOUSA16mm81FC 724-725
The Conquest Of Everest1953Group 3, Ltd.Great Britainvideo78 minVBA 702-703
The Conspirators1944Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm100FA 736-738
The Constant Nymph1943Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm106FA 739-741
The CookStryapukha1965GoskinoUSSR35mm71HB 592-595
The Corn Is Green1945Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm114FA 742-744
The Country Girl1955ParamountParamountUSA16mm103FF 626-628
The Court Jester1956Dena EnterprisesParamountUSA16mm101FG 835-836
The Covered Wagon1924Famous Players-LaskyParamountUSA16mmDD 192-193
The Crash1932First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm58FA 749-750
The Crazy RayParis Qui Dort1923Films DiamantFrance16mmFE 206
The Crowd Roars1932Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm84FA 758-759
The Cuckoos1930RKOUSA16mmFC 757-759
The Curse Of The Cat People1944RKORKOUSA16mm70FC 760-761
The D.I.1957Mark VII, Ltd.Warner BrothersUSA16mm104FE 259-261
The Dark Horse1932First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm75 minFA 784-785
The Dark Mirror1946Inter-John, Inc.UniversalUSA16mm85FF 603-604
The Dark Past1949ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mmFE 950-951
The Daughter Of Rosie O'Grady1950Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm104 minFE 896-898
The Dawn Patrol1930First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm90 minFA 795-797
The Dawn Patrol1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm103 minFA 798-800
The Dawns Are Quiet HereA Zori Zdes' Tikhie1972Tsentral'naya Kinostudiya DetskixUSSR35mm188HB115-124
The Day The Bookies Wept1939RKORKOUSA16mm64FC 787-788
The Day The Earth FrozeSampo1958Mosfilm; Suomi-FilmiUSSR; Finlandvideo99VBB 117-118
The Day The Earth FrozeSampo1958Mosfilm; Suomi-FilmiUSSR; Finland35mm99HB 282-286
The Day Time Ended1979Compass InternationalUSA35mm80HB 026-030
The Deadly Game1941MonogramMonogramUSA16mm63 minFA 086-087
The Death MakerLa Peau De Torpedo1969Comacio; Films Copernic; Orion Films; Mars Film ProduzioneFrance; Germany; Italy35mm110HA 287-292
The Death Of The SpringNuhsing Chuyi1982Ta FaMing YiHong Kong16mmFG 433-435
The Decision Of Christopher Blake1948Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm75FA 804-805
The Deer KingKorol-Olen1969Gorky Film StudiosUSSR35mm77 minGA 501-508
The Defiant Ones1968Lomitas Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSAvideo97VBA 396-397
The Delightful Rogue1929RKOUSA16mmFC 794-795
The Desert Song1929Warner BrothersUSA16mmFA 021-023
The Desert Song1944Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm90FA 809-811
The Destroyers1979Shaw BrothersHong Kong35mmHB 789-793
The Devil And Miss Jones1941Frank Ross-Norman Krasna, Inc.RKOUSA16mm91FE 267-268
The Devil Thumbs A Ride1947RKORKOUSA16mm62FC 802-803
The Devil'S Saddle Legion1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm52FA 825-826
The Diamond ArmBrilliantovaia Ruka1969MosfilmUSSRvideoVBB 147-148
The Diamond ArmBrilliantovaia Ruka1969MosfilmUSSR35mmHB 321-325
The Dirty HeroesDalle Ardenne All'Inferno1968Fida Cinematografica; Productions Jacques Roitfeld; Gloria-FilmItaly; France; Germany35mm120 minHA 312-317
The Divided Heart1954Ealing StudiosGreat Britain16mm89FE 938-939
The Docks Of New York1928ParamountUSA16mmFE 161-162
The Doctor Takes A Wife1940ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm88 minFE 584-586
The Dolly Sisters1945Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm114FG 552-554
The Doughgirls1944Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm102 minFA 862-864
The Dragon Murder Case1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm65 minFA 869-870
The Driftin' Kid1941MonogramMonogramUSA16mm55FA 100-101
The Drop Kick1927First NationalUSA16mmFA 871-872
The Duel Of The Ultimate Weaponnullnull35mmHB 986-990
The Dull-Ice FlowerLu Ping Hua1989COS Film Co.COS Film Co.Taiwan16mmFG 508-509
The Eleanor Roosevelt Story1965Sidney Glazier ProductionsAllied ArtistsUSA16mm90FF 667-669
The Enchanted Cottage1945RKORKOUSA16mm91FC 844-846
The Enigma Of Kaspar HauserJeder Für Sich Und Gott Gegen Alle1975Werner Herzog Filmproduktion, Süddeutscher RundfunkGermany16mm110 minFF 367-369
The Ex-Mrs. Bradford1936RKORKOUSA16mm80FC 854-855
The Expert1932Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm69FA 921-922
The Fabulous World Of Jules VerneVynález Zkazy1958Czech State FilmCzechoslovakia16mm95DD 199-201
The Face Of Marble1946MonogramMonogramUSA16mm72FA 106-107
The Falcon And The Co-Eds1943RKORKOUSA16mm67FC 861-862
The Falcon In Danger1943RKORKOUSA16mm69FC 863-864
The Falcon In Hollywood1944RKORKOUSA16mm66FC 865-866
The Falcon In Mexico1944RKORKOUSA16mm70FC 867-868
The Falcon In San Francisco1945RKORKOUSA16mm65FC 869-870
The Falcon Out West1944RKORKOUSA16mm64FC 871-872
The Falcon Strikes Back1943RKORKOUSA16mm65FC 873-874
The Falcon Takes Over1942RKORKOUSA16mm62FC 875-876
The Falcon'S Adventure1946RKORKOUSA16mm61FC 877-878
The Falcon'S Alibi1946RKORKOUSA16mm63FC 879-880
The Falcon'S Brother1942RKORKOUSA16mm63FC 881-882
The Fall Guy1930RKOUSA16mmFC 883-884
The Fallen Idol1948London Films ProductionsGreat Britain16mm94FE 609-610
The Fallen Sparrow1943RKORKOUSA16mm91FC 885-886
The Famous Ferguson Case1932First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm74FA 923-924
The Fargo Kid1940RKORKOUSA16mm63FC 889-890
The Farmer'S Daughter1947RKORKOUSA16mm96FH 041-042
The Farmer'S Daughter [Segment]1947RKORKOUSA16mm96DD 329-330
The Fatal Hour1940MonogramMonogramUSA16mm68FA 110-111
The Fbi Story1959Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm149DD 218-222
