Jarchow Exhibits Return!

In 2007, UW alumnus Stephen Jarchow made possible through a very generous 2007 gift the creation of twelve expertly researched and curated online exhibits based on the Center’s collections. Under the supervision of then WCFTR director Michele Hilmes, UW graduate students in film and media studies applied for and received competitive Jarchow Fellowships to do this research, developing edifying essays and digital displays to highlight the essential ingredients of these Featured Collections.  In 2014 our website redesign required many of the exhibits to be reworked to fit the new site.  We are pleased to announce that with the help of our graduate student assistant Phillip Windsor and the guidance of Michael Trevis, the exhibits are back up and running!

Click through to read essays and view slideshows of digitized manuscripts and images from the collections of Edith Head, The Hollywood Blacklist Collections, Emile de Antonio, the Rzhevsky Collection of Soviet Films, and Radio Pioneers in Madison, just to name a few.  We hope to continue to add to these valuable exhibits as new collections are acquired.