WCFTR Exhibits: A Digital Gallery

For more than a half-century the WCFTR has served students and researchers who come to Madison to learn from our one-of-a-kind archival collections. Now in the digital age we can share the core contents of selected collections with an extended audience in this digital gallery of WCFTR Featured Collections.

The gallery presented here was made possible through a very generous 2007 gift from UW alumnus Stephen Jarchow. Under the supervision of then WCFTR director Michele Hilmes, UW graduate students in film and media studies applied for and received competitive Jarchow Fellowships to do research in selected WCFTR collections, developing edifying essays and digital displays to highlight the essential ingredients of these Featured Collections.

The products of their research are displayed here in entries ranging from the costume designs of Edith Head, to television’s “Golden Age,” and much more. The array of topics suggests the range of research possibilities in the WCFTR collections. For all the entries, our talented Jarchow Fellows have crafted informative explanatory essays and have selected edifying and visually engaging graphics from the archive.

This Featured Collections gallery offers a set of fascinating glimpses at various aspects of our film and media heritage. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Stephen Jarchow for supporting our Jarchow Fellowship program.