The Female; Seventy Times SevenSetenta Veces Siete1968Araucania FilmsCambist FilmsArgentina35mm85HA 358-361
The Fighting 69Th1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm89FA 940-942
The Fighting Champ1932MonogramMonogramUSA16mm56 minFA 116-117
The Fighting Gringo1939RKORKOUSA16mm59 minFC 904-905
The Final Terror1983Watershed CompanyUSA35mm84HB 017-020
The Finger Points1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm88FA 945-947
The Firebird1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm74FA 948-949
The First Auto1927Warner BrothersUSA16mmFA 952
The FlightBeg1971MosfilmUSSRvideo150VBB 083-086
The FlightBeg1971MosfilmUSSR35mm150HB 135-145
The Flight Of The Phoenix1965Associates & Aldrich Co., Inc.Twentieth Century-FoxUSAvideo149VBA 154-156
The Flim--Flam Man1967Lawrence Turman, Inc.Twentieth Century-FoxUSAvideo104VBA 400-401
The Flirting Widow1930First NationalUSA16mmFA 970-971
The Florentine Dagger1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm69 minFA 972-973
The Flowers Of St. FrancisFrancesco, Giullare Di Dio1950Cineriz; RizzoliItaly16mm93 minFE 163-164
The Flunk-Out HeroesKuo Szu Ying Hsiung Chuan1985Long ShangLong ShangTaiwan16mmFG 472-473
The Fly1958Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm94FE 627-629
The Flying Irishman1939RKORKOUSA16mm72FC 925-926
The Flying Missile1951ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm91 minFE 875-877
The Footloose Heiress1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm58FA 988-989
The Fortune Cookie1966Phalanx Productions; Jalem ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm125 minFF 751-754
The Fountainhead1949Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm112FA 998-FB 001
The Four Hundred BlowsLes Quatre Cents Coups1959Les Films du Carosse, SEDIFFrance16mm94DC 924-926
The Fourth PortraitDi Si Zhang Hua20103Ng Film, Cream Film ProductionsFestival Films, Golden Village PicturesTaiwan35mmHC 606-610
The French Connection1972D'Antoni Productions, Inc.Twentieth Century-FoxUSAvideo104VBA 115-116
The French Line1954RKORKOUSA16mm102FC 949-951
The Freshman1925Harold Lloyd Corp.Pathé ExchangeUSA16mmFF 655-656
The Frisco Kid1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm77 minFB 019-021
The Front Page1931The Caddo Co.United ArtistsUSA16mm90FE 691-694
The Fugitive1933MonogramMonogramUSA16mm56FA 126-127
The Fugitive1947Argosy Pictures Corp.RKOUSA16mm96FC 957-959
The FuneralOsoshiki1984Itami ProductionsJapan16mm124FF 317-319
The Gallant Fool1933MonogramMonogramUSA16mm61 minFA 128-129
The Gang'S All Here1941Sterling Productions, Inc.MonogramUSA16mm63FA 134-135
The Garnet BraceletGranatovyy Braselet1966GoskinoUSSRvideo90VBB 100-101
The Garnet BraceletGranatovyy Braselet1964GoskinoUSSR35mm90HB 200-204
The Gay DiplomatWoman Pursued1931RKORKOUSA16mm66FC 969-970
The Gay Divorcee1934RKORKOUSA16mm107FC 971-973
The Gay Falcon1941RKORKOUSA16mm66FC 974-975
The Gay Sisters1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm101FB 042-044
The General1927Buster Keaton ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm77FE 391-392
The General1927Buster Keaton ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm77FE 673-674
The Ghost And Mr. Chicken1966UniversalUSA35mm90HC 315-319
The Ghost City1932MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60 minFA 138-139
The Ghost HillShi Wan Jin Shan1971International Film ProductionTaiwan35mmHB 833-837
The Ghost'S Sword1971nullHong Kong35mmHB 838-842
The Girl And The Gambler1939RKORKOUSA16mm62FC 992-993
The Girl From 10Th AvenueMen On Her Mind1935First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm69FB 056-057
The Girl From Jones Beach1949Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm77FB 054-055
The Girl From Mexico1939RKORKOUSA16mm64FC 994-995
The Girl Was YoungYoung And Innocent1937Gaumont-British Picture Corp.Gaumont-British Picture Corp.Great Britain; USA16mm84FE 142-143
The Glass Slipper1955MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm93FF 526-528
The Glass Web1953UniversalUniversalUSA16mm81FE 400-401
The Go Getter1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm92FB 068-070
The Gold Rush1925Charles Chaplin ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm72DC 895-897
The Golden Arrow1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm68FB 105-106
The Golden CalfZolotoy Telyonok1968MosfilmUSSRvideo174VBA 996-998
The Golden CalfZolotoy Telyonok1968MosfilmUSSR35mm174HB 090-098
The GolemDer Golem, Wie Er In Die Welt Kam1920UFAGermany16mm85 minFE 107-108
The Good Humor Man1950ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm80FG 937-938
The Goose And The Gander1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm65FB 111-112
The Goose Woman1925UniversalUSA16mmFE 241-242
The Gorilla Man1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm62FB 113-114
The Grand IllusionLa Grande Illusion1938Réalisation d'art cinématographiqueFrance16mm114 minDD290-292
The Grapes Of Wrath1940Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm129FH 056-058
The Great AdventureDet Stora Äventyret1953Filmproduktion Arne Sucksdorff A.BSwedenvideo73 minVBA 694-695
The Great Adventure1921Whitman Bennett ProductionsAssociated First National PicturesUSA16mmFB 119-122
The Great Caruso1951MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm109DF 613-615
The Great Dictator1940Charles Chaplin Film Corp.United ArtistsUSA16mm127FE 167-169
The Great Dictator1941Charles Chaplin Film Corp.United ArtistsUSA16mm127FH 206-208
The Great Divide1929First NationalUSA16mmFB 123-124
The Great Ecstasy Of Woodcarver SteinerDie Grosse Ekstase Des Bildschnitzers Steiner1975Werner Herzog FilmproduktionGermany16mm47 minFF 295
The Great Escape1963MirischUnited ArtistsUSA; Germany16mm168FF 758-762
The Great Garrick1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm95FB 125-127
The Great Gildersleeve1942RKORKOUSA16mm61FD 018-019
The Great Jasper1933RKORKOUSA16mm76FD 020-022
The Great JusticeTian Hen Hsing1980CMPCCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 398-400
The Great Lie1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm102FB 128-130
The Great Lover1949ParamountParamountUSA16mm79FE 899-901
The Great Man Votes1939RKORKOUSA16mm70FD 023-024
The Great Man'S Lady1941ParamountParamountUSA16mm90FE 947-949
The Great Mr. Nobody1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm70 minFB131-132
The Great O'Malley1937Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm70 minFB 133-134
The Great Profile1940Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm78FH 039-040
The Great White Hope1970Lawrence Turman Films, Inc.Twentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm103FG 901-903
The Greeks Had A Word For ThemThree Broadway Girls1932Feature Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm77FE 530-531
The Green Buddha [ Segment ]1955RepublicRepublicGreat Britain; USA16mm61FF 041
The Green Goddess1930Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 135-136
The Green Pastures1936Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm90FB 140-142
The Green, Green Trees Of SchoolHsiaoshu Chingching1988Wan LongLong TaiTaiwan16mmFG 374-375
The Greyhound Limited1929Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB143-144
The Gunfight At Dodge City1958MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm80FE 961-962
The Gypsy Moths1969MGMUSA16mm106FF 470-472
The Half Naked Truth1932RKORKOUSA16mm75FD 040-041
The Half-Breed1952RKORKOUSA16mm81FD 038-039
The Hallelujah Trail1965Kappa Corp; MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm165FF 763-766
The Happy Time1955Stanley Kramer Co.ColumbiaUSA16mm93FH 221-223
The Hard Road1970Valle Film EnterprisesFour Star-Excelsior Releasing CompanyUSA35mm85HA 423-426
The Hard Way1943Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm108FB 156-158
The Harlem Globetrotters1951ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm75FE 986-987
The Harrad Experiment1973Cinema ArtsUSA16mm97FE 675-677
The Harvey Girls1946MGMLoew's Inc.USAvideo101VBA 170-171
The HatShlyapa1981MosfilmUSSRvideo92VBB 151-152
The HatShlyapa1981MosfilmUSSR35mm92HB 330-334
The Hatchet Man1932First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm74 minFB 163-164
The Hawaiians1970MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm134FF 877-880
The Headless HorsemanVsadnik Bez Golovi1970LenfilmUSSR; Cuba35mm97HB 608-613
The HealerLittle Pal1935MonogramMonogramUSA16mm75FA 196-197
The Heart Of New York1932Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm65 minFB173-174
The Heart Of The Matter1953London Film ProductionsAssociated Artists ProductionsUK16mm100FH 211-213
The Helen Morgan Story1957Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm117FE 835-837
The Heroic PioneersTangshan Kuo Taiwan1986Taiwan Film Production Co.Taiwan Film Production Co.Taiwan16mmFG 310-311
The Hidden Hand1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm67FB 202-203
The Hoaxters1952MGMMGMUSA35mm36HA 894-895
The Holy Terror1937Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm66DE 678-679
The Homecoming1973American Express Films, Inc.; The Ely Landau Organization, Inc.AFT Distributing Corp.United States; Great Britain; Canada16mm111FG 596-598
The Hook1963Perlberg-Seaton ProductionsMGMUSA16mm98FF 476-478
The Hoosier Schoolmaster1935MonogramMonogramUSA16mm71 minFA 166-167
The Horn Blows At Midnight1945Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm80FB 225-226
The Horse Soldiers1959MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm118FF 859-862
The Hot Heiress1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm80FB 227-228
The Hour Of The Furnaces Pt. ILa Hora De Los Hornos1968Groupe Cine-LiberaciónArgentina16mmFF 298-300
The House Across The Street1949Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm69FB 234-235
The House I Live InDom, V Kotorom Ya Zhivu1957Central Maxim Gorky StudiosUSSRvideo100 minVBB 173-174
The House I Live InDom, V Kotorom Ya Zhivu1957Central Maxim Gorky StudiosUSSR35mm100 minHB 350-354
The House Of Mystery1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm61 minFA 170-171
The House On 56Th Street1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm68FB 236-237
The House With An AtticDom S Mezoninom1960Yalta FilmUSSR35mm86 minHB 661-664
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame1957Paris Film ProductionAllied ArtistsFrance; United States35mm103HC 512-517
The Hussar'S BalladGusarskaya Ballada1962Ministerstvo KinematografiiUSSRvideo96VBB 089-090
The Hussar'S BalladGusarskaya Ballada1962Ministerstvo KinematografiiUSSR35mm96HB 169-173
The Informer1935RKORKOUSA16mm91FD 141-143
The Inner CircleIl Proiezionista1992Bonivento Film Productions, MosfilmColumbiaItaly; USSR16mm137FG 713-716
The Innocents1961Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA35mm99HC 421-426
The Inspector General1949Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm102FB 281-283
The Invincible TwoHsin Chuehtai Shuangchiao1993Perfect FilmsHong Kong16mmFG 392-393
The Invisible Dr. MabuseThe Invisible Horror1965CCC--FilmkunstThunder PicturesWest Germany16mm89FG 992-993
The Invisible Ghost1941Banner Pictures Corp.MonogramUSA16mm62FH 105-106
The Invisible Man1933UniversalUniversalUSA16mm70FE 296-297
The Invisible Man'S Revenge1944UniversalUniversalUSA16mm78FE 426-427
The Invisible Menace1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm54 minFB 287-288
The Irish In Us1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm80FB 291-292
The Iron Horse1925Fox Film Corp.USA16mmDC 900-903
The Iron Major1943RKORKOUSA16mm85FD 147-148
The Iron Mistress1952Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm109FE 525-527
The Italian1915New York Motion Picture Corp.ParamountUSA16mmDC 861-862
The Jackal Of NahueltoroEl Chacal De Nahueltoro1969Cine Experimental de la Universidad de Chile; Cinematografia Tercer MundoChile16mm88FF 301-303
The Jade Mask1945MonogramMonogramUSA16mm64FA 174-175
The Jazz Singer1928Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm90FB 317-319
The Jokers1967Gildor Films; Scimitar Films Ltd.; Adastra FilmsUniversalUnited Kingdom16mm94DD 588-590
The Jolson Story1947ColumbiaColumbiaUSAvideo128VBA 168-169
The Jones Family In Big BusinessBig Business1937Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm61 minDD 495-496
The Judge Steps Out1949RKORKOUSA16mm91FD 169-170
The Juniper Tree1990nullIceland35mmHC 457-461
The Kennel Murder Case1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm73FB 349-350
The Kennel Murder Case1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm73FE 333-334
The Key1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm70FB 351-352
The Keyhole1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm69FB 356-357
The Kid Brother1927Harold Lloyd Corp.ParamountUSA16mmFE 189-190
The Kid Comes BackDon'T Pull Your Punches1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm60FB 358-359
The Kid From Kokomo1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm95 minFB 360-362
The Kid From Spain1932Howard Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSAvideo90VBA 390-391
The Killers1946UniversalUniversalUSA16mm102DD 244-246
The Killers1946UniversalUniversalUSA16mm102FF 730-732
The King And I1956Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm132FF 995-998
The King And The Chorus Girl1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm90FB 368-370
The King'S Vacation1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm60FB 381-382
The Kinmen BombsPaersan Paochan1986CMPC; Silver BirdCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 372-373
The Kiss1929MGMUSA16mmDC 904-905
The Kung Fu MonkChu Jia Ren1975Brother Film ProductionHong Kong35mmHB 868-872
The Lady Consents1936RKORKOUSA16mm75FD 190-192
The Lady From Shanghai1948ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm86FE 239-240
The Lady From Shanghai1948ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm86FF 708-710
The Lady RefusesForgotten Women1931RKORKOUSA16mm72FD 196-197
The Lady Takes A Sailor1949Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm98FB 403-405
The Lady VanishesLost Lady1938Gainsborough Pictures, Ltd.Twentieth Century-FoxGreat Britain; USA16mm78FE 149-151
The Lady Who DaredLa Dama Atrevida1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm55 minFB 406-407
The Ladykillers1955Ealing StudiosGreat Britainvideo97VBA 127-128
The Land Beyond The Law1937Charles R. Rogers ProductionsFirst NationalUSA16mmFB 411-412
The Lanfier ColonyKolona Lanfier1969Filmové Studio Barrandov, MosfilmUSSR, CzechoslovakiavideoVBB 087-088
The Lanfier ColonyKolona Lanfier1969Filmové Studio Barrandov, MosfilmUSSR, Czechoslovakia35mmHB 212-216
The Las Vegas Story1952RKORKOUSA16mm87FD 205-207
The LashAdios1930First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mmFB 416-417
The Last Alarm1940Sherwill Productions, Inc.MonogramUSA16mm61FA 182-183
The Last Days Of PompeiiPoslednie Dni Pompey1972LenfilmUSSRvideoVBB 171-172
The Last Days Of Pompeii1935RKORKOUSA16mm85FD 208-210
The Last Days Of PompeiiPoslednie Dni Pompey1972LenfilmUSSR35mmHB 304-307
The Last Flight1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm77 minFB 418-419
The Last LaughDer Letzte Mann1924UFAGermany16mm108 minFE 195-196
The Last LaughDer Letzte Mann1924UFAGermany16mm108 minFE 253-254
The Last Ride1944Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm54FB 420-421
The Lavender Hill Mob1951Ealing StudiosGreat Britainvideo78VBA 121-122
The Lavender Hill Mob1951Ealing StudiosGreat Britain35 mm78 minHC 115-118
The Law In Her Hands1936Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm53FB 422-423
The Law Rides Again1943MonogramMonogramUSA16mm55FA 188-189
The Law West Of Tombstone1938RKORKOUSA16mm72FD 217-218
The Left Handed Gun1958Haroll Productions, Inc.Warner BrothersUSA16mm102FE 264-266
The Left-Handed WomanDie Linkshandige Frau1977Road Movies Filmproduktion; Wim Wenders FilmproduktionGermany16mm113 minFF188-190
The Legend Of Billie Jean1985Tri-Star PicturesUSA16mm95FF 916-918
The Legion Of Missing Men1937Associated Artists Productions, Ltd.MonogramUSA16mm63FA 192-193
The Lemon Drop Kid1951Hope Enterprises, Inc.ParamountUSA16mm90FE 405-407
The Leopard Man1943RKORKOUSA16mm59FD 223-224
The Letter1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm95FB 428-430
The Life And Times Of Rosie The Riveter1980Clarity Educational ProductionsUSA16mm65DD 946-947
The Life Of Emile Zola1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm123FB 433-435
The Life Of Jimmy Dolan1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm70FB 436-438
The Life Of The Party1930Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 230-232
The Life Of The Party1937RKORKOUSA16mm79FD 230-232
The Life Of Vergie Winters1934RKORKOUSA16mm73 minFD 233-235
The Lighthouse By The Sea1924Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 441-442
The Limited Mail1925Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 450-451
The Lion And The Mouse1928Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 452-454
The Little Giant1933First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm70FB 459-460
The Little Minister1934RKORKOUSA16mm104FD 241-243
The Little Princess1939Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm91FE 411-412
The Living Desert1953Walt Disney ProductionsWalt Disney ProductionsUSA16mm69FE 283-284
The Living Ghost1942MonogramMonogramUSA16mm61FA 198-199
The Locket1946RKORKOUSA16mm85FD 244-245
The Lodger1926Gainsborough PicturesGreat Britain16mmDC 865-866
The Loneliness Of The Long Distance RunnerRebel With A Cause1962Woodfall Film ProductionsContinental Distributing, Inc.Great Britain16mm103FE 447-449
The Longest Yard1974Long Road ProductionsParamountUSAvideo122VBA 178-179
The Looking Glass War1970Frankovich ProductionsColumbia PicturesUSA16mm108FG 892-894
The Lost Patrol1934RKORKOUSA16mm74FD 256-257
The Lost Squadron1932RKORKOUSA16mm79FD 258-260
The Loudspeaker1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm67FA 204-205
The Love Machine1971Frankovich Productions, Inc.ColumbiaUSA16mm108FG 611-613
The Loves Of Carmen1948Beckworth Corp.ColumbiaUSA16mm95FE 393-394
The Luck Of Roaring Camp1937MonogramMonogramUSA16mm59 minFA 206-207
The Mad Genius1931Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm79FB 485-486
The Mad Miss Manton1938RKORKOUSA16mm78 minFD 275-276
The Magic Box [ Segment ]1951Festival Film ProductionsGreat Britain16mmFF 042
The Magic SwordChiang Hsieh Shenchien1993Taiwan Film Culture Co.Taiwan Film Culture Co.Taiwan16mmFG 407-408
The Magnificent Ambersons1942RKORKOUSA16mm88FD 279-281
The Magnificent Matador1955National Pictures Corp.Twentieth Century-FoxMexico; USA16mm90FF 588-590
The Magnificent Seven1960MirischUnited ArtistsMexico; USA16mm126FF 839-842
The Magnificent Seven Ride!1972MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm100FF 737-739
The Male Animal1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm101FB 492-494
The Maltese Falcon1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSAvideo100VBA 234-235
The Maltese Falcon1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm100FB 495-497
The Maltese Falcon1931Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm75FA 775-777
The Man1972Lorimar; ABC Circle FilmsParamountUSA16mm93FE 788-790
The Man From Laramie1950William Goetz Productions, Inc.ColumbiaUSA16mm102FF 723-724
The Man From Monterey1933Warner BrothersUSA16mm57FB 500-501
The Man I Love1947Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm96FB 504-506
The Man In The Net1959MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm96FF 829-831
The Man In The White Suit1951Ealing StudiosGreat Britainvideo85VBA 133-134
The Man On The Box1914Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Co.State RightsUSA16mmDC 945-946
The Man Outside1968Trio Films; Group W FilmsAllied ArtistsUSA16mm97FE 888-890
The Man Who Came To Dinner1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm112FB 513-515
The Man Who Could Work Miracles1937London Film Productions, Ltd.United ArtistsGreat Britain; USA16mm82FD 659-660
The Man Who Fell To Earth1976British Lion FilmsGreat Britain16mm138FF 379-381
The Man Who Found Himself1937RKORKOUSA16mm65FD 297-298
The Man Who Knew Too Much1935Gaumont-British Picture Corp.Gaumont-British Picture Corp.Great Britain; USA16mm74FE 560-561
The Man Who Played GodThe Silent Voice1932Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm80FB 518-519
The Man Who Talked Too Much1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm74FB 520-521
The Man With Two Faces1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm72FB 522-523
The Man With Two Lives1942MonogramMonogramUSA16mm65FA 216-217
The Marriage Of A Young Stockbroker1971Lawrence Turman Production20th Century FoxUSA16mm96FG 618-620
The Marriage Of BalzaminovZhenitba Balzaminova1965GoskinoUSSR35mm90HB 365-369
The Marrying Kind1952ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm92FH 001-003
The Marshal Of Mesa City1940RKORKOUSA16mm60FD 306-307
The Martial Monks Of Shaolin TempleChamp Against Champ1983nullHong Kong35mmHC 152-156
The Martial Monks Of Shaolin TempleChamp Against Champ1983nullHong Kong35mmHC 147-151
The Mask Of Dimitrios1944Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm95FB 538-540
The Master Piece1970Mod Ventures Inc.Entertainment Ventures Inc.USA35mmHA 490-493
The Master Race1944Golden Productions, Inc.RKOUSA16mm96FD 313-315
The Master TouchUn Uomo Da Rispettare1972Verona ProduzioneItaly16mm108FE 630-632
The Match King1932First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm70FB 543-545
The Matrimonial Bed1930Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 546-547
The MatrimonyChieh Hun1985Fee TangTaiwan16mmFG 261-262
The Mayor Of 44Th Street1942RKORKOUSA16mm85FD 316-317
The Mayor Of Hell1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm80FB 552-554
The MeadowIl Prato1979RAI; FilmetreItaly16mm120FF240-242
The Meanest Gal In Town1934RKORKOUSA16mm61FD 318-319
The Medicine Man1930Tiffany ProductionsUSA16mmFE 597-598
The Meek Young GirlKrotkaya1960LenfilmUSSR35mm72 minHB 641-644
The Merry FrinksThe Happy Family1934First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm67FB 561-562
The Mexican Spitfire'S Baby1941RKORKOUSA16mm69FD 339-340
The Mikado1967B. H. E. ProductionsWarner BrothersGreat Britainvideo125VBA 413-414
The Millionaire1931Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm81FB 580-581
The Mind Reader1933First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm68FB 582-583
The Miracle Of The Bells1948Jesse L. Lasky Productions, Inc.RKOUSA16mm118FD 656-658
The Miracle Woman1931ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm87DF 737-738
The Miracle Worker1962Playfilms ProductionsUnited ArtistsUSA16mm106FE 355-357
The Missing Lady1946MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60FA 228-229
The Missions1982Columbia PicturesUSA16mmFG 066-068
The MongolsI Mongoli1961Royal Film; France Cinéma ProductionsItaly; France35mm115 minHA 509-514
The Monster Walks1932Action Pictures, Inc.; Ralph M. Like, Ltd.Action Pictures, Inc.USA16mm57FG 130-131
The Montana Kid1931MonogramMonogramUSA16mm59 minFA 236-237
The Moon And Sixpence1942David L. Loew-Albert Lewin, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm88FH 065-066
The Mortal Storm1940MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm100FF 490-492
The Mouse That Roared1959Highroad Productions, Inc.ColumbiaGreat Britain; USA16mm83FG 984-985
The Mouthpiece1932Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm86FB 617-619
The Mudlark1950Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA; Great Britain16mm94FE 779-781
The Muppets Take Manhattan1984TriStar PicturesUSA16mm94FG 116-118
The Murder Of Dr. Harrigan1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm66FB 630-631
The Music Man1962Warner BrothersUSAvideo151VBA 415-417
The Music Man1962Warner Bros.USA16mm151FH 116-118
The MutantPaise Tsuichiangtsao1987Hung TaiHung TaiTaiwan16mmFG 419-420
The Mysterious Desperado1949RKORKOUSA16mm60FD 408-409
The Mysterious Doctor1943Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm57FB 653-654
The Mysterious Mr. Wong1934MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60 minFA 246-247
The Mystery Man1935MonogramMonogramUSA16mm61FA 250-251
The Mystery Of Lost Ranch1925Vitagraph Co. of AmericaUSA16mmFB 657
The Mystery Of Mr. Wong1939MonogramMonogramUSA16mm67 minFA 252-253
The Mystery Of The 13Th Guest1943MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60 minFA 254-255
The Mystery Of The Leaping Fish1916Fine Arts Film Company, Keystone Film Company, Triangle Film CorporationUSA16mm26 minCA 695
The Naked City1948UniversalUniversalUSA16mm95DD 287-289
The Narco MenPersecucion Hasta Valencia1967P.E.A.; PanlatinaSpain; Italy35mm95HA 524-528
The Narrow Corner1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm67FB 668-669
The Narrow Margin1952RKORKOUSA16mm70FD 412-413
The Natural1984Tri-Star PicturesUSA16mm137FG 008-011
The Naughty Flirt1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm56FB 673-674
The Navy Comes Through1942RKORKOUSA16mm80FD 414-415
The Navy Vs. The Night Monsters1966Standard Club of California ProductionsRealart PicturesUSA35mm87HA 534-538
The Navy Vs. The Night Monsters1966Standard Club of California ProductionsRealart PicturesUSA35mm87HA 529-533
The Nevadan1950ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm81 minutesFG 779-780
The New Adventures Of Tarzan1935Burroughs-Tarzan Enterprises, Inc.Burroughs-Tarzan Enterprises, Inc.USAvideo71VBA 691-692
The Next VictimLo Strano Vizio Della Signora Ward1971Devon FilmItaly; Spain35mm98HA 554-558
The Next VictimLo Strano Vizio Della Signora Wardh1971Devon FilmItaly; Spain35mm98HA 549-553
The Next Voice You Hear1950MGMLoew's Inc.USA35mm82HA 783-786
The Nibelungen, Parts I &Amp; IiDie Nibelungen, 1 &Amp; 2 Teile1924Decla-BioscopGermany16mmFE 115-120
The Night ChildIl Medaglione Insanguinato (Perche?!)1975Magdalena ProductionsItaly; Great Britain16mm95FE 517-519
The Night Visitor1971Hemisphere (Panama) ProductionsUMC Pictures, Inc.Denmark; USA35mm102HA 544-548
The Nitwits1935RKORKOUSA16mm81FD 435-437
The Noblest Way To DieHuang Chin Tao Tien1992Yun Hung; Fu YuanHsin HangTaiwan16mmFG 500-501
The Nurse'S Secret1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm56FB 717-718
The Nut Farm1935MonogramMonogramUSA16mm64FA 262-263
The Nutcracker1975Seven Arts Prods.USA35mmHA 572-575
The Office Wife1930Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 728-729
The Official StoryLa Historia Oficial1985Historias CinematográficasArgentina16mm115FF 389-391
The Oklahoma Kid1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm85FB 733-735
The Old Dark House1932UniversalUniversalUSA16mm70FE 202-203
The Old Maid1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm95FB 742-743
The Old Swimmin' Hole1940MonogramMonogramUSA16mm74FA 264-266
The Old Swimmin' Hole1940MonogramMonogramUSA16mm74FE 997-998
The Orchestra ConductorDyrygent1979Zespol Filmowy 'X'Poland16mm102FF 314-316
The Organization1971MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm105FF 843-845
The Outcasts Of Poker Flat1937RKORKOUSA16mm68FD 471-472
The Outlaw1943Hughes ProductionsRKOUSA16mm121FE 473-475
The Pace That Thrills1952RKORKOUSA16mm63FD 475-476
The Painted Desert1931Pathé Exchange, Inc.RKO Pathé Pictures, Inc.USA16mm79FD 479-480
The Paleface1948ParamountParamountUSA16mm89DD 591-593
The Palomino1950ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm72DD 614-615
The ParachutistTien Hsiang Shen Ping1981Tseng TseKuo SengTaiwan16mmFG 504-505
The Parallax View1974Paramount; Gus Productions; Harbor Productions; Doubleday ProductionsUSA35 mm102 minHC 109-114
The Patent Leather Kid1927First NationalUSA16mmFB 805-807
The Patient In Room 181938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm58FB 808-809
The Pay Off1930RKOUSA16mmFD 495-496
The Payoff1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm64FB 810-811
The Perfect Specimen1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm82FB 820-822
The Perils Of Pauline1947ParamountParamountUSA16mm96FE 619-620
The Personality Kid1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm68FB 825-826
The Petrified Forest1936Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm72FB 827-828
The Phantom Broadcast1933MonogramState RightsUSA16mm68FA 271-272
The Phantom Of Crestwood1932RKORKOUSA16mm77FD 503-504
The Phantom Of SohoDas Phantom Von Soho1963CCC--FilmkunstProducers Releasing OrganizationGermany35mm92HA 589-593
The Phantom Of The Opera1925UniversalUSA16mmFE 428-429
The Philadelphia Story1940MGMLoew's Inc.USAvideo112VBA 106-107
The Pilgrim1923Charlie Chaplin Film Co.First NationalUSA16mmDC 920
The Pioneer BuildersThe Conquerors1932RKORKOUSA16mm80FD 505-507
The PioneersYuan1979CMPCCMPCTaiwan16mmFG 405-406
The Pit And The PendulumThe Inquisitor1991Full Moon ProductionsJGM EnterprisesUSA35mm96HC 235-239
The Pleasure Of His Company1961Perlea Co.ParamountUSA16mm115FF 605-607
The Plot Thickens1936RKORKOUSA16mm65FD 517-518
The Port Of Missing Girls1938MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60FA 279-280
The Prime Minister1942Warner BrothersWarner BrothersGreat Britain; USA16mm93FB 850-851
The Prince And The Pauper1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm115FB 852-854
The Prince Of Tides1991ColumbiaUSA16mm131FF 906-909
The Prisoner Of Shark Island1936Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm95DD 187-189
The Privalovsky MillionsPrivalovskiye Milliony1972Sverdlovskaya KinostudiyaUSSR35mm167HB 623-631
The Private Life Of Don Juan1934London Film Productions, LtdUnited ArtistsGreat Britain; USA16mm80DD 649-651
The Private Life Of Henry Viii1933London Film Productions, LtdUnited ArtistsGreat Britain; USA16mm93FE 705-706
The Private Life Of Henry Viii1933London Film Productions, LtdUnited ArtistsGreat Britain16mm93FF 727-728
The Private Lives Of Elizabeth And EssexElizabeth The Queen1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm106FB 862-864
The Producers1967Sidney GlazierEmbassy Pictures Corp.USA16mm88FH 114-115
The Proud And Profane1956ParamountParamountUSA16mm111FF 608-609
The Purchase Price1932Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm68FB 872-873
The Pure Hell Of St. Trinian'S1961Vale Film ProductionsContinental Distributing, Inc.United Kingdom16mm94FH 016-018
The Pyx1973Host Productions Québec Ltd.Cinerama ReleasingCanada16mm107FE 793-795
The Queen Of SpadesPikovaya Dama1961LenfilmUSSRvideo100VBB 109-110
The Queen Of SpadesPikovaya Dama1961LenfilmUSSR35mm100HB 069-074
The Quiet Man1952Argosy Pictures Corp.RepublicUSA; Ireland16mm129DD 138-141
The Racket1951RKORKOUSA16mm89FD 549-551
The Raiders Of Leyte Gulf1963Lynro PicturesHemisphere PicturesUSA35mm80HA 609-613
The Rainmakers1935RKORKOUSA16mm78FD 559-561
The Razor'S Edge1946Twentieth-Century FoxTwentieth-Century FoxUSA16mm145FG 837-839
The Reckless Hour1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm70FB 882-883
The Red House1947Thalia Productions, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm98FE 599-600
The Red Pony1949Chas. K. Feldman Group Productions, Inc.RepublicUSA16mm88FE 971-972
The Red Raiders1927Charles R. Rogers Productions, Inc.First NationalUSA16mmFB 886-887
The Red Shoes1948Independent Producers; Archers Film ProductionsGreat Britain16mm136FF 644-647
The Reluctant Astronaut1967UniversalUSA16mm102FH 007-009
The Reluctant SpyL'Honorable Stanislas, Agent Secret1963Films de la LicorneEmbassy Pictures CorporationFrance; Italy16mm91FH 081-083
The Renegade Ranger1939RKORKOUSA16mm59FD 569-570
The Return Of Dr. X1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm60FB 890-891
The Return Of Peter Grimm1935RKORKOUSA16mm83FD 577-578
The Rich Are Always With Us1932First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm71FB 898-899
The Richest Girl In The World1934RKORKOUSA16mm78FD 582-583
The Right Of Way1931First NationalFirst NationalUSA16mm65FB 902-903
The Right To LiveThe Sacred Flame1935Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm66FB 904-905
The Right To Romance1933RKORKOUSA16mm65FD 593-594
The Rise And Fall Of Legs Diamond1960United States Productions, Inc.Warner BrothersUSA16mm101FE 275-277
The River1937Farm Security Administration (A US Documentary Film)Festival FilmsUSA16mm31DC 947
The Road To Fort AlamoLa Strada Per Fort Alamo1966Protor FilmWorld Entertainment Corp.Italy16mm82FE 988-989
The Road To Rio1947ParamountParamountUSAvideoVBA 428-429
The Road To Singapore1931Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm70FB 914-915
The Roadhouse Murder1932RKORKOUSA16mm72FD 603-604
The Roaring Twenties1939Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm104FB 916-918
The Rookie Cop1939RKORKOUSA16mm60FD 613-614
The Roots Of Heaven1958Darryl F. Zanuck Productions, Inc.Twentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm130FE 465-467
The Rose Tattoo1955Hal Wallis ProductionsParamountUSA16mm116FH 084-086
The Royal Bed1931RKORKOUSA16mm72FD 622-623
The Royal Hunt Of The Sun1969Royal Films-Benmar Productions-Security PicturesNational General Pictures CorporationUSA16mm121 minutesFG 737-740
The Royal SealDao Er1969nullHong Kong35 mmHC 119-124
The Ruling Class1972Keep FilmsAVCO Embassy PicturesUnited Kingdom16mm154FH 035-038
The Runaway Bride1930RKOUSA16mmFD 624-625
The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming1966MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm126FF 873-876
The Saddle Buster1932RKO Pathé Pictures, Inc.RKO Pathé Pictures, Inc.USA16mm59FD 628-629
The Saint In London1939RKORKOGreat Britain; USA16mm70FD 634-635
The Saint In New York1938RKORKOUSA16mm71FD 636-637
The Saint In Palm Springs1941RKORKOUSA16mm65FD 638-639
The Saint Meets The Tiger1943RKO Radio British Productions, Inc.RepublicGreat Britain; USA16mm70FD 640-641
The Saint Strikes Back1939RKORKOUSA16mm67FD 642-643
The Saint Takes Over1940RKORKOUSA16mm68FD 644-645
The Saint'S Double Trouble1940RKORKOUSA16mm68FD 646-647
The Saint'S Vacation1941RKORKOGreat Britain; USA16mm61FD 648-649
The Satan Bug1965MirischUnited ArtistsUSA16mm114FF 743-745
The Scar Of Shame1927Colored Players Film Corp.USA16mmFE 880-881
The Scarlet Clue1945MonogramMonogramUSA16mm65FA 306-307
The Scarlet Letter1934Larry Darmour ProductionsMajestic Producing Corp.USA16mm63FE 569-570
The Scarlet Pimpernel1935London Film Productions, Ltd.United ArtistsGreat Britain; USA16mm95FE 724-726
The Sea Around Us1953RKORKOUSA16mm61FD 668-669
The Sea Beast1926Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 958-959
The Sea Hawk1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSAvideo127VBA 439-440
The Sea Hawk1924Frank Lloyd ProductionsFirst NationalUSA16mmFB 960-962
The Sea Hawk1940Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm127FB 963-965
The Sea Wolf1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm90FB 966-968
The SeagullChaika1971MosfilmUSSRvideoVBB 175-176
The SeagullChaika1971MosfilmUSSR35mmHB 360-364
The Second Floor Mystery1930Warner BrothersUSA16mmFB 969-970
The Second Greatest Sex1956UniversalUniversalUSA16mm86FE 804-806
The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty1947Samuel Goldwyn Productions, Inc.RKOUSAvideo105VBA 392-393
The Secret Of St. Ives1949ColumbiaColumbiaUSA16mm74FE 965-966
The Senator Was Indiscreet1948Inter-John, Inc.UniversalUSA16mm81FH 075-077
The Sergeant Was A Lady1961Twincraft ProductionsUniversalUSA16mm72FE 990-991
The Set-Up1949RKORKOUSA16mm72FD 686-687
The Seven Little Foys1954Hope Enterprises, Inc.ParamountUSA16mm92FE 710-711
The Seven RavensDie Sieben Raben1937Gerbruder Diehl FilmGermany16mmCA 645-646
The Seventh Victim1943RKORKOUSA16mm70FD 702-703
The Shadow Returns1946MonogramMonogramUSA16mm60FA 314-315
The Shaggy Dog [ Segment ]1959Walt Disney ProductionsBuena VistaUSA16mmFE 509-510
The Shameless Old LadyLa Vieille Dame Indigne1966S. P. A. C.--CinémaContinental Distributing, Inc.France16mm95CB 966-969
The Shanghai Cobra1945MonogramMonogramUSA16mm63FA 316-317
The Shanghai ThirteenShanghai Tan Yi San Tai Pao1984Ta TaTa TaTaiwan16mmFG 446-447
The Shaolin SwallowJin Yan Zi1968Shaw BrothersHong Kong35mm89HB 936-940
The Sheepman1958MGMLoew's Inc.USA16mm85FE 954-956
The Shoes Of The Fisherman1968MGMUSA16mm155FF 532-536
The ShotVistrel1969MosfilmUSSRvideo80VBB 149-150
The ShotVistrel1967MosfilmUSSR35mm80HB 326-329
The Show Of Shows1929Warner BrothersUSA16mmFC 012-015
The Silent Enemy1930Burden-Chanler ProductionsParamount-Publix Corp.USAvideoVBA 698-699
The Silent MountainWu Yen Shan Chiu1992CMPC; Jer Cheng Motion Picture Co.CMPCTaiwan16mmFG 265-268
The Silent Witness1962Ken Kennedy ProductionsEmerson Film EnterprisesUSA35mm70HA 646-649
The Silk Express1933Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm61FC 020-021
The Silver Horde1930RKOUSA16mmFD 722-723
The Silver Streak1934RKORKOUSA16mm72FD 724-725
The Sin Of Harold DiddlebockMad Wednesday1947California Pictures Corp.RKOUSA16mm89FE 579-581
The Sin Ship1931RKORKOUSA16mm65FD 726-727
The Singing Kid1936Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm85FC 031-032
The Singing Marine1937Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm105FC 033-035
The Sisters1938Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm95FC 038-040
The Sixth Of JulyShestoye Iyulya1968MosfilmUSSRvideo112VBB 167-168
The Sixth Of JulyShestoye Iyulya1968MosfilmUSSR35mm112GA 259-269
The Sky'S The Limit1943RKORKOUSA16mm89FD 747-749
The Smiling Ghost1941Warner BrothersWarner BrothersUSA16mm71FC 060-061
The Snow MaidenSnegurochka1969LenfilmUSSR35mm92HB 632-636
The Son Of Kong1933RKORKOUSA16mm69FD 758-759
The Song Of Bernadette1945Twentieth Century-FoxTwentieth Century-FoxUSA16mm156FF 620-625
The Sound Of Music1965Argyle Enterprises, Inc.Twentieth Century-FoxUSAvideo174VBA 447-449
The Southern Roses1936Capitol-GraftonGreat Britain16mmFE 816-817
The Southerner1945Loew-Hakim, Inc.United ArtistsUSA16mm91FE 684-686
The Spanish Main1945RKORKOUSA16mm99FD 764-766
The Spellbinder1939RKORKOUSA16mm64FD 769-770
The Spiral Staircase1945Vanguard Films, Inc.RKOUSA16mm83FE 408-410
The Spoilers1942Frank Lloyd Productions, Inc.Universal PicturesUSA16 mm87FG 843-844
The Sport Parade1932RKORKOUSA16mm63FD 776-777
The Spring LakeTsui Hu Han1978Chin ShenShen ChinTaiwan16mmFG 292-293
The Squadron Of The HussarsEskadron Gusar Letuchikh1980Gorky Film StudiosUSSRvideo164VBB 161-163
The Squadron Of The HussarsEskadron Gusar Letuchikh1980Gorky Film StudiosUSSR35mm164HB 273-281
The Squall1929First NationalUSA16mmFC 097-099
The St. Louis Kid1934Warner BrothersThe Vitaphone Corp.USA16mm67FB 929-930
The Stone FlowerKamennyy Tsvetok1946MosfilmFrance, USSRvideo70VBB 157-158
The Stone FlowerKamennyy Tsvetok1946MosfilmFrance, USSR35mm70HB 264-267
The Storm Over AsiaPotomok Chingis-Khana1928Mezhrabpom-RussUSSR16mm90DC 921-923
The Story Of Dr. Wassell1944ParamountParamountUSA16mm136FE 840-843
The Story Of Gilbert And Sullivan1953London Film ProductionsGreat Britain16mm109FG 679-680
The Story Of Louis Pasteur1936First NationalWarner BrothersUSA16mm84FC 124-126
The Stor